12 Best dog for Indian climate 2022 Best Info.

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Best dog for Indian climate

Best dog for Indian climate
best dog for indian climate

We are always fascinated by dog breeds, especially when it comes to puppies. You may not realize, but some dog breeds that you like are made for colder climates and cannot withstand humid environments like here in India?

For breeds like Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes, and St. Bernards, a humid climate like that in India is not appropriate. Do not buy these breeds as it may cause their skin & coat condition to deteriorate.

Similar to dogs, some breeds, like Basenjis or Dachshunds, have trouble training even when good for adoption. This is because they are hunting dogs and prefer more exercise and puzzles. It’s true that some of these dogs need extra grooming, which may be a challenge for someone with a busy schedule.

Thus, we have listed several dog breeds which are adorable, easy to train, require less grooming, and are sure to be suitable for our climate.

    12 Best dog for Indian climate

    • Doberman
    • Rottweiler
    • Pug
    • Dachshund
    • Beagle
    • India Spitz
    • American Pitbull Terrier
    • Indian Pariah
    • Labrador Retriever
    • Golden Retriever
    • Dalmatian
    • German Shepherd


    It is the world’s best guard dog because it is skinnier than Rottweilers but fierce nonetheless. Breeded with both the purpose of protecting their owners and chasing high-speed targets, these dogs are extremely athletic and protective.

    12 Best dog for Indian climate
    the best dog for Indian climate

    The Doberman is a dog that is often considered the world’s smartest. They are easy to train and make great family pets if socialized from a young age.

    Scissor bites are well known among them, making them one of the most dangerous breeds in the world. Before interacting with an unfamiliar Doberman, proceed with caution.

    Due to the thin coat of the Doberman, shedding won’t be an issue. Although pedigree dogs have their own health issues, they are not immune from them. As a result, this breed does not do well in colder temperatures as it tends to develop less body fat. If you live in a region with harsh winters, you may have to dress them in sweaters.


    If you mix a Pit Bull with a German Shepherd, what will you get? A Rottweiler, of course. Based on their training, they can be friendly, cute, and adorable or they can be deadly. Over 60% of dog attack deaths in the USA are the result of attacks by these canines.

    12 Best dog for Indian climate
    the best dog for Indian climate

    However, if they are trained correctly from the start, they can be maintained disciplined. It is important to teach them about various situations and also introduce them to new people (especially kids) and dogs.

    It is their intelligence that makes them exceptional compared to German Shepherds (GS). For instance, when you command your GS to do something, he will do it as he has been trained. Rottweilers, on the other hand, will obey commands immediately, but soon will use their intelligence to find a faster way to accomplish the task. How fascinating! A Rottweiler or Golden Retriever for guard dogs should be based on this important consideration. Even so, this breed is highly sought after by Indians looking for a guard dog.


    Here is our list of the small breeds that went on to become famous as “Hutch or Vodafone Wala Dogs.”. The Hutch is the smallest dog breed suitable for southern Indian conditions.

    12 Best dog for Indian climate
    the best dog for Indian climate

    They are friendly, cheerful, self-confident, kind-hearted, and a little stubborn. Originally from China, they are best suited for small houses as they require little space. In addition to their size, pugs get along well with children due to their friendly nature. In addition, pugs do not tend to bark, making them a great choice for first-time pet owners.

    The wrinkles on their faces do not require as much grooming, however, and are susceptible to various infections due to their wrinkles. Be careful not to take them under conditions that are very humid, as this is harmful to their health.


    The Dachshund is one of the small dog breeds in India that you should have seen in our post about small dog breeds in India. The small size should not fool you, as they can be quite aggressive with strangers. You might hear your dog barking a lot to greet guests or to alert you when they walk in.

    12 Best dog for Indian climate
    best dog for indian climate

    Because Dachshunds are hunters, they tend to hunt and kill small rodents, such as frogs, rats, or even pigeons. Therefore you should prepare yourself to find presents for your dog. Historically, they were domesticated to hunt rodents in burrows, so digging is one of their most enjoyable pastimes. Allow your Dachshund to dig in your garden for a while if you have one in your area.

    As adorable as this may seem, digging the pillow, bed-foam, and sofa can also be very destructive when your dog finds comfort in doing so. It is important to monitor whenever the dog is around young children. Then, perhaps your dachshund will make a nice pet for you if you train it well.


    We list the Beagle as one of the best pet dogs in India, having already made its way through the small breeds in India.

    12 Best dog for Indian climate
    best dog for indian climate

    Because they are so good at detecting scents, a Beagle was bred specifically for hunting. However, they can sometimes be disobedient due to their hunting instincts. For this reason, they cannot be left unsupervised.

    Dogs like the Beagle are a good choice for families with children. Due to his nose, he is cheerful, tolerant, and curious. You should let your dog out in a yard that is fenced only, otherwise, he or she may pick up a scent and runoff.

     Indian Spitz

    12 Best dog for Indian climate
    best dog for indian climate

    He gained fame from the movie, Hum Apke Hai Kaun, in the role of Teddy, and he is an extremely intelligent dog when compared with other breeds. In fact, they are sometimes said to understand what humans mean by their actions. A Spitz is generally selected for a trick dog owing to his ability to learn quickly. Make the internet think your dog is cool by showing off some of his best tricks.

