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Chippiparai dog price in India

Chippiparai dog price in India
Chippiparai dog price in India

Chippiparai is characterized by a lean body and long legs typical of sighthounds. Sippipparai is a village in the Virudhunagar district named after them.

Southern India has traditionally kept these dogs as pets per royalty, and they can be found in Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli, Thenkasi, Thoothukudi, and Madurai, among other places. Speed is the hallmark of this breed, and it is usually white.

A single master is preferred by this form from Tamil Nadu, India. As a result of their intelligence, they are great police dogs today because they are used for hunting small animals.

Consider these factors and points if you are looking to buy or adopt a puppy or kitten, to ensure that you are making the right choice.

  • Generally, Chippiparai can cost anywhere from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 20,000, with an average of Rs. 12000, depending on the breeder, pet store, and area.

Chippiparai dog price in tamilnadu

Normally, you will spend between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 8000 for a Chippiparai dog in Tamilnadu.

Chippiparai dog price in Chennai

In Chennai, Chippiparai dog prices normally range from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 12000.

    Factors affecting the Chippiparai price in India

    • Characteristics and Physical Attributes
    • Gender & Age
    • Purebred or mixed breed
    • Location and availability
    • Reputable breeder
    • Variables

    Characteristics and Physical Attributes

    Physical characteristics of dogs, such as their coat colors, can also affect their price. Depending on the rarity of the coat color, Chippiparai Dogs may be pricey and available in different colors.

     Depending on their color, these dogs may be more expensive if they are rare. Brindles, Brindles & Whites, Fawns, Fawns & Whites, Reds, and Silver-Grays are the different colors of these dogs.

    Gender & Age

    It is usually cheaper to purchase male dogs than female ones. Puppy prices as well as those for young or fully-grown dogs are generally higher.

    Purebred or mixed breed

    Purebred Chippiparai Dogs cost more than mixed-breed dogs as there is less chance for a purebred puppy to develop genetic health problems as opposed to a mixed-breed one.

    Location and availability

    Some parts of India do not have easy access to Chippiparai dogs. Canines that don’t live in the region where they are sought Costs are usually higher than the types of dogs that are commonly available in that region

     Although Chippiparai dogs are on the lower end of the price spectrum, overall they are not too expensive and they are quite affordable.

    Reputable breeder

    Breeders who are well-known or reputed typically charge slightly more for their dogs than those who may not be so well-known or reputed. Canine prices are affected by this as well.


    In addition to the microchip, a dog’s price can also increase if it has been implanted. Your pet will have a permanent ID with the help of this microchip.

    Overview & History

    Overview & History
    Chippiparai dog price
    • It was common for royalty to use hunting dogs in ancient times.
    • In South India, there is a breed of game hound called Chippiparai, which is known for its intellect, loyalty, and courage.
    • Breeders claim their dogs are the most genuine, depending on the subject matter.
    • These dogs, however, are old breeds of dogs belonging to India, and knowledge about them is only available through words.
    • Tamil Nadu’s Government has undertaken studies to create documentation about the living Chippiparai dogs for their better understanding.

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      Characteristics & Temperament

      Characteristics & Temperament
      Chippiparai dog price
      • Despite the breed’s reputation for being aggressive, it has excellent character. The dogs are suitable for any family and can tolerate children pulling their ears and tails.
      • Dogs of this breed are inquisitive, they smell and sniff constantly, and they bark only when necessary.
      • In addition to their wise decision-making, they always remain energetic while playing.
      • They are loyal, affectionate, loving, and always ready to please their masters.


      • A dog handler can harness Chippiparai dogs’ natural prey drive by playing fetch with them. They also love playing fetch. There are a lot of fascinating facts about these dogs, including their intelligence and loyalty.
      • Training them while making it fun is a good way to make it fun for them. Dogs and their masters will become closer as a result of this practice.
      • As a result, training sessions should be short and frequent for these dogs.
      • Their jumping ability is up to seven to eight feet when properly trained, and it benefits their overall health.


      Chippiparai dog price
      • Chippiparai dogs need nearly no grooming, as their coats are short, smooth, and shed minimally. Pets those are comfortable on couches.
      • Coconut oil is recommended as natural nourishment for animal coats and for adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to their food.
      • Before bathing your pet, make sure there are no ticks or fleas in their coat. A tick or flea may have grown under their coat.
      • In order to avoid dirt sticking to the soap residue, carefully rinse the coat after applying soap.


      Chippiparai dog price
      • Chippiparai are usually brown, fawn, silver-grey, or reddish-brown in color, with or without white markings, or in different shades of brown or grey. The coat may also be both black and tan and black and grey, the most common of which are black and tan and black and grey.
      • There are small, dark, and alert eyes in the sighthound’s small, dome-shaped head. A rose petal-shaped ear, of medium size, is usually seen partially erect and is usually visible.
      • Chippaparais grow up to be a medium-sized dogs, measuring about 25 inches tall at the withers. On average, Chippiparais weigh 16 to 21 kilograms. Chippiparai dog’s life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years.

      The advantages of a Chippiparai Dog

      Historically, Chippiparai canines served as symbols of royal power. Royal families in Tamil Nadu bred these dogs near Madurai. Several noblemen and rulers considered them to be faithful companions.

      It could be because of this reason that most dog lovers adore their graceful and elegant temperaments. Below you will find information that will help you decide whether to adopt this breed.

      • Adaptability and adaptability are two traits of these dogs.
      • Their parents do not have to provide any special attention to their children during the summer as they can live comfortably in hot and humid climates.
      • It is not necessary for them to groom themselves.
      • Their relationship with other canines is just fine.
      • It is quite astounding how well they can protect their parents from intruders and how quickly they can alert them.
      • Compared to other types of canines, both the initial and ongoing costs are lower for these.

      Is Chippiparai a guard dog?

      The Chippiparai dogs (Kanni) are a breed of sighthound in India that was bred by the royal families of Chippiparai, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Nowadays, they are mostly used as family pets and guard dogs rather than for hunting.

      Is Chippiparai good for home?

      The high level of energy they possess makes them unsuited to apartment living. Chippiparais can become hyperactive, hypersensitive, and destructive if they lack space and exercise.

      Are Chippiparai loyal?

      Temperament Dogs of this breed are intelligent and devoted to their families as well as loyal to them. The first few meetings can seem a little reserved; however, they are certainly not unfriendly. The Chippiparai are just taking their time warming up to you, so don’t worry.

      Is Chippiparai good for kids?

      Children can get along with Chippiparai dogs that have been properly trained and socialized. They are not known for being very cordial and warm with children if their training is neglected at an early age.

      How do you train a Chippiparai dog?

      You’re Chippiparai and friends will benefit from training them the fundamentals of “Stay”, “Come,” “Down,” “Heel,” “Off,” “Sit,” and “Leave it.” This manner reinforces your bond. Your puppy should be taught proper behavior as soon as possible if you are the owner.

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