1000 Rupee Pomeranian Dog Puppy Price in India | Best Black Pomeranian Dog Puppies Under 1000 Rupees in India

The Pomeranian dog breed has been receiving a lot of inquiries from dog lovers lately regarding where to obtain it and the costs associated with it. Therefore, we have written an article to provide all the cost-related information you need in one place like the 1000 Rupee Pomeranian Dog Puppy Price in India.

When considering adding a Pomeranian puppy to your home, take into account its cost and other important factors. They are best due to their desired appearance and origin. Pomeranian puppies are an excellent choice for adding a little happiness to your home.

It is easy to maintain this breed of dog, and it has a very strong sense of loyalty to its owners. Since these are small dogs, they will require little feeding, however, grooming their long coat can be challenging.

In general, the cost of purchasing a Pomeranian puppy is dependent upon several factors – the location where you reside and plan to buy it, the age of the puppy, the breed (pure or mixed), the fur color, the origin, and its health. Based on the factors listed below, the price of a Pomeranian puppy in India ranges from Rs. 7000 ($90) up to Rs. 75,000 ($970).

1000 Rupee Pomeranian Dog Puppy Price in India

Pomeranian Dog Facts

 OriginNorthern Poland and Germany
 Breed Type Toy Type, Spitz
 Nature Outgoing, Playful and Friendly
 Average Pomeranian Dog Price in IndiaRs 5,000 to Rs 20,000
 ColoursBlack, Red, Blue Cream gold, Yellow fawn, White
 Height 6-7 Inches
 Weight 3-7 Pounds
 Lifespan 12-16 Years
 AKC Ranking (Popularity)23
 ClimateCool Climate
Space RequirementApartment Friendly
Guard/Watch TypeWatch Dog
Exercise RequirementMedium
Alternative BreedsJapanese Spitz

What is the Cost of A 1000 Rupees Pomeranian Dog Puppies?

The price of a 1000 Rupee Puppy is not fixed. It is determined by the breeder, gender, and age of the puppy, as well as the quality of food the breeder provides for their puppies. The average cost of a 1000 Rupee Puppy is approximately 1500-2000 Rupees. You can reduce the cost of a pet by purchasing it from an animal shelter. This will provide you with a new companion while assisting the abandoned animal in its quest for a permanent home.

List of Pomeranian Dog Price in India
List of Pomeranian Dog Price in India

List of Pomeranian Dog Price in India

CityBase Price (₹)Show Quality (₹)

1000 Rupee Pomeranian Dog Puppy Price Video Tutorial

Factors Influencing Pomeranian Dog Price in India

#1 Quality of the pomeranian pup

A pocket dog’s price in India is determined by the puppy’s quality. It is determined by whether or not a puppy meets breed standards. As well as quality, a puppy’s genetic genealogy also influences its price.

#2 The reputation of the breeder

A reputable breeder will give you peace of mind if you purchase a puppy from them. Breeders who exhibit their dogs in dog shows may charge a premium for their litters. The quality of a puppy is guaranteed by the premium price you pay. Reputable breeders take good care of their dogs, and this is the reason you must always purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder.

#3 Location and demand

There is quite a bit of variation in the prices of an Indian puppy according to the city where you reside. Pomeranian puppies are more expensive in large metropolises as compared to the rural regions of a country.

Advantages Of Pomeranian DogDisadvantages Of Pomeranian Dog
Because they are a small dog breed, Pomeranians are easy to keep in small spaces.In spite of the fact they are small dogs, these dogs are not small or weak. Instead, they are prepared to fight other dog breeds even if they are smaller or weaker.
On the market, this breed of dog is considered to be one of the most affordable.They bark loudly and sharply, which can be disruptive to your neighbors.
You can train this breed of dog effectively since it is an intelligent breed.Pomeranians have breathing difficulties.
When you travel a lot and wish to have a dog that enjoys traveling, a Pomeranian may be the dog for you.It is not possible for them to be alone for very long. They always require the company of others.
Characteristics and Size of Pomeranian Puppy Dogs
Characteristics and Size of Pomeranian Puppy Dogs

Characteristics and Size of Pomeranian Puppy Dogs

Typically, Pomeranians weigh between three and seven pounds as a small breed of dog. Their fur is thick and fluffy, and they are available in a variety of colors, including black, white, orange, red, brindle, and sable. They are known for their loving nature and playful personalities.

GroupCompanion Dogs
Height7 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder
Weight3 to 7 pounds
Life Span12 to 16 years

Due to their visual size, it is obvious that they can easily fit into small spaces. With an average weight of five to seven kilograms and a life expectancy of twelve to sixteen years, this breed is ideal for those who live in cities where large dogs are not permitted.

Some Other Factors Affecting the 1000 Rupee Pomeranian Dog Puppy Price in India

Indian Pomeranian dogs can cost anywhere between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 75,000 depending on the factors discussed below:

1. Demand and Location

In India, the place where you live can have a significant impact on the Pomeranian price. There is also the possibility that there is a shortage of this breed, so you might have to import them from other places, which may cost extra. It is generally more expensive to purchase an Indian Pomeranian dog in a city than in a rural area.