    The Pomeranian comes from the same German Spitz families as the Pomeranian (smaller & hairier). These dogs require weekly brushing because of their fur.

      American Pit-bull Terrier

      Pitbull Terriers were once bred for fighting other dogs in pits, hence their “American” name. They were banned in many cities in the USA & countries like Great Britain & New Zealand.

      12 Best dog for Indian climate
      best guard dog for Indian climate

      Their jaw strength is due to this reason, allowing them to snap and hold on to just about any branch or human hand like in the gif below. They would make the perfect guardian dogs.

      By socializing them and exposing them to a variety of situations, their aggressive nature can be overcome.

      If you and yours go for a walk, you will surely raise a few eyebrows because they usually acquire good muscle. Despite their notorious qualities, they are extremely loving and devoted to families with children. Their intelligence, cheerfulness, and charming nature make them the ideal pet.

      Indian Pariah Dog

      Having been born and brought up in India, this breed is adapted to the climate, food, and people of India, giving it the best chance for survival. It is important to remember, however, that not every stray dog is a Pariah breed. Essentially, the Indian Pariah is the most suitable breed for climates in India.

      12 Best dog for Indian climate
      best dog breed for indian climate

      Thousands of years ago, they were not bred, so they are very healthy in comparison to other breeds. There are very few issues such as hip dysplasia.

      The breed is also odorless when fed properly (which is not the case with other dogs), and the breed requires the least maintenance. In addition to being intelligent, loyal, and territorial, they make excellent guard dogs.

      Labrador retriever

      Dogs are hard not to love when they’re big, friendly, curious. This breed of dog was bred by the Labrador fishermen because they enjoyed swimming and catching fish. Its continuous running ability is a result of its strong back legs and the strength of its stamina.

      12 Best dog for Indian climate
      best dog breeds for indian climate

      Spinning around in an open field (of course with fences on) and being active & swimming, if possible, will do wonders for this guy.

      It is possible and even likely that they can carry eggs for you in their mouth without breaking them). They are more intelligent than the rest of the dogs, making them a good choice as pets.

      They are also susceptible to many health issues such as hip dysplasia, elbow & joint problems due to their extreme physical activity.

      Golden Retriever

      A shot-down bird was once retrieved or brought to the hunter by this breed just as Labrador retrievers did.

      12 Best dog for Indian climate
      best breed of dog for indian climate

      Their breed is known for being obedient, soft-biting, and athletic. Golden Retrievers make great pets as they are active and playful. Kids (cats, dogs, or rodents) come to them for care as well as other small animals.

      Grooming can be a troublesome task! Just like German shepherds, they need plenty of grooming because of their double coats. Hair from their double coats is easily discovered on couches or beds. A golden, healthy coat is maintained with good quality dog food.


      Dalmatians have black spots over their white coats, which is a feature that we all know. What’s more interesting is that there are spots all over their body, even inside their mouths.

      12 Best dog for Indian climate
      12 Best dog for Indian climate 2022 Best Info. 15

      They were originally used to protect wagons from bandits. In some cases, these dogs attacked horses that came too close to their convoy.

      Dogs like Dalmatians have a lot of strength, endurance, and stamina and can easily chase away an intruder. Currently, they are used by both homeowners and professional security companies. Furthermore, they are good with children, so they are common pets in many households.

      Dalmatians are intelligent, easily trained; however, their own intelligence can be a hindrance at times.

      They were bred intelligently to guard the owner’s belongings and work independently (without a leash). They, like any Labrador, would hate being leashed. The last thing is that they need a lot of space to move around.

      German shepherd

      This handsome, regal, powerful, courageous, loyal, wolf-like, intelligent Phew! This dog is everything for an experienced dog owner. But be careful if you’ve never handled a dog before as for new dog owners it could be tricky to handle this breed.

      12 Best dog for Indian climate
      12 Best dog for Indian climate 2022 Best Info. 16

      They are very intelligent when it comes to self-discipline provided they have been trained. Being an idle watchdog, they are wary of the stranger. Training during the puppy’s stage is the key or they could be extremely dangerous.


      There are 12 dogs that are well adapted to the climate of India. If you want to adopt one of these dogs as your pet without feeling guilty, you can. As you have noticed, we have arranged this list by size, so we start with the smallest (Pug) and increase it from there as we continue down.

      Buying a dog that’s the right size for your apartment is definitely dependent on whether you read this article. To summarize. Pariah, the Golden Retriever, the Brown Labrador Retriever, and the Pug are the best options for house pets if you are looking for a house pet. For your guard dog, Rottweilers and German shepherds are your best choices.

      FAQ Related to Best dog for Indian climate

      Which dog is good for hot weather?

      Healthy and energetic, Dalmatians make great pets. Warmer climates are good for them. Despite their short coats, long muzzles, and large ears, they adapt well to humid climates due to their lanky build, long muzzles, and long ears.

      Which dog is very intelligent?

      Border Collie
      Dogs of this breed are the most intelligent! When given the chance, these dogs can do anything they want. The Border Collie named Chaser is able to memorize the names of 1,000 of her stuffed animals.

      Which dog lives the longest?

      Australian Cattle Dog
      The record for the longest-living dog belongs to Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog who reached the incredible age of 29. It is common for Australian Cattle Dogs to live between 15 and 20 years.

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