9 Best Indoor and Outdoor Dog House Designs 2022 | Best Dog House Price in India and Trendy Names in 2022

Dog Houses need not be considered a bad thing. In fact, the best dog houses are a place where your dog will love spending time since they are cute, cozy, and sturdy. It will also give you peace of mind that your dog has a safe place to enjoy some shade on sunny days and get out of the elements if they like to spend a lot of time out in the backyard. We have compiled the best-selling and highest-rated Amazon dog houses to help you find the best digs for your fur baby. We have tested and approved these structures based on the feedback we have received from dog owners.

9 Best Indoor and Outdoor Dog House Designs 2022
9 Best Indoor and Outdoor Dog House Designs 2022

List of 9 Best Dog Houses on Amazon

  1. Pukami Dog House
  2. PawHut Cabin Dog House
  3. Pets Imperial Norfolk XL Dog House
  4. Petmate Indigo Dog House
  5. Beam House by Pijuan Design Dog House
  6. Free Paws Elevated Dog House
  7. Trixie Natura Classic Dog House
  8. Frisco Wooden Dog House
  9. Petsfit Wooden Dog House

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1. Pukami Dog House

In addition to being available in three sizes and three colors, this plastic dog house from Pukami is non-toxic and anti-corrosion, has a roof that allows rainwater to drain easily and has a ventilation system that allows air to move. In addition, we are impressed with how easy it is to assemble and the affordable price.

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2. PawHut Cabin Dog House

A great choice for large breeds or those who enjoy cabins, this dog house includes a deck that can be used to sunbathe, and the roof of the house is easily accessible to clean. There are two living spaces within. Because it has elevated feet, even large breeds will enjoy the game. The size (59″ x 64″ x 39″) ensures your dog remains dry.

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3. Pets Imperial Norfolk XL Dog House

In addition to two support rails for pups up to 154 pounds, the wooden dog house from Pets Imperial is also insulated with three layers of insulating (wood, Styrofoam, plywood) to prevent your pet from freezing in winter or overheating in summer. A door flap keeps rain out and Pets Imperial says its walls are 150 percent thicker than those of most other dog houses. The walls can also be adjusted in height so your dog can easily climb in and out.

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4. Petmate Indigo Dog House

In addition to receiving more than 1,800 5-star reviews, PetMate’s dog house is the perfect choice for blustery weather. People in particularly windy or cold climates will appreciate the elongated entryway that prevents cold breezes from entering. In addition, this house is equipped with heavy-duty recycled materials, which means it can withstand greater than 1,500 pounds of load strength, so high winds will not topple it. A vent in the roof also circulates air without reducing heat. There is also sufficient room for a plush cushion to be placed inside.

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5. Beam House by Pijuan Design Dog House

Pijuan Design Workshop creates complete customizable dog houses in mid-century modern styles. If your dog would like to live in luxury, then you should contact them. The Beam House offers ample shady spots with exposed wood beams and cedar siding. Did we mention the grass-like turf and the window, so your dog can keep an eye on you? Even a planter box and a spot for food and water bowls are included.

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6. Free Paws Elevated Dog House

In hot climates, dogs require shade, elevation, and airflow to keep themselves cool, which is why we recommend this model from Free Paws. It features a steel frame that is strong, and it is covered with 600D Oxford fabric, a durable, heavy polyester material that will protect it from the sun and keep out rain. As well as being easy to assemble, this house comes with a carrying bag that allows you to take it wherever you go with your pet.

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7. Trixie Natura Classic Dog House

This is a no-nonsense dog house ideal for small breeds who need a little escape. The dog house is constructed of solid pine wood, which provides both weatherproof and draft resistance. Adjust the feet to make it easier for your tiny breed to hop inside (or to adjust for uneven ground). Prop the roof open during warm weather for better ventilation. Small dogs up to 45 pounds can comfortably fit into this size. There is enough space for a bed to be placed inside your small breed if necessary.

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8. Frisco Wooden Dog House

The sleek design of this dog house is exemplified by its white wood and black metal hardware and trim. The house is not only very attractive, but it protects from rain, snow, and sun as well. Also, you can easily remove the floor in case any messes occur. The legs of the house can be adjusted to meet your pet’s—or your yard’s—specific requirements. In medium sizes, dogs may weigh between 45 and 70 pounds, while in large sizes dogs may weigh between 35 and 70 pounds.