2. Size

In addition to its price, a Pomeranian puppy’s size can affect its price. Pomerian puppies who are larger in size typically cost a higher price because they require more food and require more veterinary care.

3. Age

You cannot sell or adopt a dog below the age of 6-8 weeks. Dogs that are sold or adopted below that age are illegal. According to some, small puppies are more expensive than older puppies, since they are easy to train and easy to blend in with the family, so they are expected to cost more than older dogs.

4. Breed and Color

Purest Pomeranian puppies will cost more than mixed-breed Pomeranian puppies. Pure-breed dogs tend to have fewer health issues than mixed breeds. This might be one reason for their increasing demand. Thus, they may have fewer hereditary diseases than mixed-breed dogs.

what color pomeranian puppies your dog can have, Pomeranian puppies in India can also be influenced by color. Because every dog breed looks handsome in a certain color, people are compelled to buy that particular coat color in high quantities. As a result, rare color coats have increased in price.

5. Registration

A purebred Pomeranian dog must be registered with the Kennel Club of India in order to maintain its welfare and safety. Nevertheless, the cost of the registration varies based on where you live.

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Pomeranian Dog Price in India by Colors

There are several colors of Pomeranian puppies, including black, white, brown, and orange. In terms of price, Pomeranian puppies can vary in price depending on their color. The average cost of a Black Pomeranian puppy is higher than the average price for a white or brown puppy. Orange Pomeranian puppies are usually the lowest priced since they are less common than other colors.

Black Pomeranian Dog Price in India

Black Pomeranian Dog Price in India
Black Pomeranian Dog Price in India

Black Pomeranians are the rarest breed of Pomeranian, which makes them the most expensive. The Black Pomeranian price in India ranges between Rs. 12000 and 20,000.

White Pomeranian Price in India

White Pomeranian Price in India
White Pomeranian Price in India

Approximately 8000 to 12000 Rupees is the average price of a white Pomeranian in India.

Brown Pomeranian Price in India

Brown Pomeranian Price in India
Brown Pomeranian Price in India

A Brown Pomeranian Price in India ranges between Rs. 7000 and Rs. 10000. Because Pomeranians are available in a wide range of colors and variations, some confusion is common.

Orange Pomeranian Price in India

Orange Pomeranian Price in India
Orange Pomeranian Price in India

An Orange Pomeranian dog costs between Rs. 6000 and Rs. 9000 in India, but this price is not set in stone. There are several factors that can influence the price of a Pomeranian dog.

*Important Note

Additional Costs

* Registration Cost of Pomeranian in India: Rs. 2000 – Rs. 2500.
* Training Cost for Pomeranians in India: Rs. 5000- Rs.6000.
* Feeding Cost of Pomeranian in India: Rs. 2000 – Rs. 3000.
* Grooming Cost of Pomeranian in India: Rs. 1000 – Rs. 2000.
* Vaccination Cost of Pomeranian in India: Rs. 3200 – Rs. 4000.

Find the Best Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian Puppies for Sale

Pomeranian puppies are widely available in Mumbai, from advertisements in local newspapers to pet shops and kennels that are amateur or professional. A thorough understanding of what you need to do is essential in obtaining the maximum guarantees concerning the animal’s psycho-physical health.

Before buying a dog, it is important that we understand that it is not just a stuffed toy or ornament we are about to keep in our homes, but a living creature with specific daily needs.

You can make a difference by only purchasing from breeders who have proven to be reliable by purchasing only from breeders that are reliable. In order to avoid feeding this circle of people dedicated to the underworld, if you decide to buy a Pomeranian puppy online in Mumbai, you must turn to a serious and competent individual.

FAQs on 1000 Rupee Pomeranian Dog Puppy Price

How much Pomeranian puppies cost India?

There is a wide range of Pomeranian puppy prices in India. They begin at Rs. 7000 ($90) and go up to Rs. 75,000 ($970).

Can I buy a Pomeranian puppy in India?

Mini Pomeranian puppies can be easily purchased from trusted breeders and stores throughout India. It is always recommended to purchase these pups from home-bred litters or from trusted breeders or stores. Avoid purchasing from puppy mills, animal farms, or puppy farms.

What is the cheapest Pomeranian?

Pomeranian puppies can cost between $500 and $6,000 from a breeder, although they are more commonly purchased for between $800 and $2,000. There are several types of Pomeranian puppies and some can be more expensive than others.

Is Pomeranian a good dog?

As alert and intelligent dogs, Pomeranians make excellent watchdogs and cheerful pets for families with young children who are capable of understanding what is toy dog and what is a toy. Although poms are active, they can be exercised indoors and through short walks, making them suitable for both urban and suburban environments.


As a final recommendation, we recommend that you seek out older Pomeranian puppies and start considering adoption options. Many Pomeranian dogs are available for adoption in dog shelters, non-governmental organizations, and dog adoption centers in India.

There is an unconditional love for dogs, regardless of whether you buy them or adopt them. The demand for puppies has already led to an increase in illegal breeding practices in India. In order to prevent the practice of illegal breeding of dogs, let’s educate others about the practice and provide a new home to a puppy in need. #DogsCares

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