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Akita dog Price in India

Akita dog Price in India
Akita dog Price in India

It will not be suitable for every household since the Akita is a very large and powerful dog. Akitas make good pets for experienced pet owners to train and own. Never forget that they are powerful dogs with strong protective instincts and that they may inflict a great deal of damage if mishandled.

Because of its exotic nature as well as its low availability in India, the Akita dog price in India is very high. Due to the high maintenance requirements of this dog, the price is also high.

Depending on the age of the dog, its breed, and the seller, the Akita dog price in India varies. An adult dog of 2 years may cost anywhere from Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 4,000,000. In contrast, a small pup could cost you about Rs. 1,50,000, whereas a puppy, could reach you about Rs. 1,50,000. Dogs with Akita bloodlines are more expensive depending on their heredity, their age, and the seller’s experience.

Factors Affecting the Akita dog Price in India

Akita’s original price in India is affected by a number of factors. As a result of these factors:

The type

Dogs in the Akita breed are classified into three price categories (in India): Basic, KCI Registered, and Show Quality.

  • A dog in the Basic category needs not to be registered with a kennel club or KCI for that matter. Around RS 40,000 is the average cost of an Akita puppy.
  • A dog whose category is KCI Registered is one whose quality is up to par. KCI is short for the Kennel Club of India. Your canine will also be eligible for KCI dog shows if it is registered, along with attaining a KCI registration certificate.
  • The word “Show Quality” simply means that a dog is closest to the ideal as described in the Breed Standards. You do not need to buy a Show Quality dog if you do not plan to take your dog to any dog shows.

Characteristics and Attributes

Now that there are two types of Akitas available in the United States: American Akitas and Japanese Akitas, this can easily influence the price of the entire Akita breed. The price of Akitas varies depending on the type of breeder. As well, these dogs are available in a variety of colors, such as White, Fawn, Black, Red Fawn, etc., and the color of these dogs also affects the price of Akita dogs in India.

Gender & Age

In general, breeders sell male dogs at a higher price than female canines. The price of puppies and young dogs is also higher than the price of older or mature dogs.

Mixed or pure breeds

Purebred Akitas are more expensive than mixed breeds because the chances of them developing hereditary health problems are lower than those from mixed breeds.

 Providers and locations

The availability of Akitas in most parts of India is low to mediocre, which means its average price is higher in comparison with other breeds, which are more readily available.

A dog purchased from a breeder near you will also tend to cost a bit less than a dog that may be purchased from a breeder located in a far-off place (say, another state or region). Traveling expenses and shipping costs get added to the price of the dog because of the extras.

Reputable breeder

There are breeders that are not as well known or popular that may sell a dog at a lower price. Most reputable breeders are known to sell their dogs at a fairly high price, but generally, their dogs are in better shape and in better quality than those bought from non-reputable breeders.

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There are a few characteristics that are unique to Akita dogs

There are a few characteristics that are unique to Akita dogs
Akita dog Price in India
  • These dogs like to run and explore large open spaces, so they require a lot of space to exercise.
  • Families find them playful and affectionate, and they develop strong bonds.
  • The dogs are generally aggressive towards other dogs, including same-sex dogs, and are most suitable in single-pet households.
  • In addition to being alert and independent, they are also very protective of their owners.
  • Until they sense trouble, they are quiet dogs, so they make excellent guard dogs.
  • Although they are independent, they are not difficult to train and make wonderful pets if properly socialized. If they are not properly trained, their wilful, stubborn nature can be a huge problem.
  • An Akita stands between 24 and 27 inches high.
  • Husky’s weight ranges from 35-60 kg.
  • Their independent and stubborn nature requires firm but gentle training.
  • Human company makes them happy, but strangers make them wary.
  • Cold weather is not a problem for them, and they also cope well with hot weather.

   Akita dog price in a major city

Akita dog price in Delhi₹ 65500
Akita Dog price in Kerala₹ 75000
Akita dog price in Chennai₹ 50,000
Akita dog price in Punjab₹ 65000

Difference between American Akita and Japanese Akita (Akita Inu)

Difference between American Akita and Japanese Akita (Akita Inu)
Akita dog Price in India
Akita dog Price
  • This dog is referred to by a variety of names in different countries, some of which are interchangeable, which actually causes confusion.
  • In spite of sharing a common origin, both of these dogs differ significantly in terms of appearance.
  • During World War II in Japan, American Akitas were mixed with German Shepherds, so they look a bit like German Shepherds, whereas Japanese Akita Inus look more like foxes.
  • Japanese Akitas are larger, heavier, and usually 4 inches shorter. American Akitas are lighter, often 20 pounds lighter and 4 inches shorter than Japanese Akitas.
  • Although American Akitas come in many colors, their Japanese counterparts are restricted to brown, red, sesame, or pure white.

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Difference Between Akita Inu and Shiba Inu

Difference Between Akita Inu and Shiba Inu
Akita dog Price india
  • It is difficult for people who are not familiar with these breeds to differentiate between American Akita and Shiba Inu, as they appear almost identical in appearance. Akitas are larger and heavier in comparison to Shiba Inus.
  • Shibha Inus have a more pliable coat than Akitas
  • A shiba inu weighs about 7-10 kg for females and 8-11 kg for males whereas an Akita weighs 32-39 kg per male and 23 kg to 29 kg per female.
  • On the height scale, Akitas are between 64 and 70 kg for males, and males stand between 57 and 64 cm, while female Shibus stand between 33 and 44 cm.
  • Several colors are available for both the Akita Inu and Shibha Inu: Red, White, Sesame, and Brindle.
  • Red is the most confusing color for most people. Whenever these two breeds are shown together in pictures, people often mistake them for being the same.

Is Akita’s dog dangerous?

Dogs that pose a risk are more likely to be owned irresponsibly rather than to be of a specific breed. Dogs of large size, however, can cause more damage to other animals or humans. Large, powerful, and protective, the Akita breed has a high level of intelligence. It is possible to harm Akitas if they are mishandled

Are Akita hard to train?

Breeders and owners of Akitas often find them difficult to understand and to raise. … Some Akitas are obstinate, willful, and dominant (they want to be the boss) and don’t like it if they don’t get their way. “Respect Training” is essential for teaching your Akita Inu to listen to you.

Why do Akita have a bad reputation?

Breeders and owners who produce bad Akitas have earned their bad reputations. Some people may not be able to handle them. Their size, power, and dominance over dogs make them formidable enemies. Dog owners are not likely to own their first big dog, nor are they likely to own their first dog for the very first time.

Can an Akita kill a pitbull?

During an Akita attack, a pit would be destroyed. The Akita is known to use their weight well and conserve stamina when fighting. Akita can easily grab a dog’s neck if it gets ahold of it. Crushing is instantaneous.

Why are Akitas so mean?

Without proper training or socialization, Akitas can become aggressive. The Japanese royal family bred these dogs to protect them from threats and not to be companions. This history is often reflected in their behavior. The bites of Akitas have caused fatalities in humans.

Is Akita or Shiba better?

The Akita dog defends its household. It might be hostile to other dogs due to its history as a combat dog. On the other side, the Shiba Inu is frequently more accepting of other dogs. Additionally, the Shiba Inu is more adaptable if you live in a small or communal space, such as an apartment building.

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