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9. Petsfit Wooden Dog House

The thick spruce wood panels and weatherproof asphalt roof of this Petsfit dog house make it ideal for cold climates. It comes with a plastic door flap to keep out the wind and snow, and an insulation kit can be added if you would like to keep your pet warm. It has received over 1,000 5-star reviews praising its ease of assembly, as well as its ability to keep pets comfortable. There is even a removable floor that can be cleaned.

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Best Dog House Ideas Video Tutorial

Buyers Guide on How to Select Best Dog House India
9 Best Indoor and Outdoor Dog House Designs 2022 | Best Dog House Price in India and Trendy Names in 2022 25

Detailed Buyer’s Guide on How to Select Best Dog House India

In the process of shopping for a doghouse, you may find it difficult — it is probably one of the more expensive purchases you have to make for your puppy, and if you make the right choice, it will last for years. There are many different doghouse designs and styles available, so consider the following when buying one:


It is important that your dog house is large enough for comfort and small enough to provide a sense of security and warmth. While a too-large doghouse will keep your dog safe from the rain, it will not keep him warm in the cold weather, and most dogs prefer a doghouse of the correct size. Approximately 1.25 to 1.5 times your dog’s height is recommended for your doghouse, while the house’s length and width should be approximately 1.25 to 1.5 times your dog’s length. You should ensure that the door is high enough to allow your dog to enter comfortably.

Small & Extra Small Dogs

MeasurementsBreed Examples
25 lbs. or fewerBeagle
Shoulder to ground: 10-15 in.Chihuahua
Nose to tail: 16-24 in.Cocker Spaniel
Head to ground: 12-16 in.Yorkshire Terrier

Medium & Intermediate Dogs

MeasurementsBreed Examples
26-75 lbs.Boxer
Shoulder to ground: 15-25 in.Springer Spaniel
Nose to tail: 25-35 in.Border Collie
Head to ground: 20-30 in.Bulldog

Large Dogs

MeasurementsBreed Examples
75-100 lbsDoberman Pinscher
Shoulder to ground: 25-30 in.German Shepherd
Nose to tail: 35-40 in.Labrador Retriever
Head to ground: 30-40 in.Rottweiler

Extra Large Dogs

MeasurementsBreed Examples
100+ lbs.Great Dane
Shoulder to ground: 30+ in.Great Pyrenees
Nose to tail: 40+ in.Newfoundland
Head to ground: 38+ in.Saint Bernard

Ventilation and Insulation

Doghouses with hollow walls or double walls will keep your dog comfortable in hot and cold weather. The best doghouses will maintain your dog’s comfort. The doghouse should also be slightly elevated from the ground in order to ensure adequate ventilation. A door-free doghouse is usually the default, but you can purchase an optional door separately if necessary. A heating pad or blanket can be added in the winter to ensure your dog’s comfort.


A doghouse can typically be constructed of either plastic or wood. Plastic doghouses often last several years and are easy to clean because they can usually just be hosed down. However, they may become damaged by the sun and may appear less attractive. A wooden doghouse is more appealing and will last longer with proper finishing, but you should be cautious with dogs who like to chew on wood.


Considering that your doghouse is likely to be a permanent part of your yard, you may want to purchase a doghouse with a pleasing appearance. As well as looking for a removable floor, which makes cleaning easier, windows that provide ventilation, or a porch for your dog to relax on, you should consider any special features you desire.

Which Type of Outdoor Dog Houses Should You Buy?

Wooden Houses

In addition to being safe and sturdy, wooden dog houses are among the most popular among dog owners. Wood is a durable material that can be used to construct a dog house of any style and design and then have it painted to match the surrounding environment. Wood is a great material for cheap and easy-to-design material for making your dog’s life easier.

You can buy a pre-built wooden dog house, or hire an expert to build a custom-made shelter for your furry friend. There are many options available for adding a wooden house, including a roof, windows, ventilation levels, a deck top, and any other features that you choose. Wooden houses are great for providing shade and insulation all year round.

Plastic Houses

In addition to being economically affordable, portable, and lightweight compared to other options, plastic dog homes provide excellent insulation and are ideal for wet and cold climates. The homes require little maintenance and are durable enough to last a lifetime.

Metal Houses

Despite the fact that most dog owners are not fans of metal houses, they are excellent as one-stop shops because they are long-lasting and strong. Rugged, metal-built homes are well-suited for chewing and abuse by aggressive dogs. For this reason, most dog owners do not prefer metallic shelters as they are ideal for scorching days in the summer, however, you must insulate them in order to keep your pet warm during the colder months.

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Which Style of Dog House Works Best Outdoors?


The classic dog house is the best choice if you wish to purchase something durable for a long period of time. In addition to slanted roofs and an elevated floor made of plastic or wood, classic models also offer removable windows for improved living conditions. It is common to see dog houses of this design, and you have probably seen them in old Hollywood movies. They are the best way to protect your pet.


These enclosures are suitable for those living in harsh climates or environments, as they have a dome-like shape and are well suited to weather conditions in both heavy rain and intense heat. Additionally, these dwellings include a ventilation system that allows better airflow to maintain your canine’s temperature.


When it comes to hot weather climates, canopy-designed dog shelters are the best options for letting your four-legged companion enjoy the weather. As a result of their design and airy roof, your dog can breathe freely without restriction. The roof is constructed in a way that provides protection from the scorching sun while also providing adequate ventilation.

Plastic Dog Houses vs Wood Dog Houses
9 Best Indoor and Outdoor Dog House Designs 2022 | Best Dog House Price in India and Trendy Names in 2022 26

Plastic Dog Houses vs Wood Dog Houses

Plastic Dog House Pros and Cons

Plastic Dog House ProsPlastic Dog House Cons
·        To keep your plastic dog house looking new all year round, simply rinse it with a hose and dish soap on a regular basis.
·        A plastic dog house can be moved around the yard easily, whether you are mowing your lawn or changing your backyard layout.
·        Plastic dog houses offer more privacy than wooden dog houses, which can make your dog feel more isolated.
·        Wet weather shouldn’t pose a problem for your plastic dog house. Plastic is waterproof and does not rot.
·        Insects shouldn’t live in plastic dog houses.
You can set up a plastic dog house quickly or easily if you’re not great at complicated assembly.
·        Unless you intend to store the kennel in a garage or shed, a plastic dog house is not for you if you want a dog house that can easily be broken down and stored when it is not in use.
·        Left outside in the sun for an extended period of time, a plastic dog house will fade rapidly, resulting in a less attractive dog house.
The plastic dog house will likely need to be replaced if it cracks as a result of wear and tear.

Wood Dog House Pros and Cons

Wood Dog House ProsWood Dog House Cons
·        Outdoor wooden dog houses should not decay if properly treated, and should last for many years.
·        Pests should not breed on treated wood.
·        Wood can be easily adapted or added to to make a dog house that looks different from others.
·        Folding wooden dog houses makes them easy to move and store.
Plastic dog houses do not have good ventilation. Better ventilation comes from wooden dog houses.
·        There is a greater chance of frustration if you aren’t well versed in DIY – wooden dog houses require more assembly than plastic ones.
·        There are several maintenance requirements for wooden dog houses. You will need to sand and strain the wood every few years to maintain its appearance, and you will need to treat the wood to protect it against various types of weather.
As wood dog houses can be quite heavy, it is generally best to set them up in your yard and not move them again after that.

FAQs on Best House Dogs India

What makes a good dog house?

A good dog house should provide the following at a minimum: A cozy and warm place for the dog in the winter when it is protected from strong winds, blowing snow, and hail. A protected area in the summer when it is exposed to harsh sun as well as a place of privacy and security for the dog.

How big should a dog house be for a dog?

Dog houses should have a width and length that are approximately 25 percent larger than the nose-to-flank length of your pet. The length and width of the dog house should be at least 31.25 inches wide on each side, based on the dog’s length measured from the base of their tail to the nose. For example, the length of a dog is 25 inches.

Are plastic dog houses better than wood?

If you are interested in purchasing a wooden or plastic dog house, one of the major decisions will be whether you need to choose one. It is less expensive and easier to assemble a plastic dog house, however, a wooden dog house is likely to stand the test of time and be more appealing to your backyard.

Does dog need a dog house outside?

Any dog left outside in the rain or cold should be provided with adequate outdoor shelter, as recommended by professionals. The law requires that any dog left outside should be provided with a shelter from the elements.


You should make sure the dog house is sized appropriately for your breed and the material is appropriate for the environment where the house will be placed before choosing the best one for your companion. Although wood is a great material for outdoor dog houses in temperate climates, insulated plastic is the preferred choice for more humid and colder climates, and the best designs should have an elevated floor to ensure your pet remains safe from the elements. The provision of a comfortable space for your dog is important in order to maintain their sense of security and comfort while protecting their physical health and psychological well-being in the long term.

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