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Chow chow dog breed information

Chow chow dog breed
Chow chow dog breed

Described as a cat-like breed, the Chow Chow dog breed is known for its unique appearance and independent spirit. They can be aloof, which is probably not the best breed for someone looking for a cuddle buddy or someone who is suspicious of strangers. Nevertheless, they can prove to be a deeply loyal companion in the right hands.

Despite being purebreds, these dogs can often be found in shelters or rescue organizations. Make sure you adopt one! Avoid shopping for a dog if you intend to keep it.

Due to their independence, these pups require patience and consistency, and you might have to do a few things according to their schedule. Pet parents who are new to pets should be careful. Despite their ability to adapt to apartment life, these dogs require plenty of exercises and don’t like being left home alone for extended periods of time. Providing lots of physical activity and experienced training will result in a faithful, protective pet for your family.

Chow Chow (For short, Chow) has large, deep-set eyes and a mane of hair that highlights this dog’s impressive looks. Chows might have a reputation for being aggressive due to their looks, but a well-bred and well-raised one is not.

A Chow’s nobility and drollery are likened to a lion, while its appeal is like a teddy bear, and its independence and loyalty are likened to a cat. Additionally, he has an air of dignity and aloofness befitting a breed once housed in imperial Chinese kennels.

He prefers to be left alone and will be quiet and attentive to his favorite person, as well as other family members. He is a dog who will accept children willingly, but he won’t tolerate abuse, so it’s best for homes with older kids who understand how to treat dogs.

In his impressionable puppyhood, he will handle strangers with equanimity if he has lots of positive interactions with them. However, these dogs are highly territorial and protective and will give a clear warning to anyone approaching without being invited.

His blue-black tongue may be his most memorable physical characteristic. Legend has it that a Chow licked up drops of blue color as the sky was being painted, which gave the tongue its blue hue. His rear legs are also almost straight, giving him a stiff, choppy, or stilted gait. He’s not fast, so he’s not a good jogger, but he can make a great walking buddy because of his excellent endurance.

Chow Chows frequently need only a verbal correction to get their bearings when it comes to training. The poodle breed is especially sensitive to being hit, and it is especially counterproductive. Chows are fiercely independent and do not respond to physical abuse. Gain his respect by being consistent and firm, and you won’t have trouble training him.

You will have a devoted and loyal pet who will be a real treasure in your household if you appreciate its unique appearance and independent spirit.

    Chow chow dog breed prices in India

    chow chow dog breed | chow chow dog breed price

    As ‘Songshi Quan’ which means ‘cuddly lion dog’ in their native language, they are called fluffy lion dogs.

    India chow chows are known for their playful and energetic personalities, and for their ability to make people happy.

    For an apartment or outdoor area, a Chow Chow would make a wonderful pet. Chow Chows are loving, playful, and friendly dogs. The Chow Chow is one of the most adorable, intelligent, and active dogs in existence. This breed was designed for enjoyment and play.

    The answer depends on a variety of factors, such as the color, health, size, coat, fur, and location of the pet in India. It costs anywhere from INR 30,000 to 50,000 to buy a Chow Chow dog

    The cost of a high-quality dog breed may be higher when you plan to purchase it. Dogs of this breed usually cost around RS 40,000 but can be as high as RS 70,000.

    Importing chow chows into India may be more expensive because they are foreign dogs. Taxes like customs are a major reason for chow chow’s price increase.

    The majority of Siberian huskies and American bulldogs are imported. This requires an additional fee on the part of the buyer.

    Chow chow dog breed History

    Chow Chows are regarded as one of the oldest dog breeds according to genetic testing, and that fact is now proven to be true. Originally from northern China and Mongolia, the ancient breed slowly made its way south with Mongolia’s nomadic tribes.

    Chow chow dog breed History
    chow chow dog breed | chow chow dog breed info

    During the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 22 AD), ceramics and paintings depicted dogs that resembled the Chow Chow. A Chinese emperor is reputed to have kept 2,500 pairs of Chows as hunting dogs. Dogs were also used by their owners for guarding their possessions in addition to hunting. The downside was that their fur could be used to trim coats, and their flesh could be eaten.

    Chinese breeders called this dog the black-tongue dog (hei shi-tou), the wolf-dog (lang gou), the bear dog (Xiang gou), and the Canton dog (Guangdong gou). His journey to becoming the Chow Chow is interesting.

    British merchants included bearlike dogs in their cargo in the late 18th century. Chow chow is the name given to various items, including dogs, and was attached to the breed.

    The Chow was described in a 1781 book by the British naturalist Gilbert White, Natural History and Antiquities of Selbourne. In his observations of country life, he included the dogs that his neighbors brought back from Canton (now Guangdong). White wrote about them over 200 years ago, and fans say little has changed since then.

    Chow Chows weren’t imported regularly until a century after they were first bred. The breed became popular after Queen Victoria, who adored dogs, took an interest in it. During the 1890s, the breed club was organized in England.

    The first Chow Chow to participate in an American dog show was Takuya, who placed third in the Miscellaneous Class at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 1890. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the breed in 1903 when it registered Yen How as a Chow.

    The 1920s were all about Chow Chows among the rich and famous. Their adventures even brought them to the White House, where President Calvin Coolidge kept Timmy, a red Chow, and Blackberry, a black Chow. Chows were also a favorite of Sigmund Freud’s daughter Anna, who kept and bred them.

    Martha Stewart is one of the Chows’ most recent fans; she occasionally appears on her show. According to the American Kennel Club, Chow Chows are 64th in popularity out of 155 breeds and varieties.

    Chow chow dog breed Characteristic

    Chow Chows do not like to be conspicuous, despite their teddy-bear looks. Usually, he attaches himself to a single person, being independent and dignified at the same time. Chows tend to be protective of their family, but they also have a special affection for one person in particular. Chows may disappoint children who would normally like to cuddle or be hugged by them.

    Chow chow dog breed Characteristic
    chow chow dog breed

    Unknown dogs may act aggressively toward him. He may be distrustful of strangers. This breed has a strong sense of territory. If an intruder or someone he does not know refuses to take the hint, he’ll growl at them and perhaps do something more physical.

    The dog can be a challenge to train because of its intelligence and stubbornness. Play, praise, and food rewards work well to engage him in clicker training and positive reinforcement, but he also likes to do things his own way.

    Successfully completing a project requires patience and the willingness to try many different methods. Make sure you hire a trainer with a wide repertoire of tricks and experience with spitz breeds. Short, fun training sessions will keep the Chow Chow from getting bored.

    Train your puppy from the day he comes home. The eight-week-old puppy is capable of soaking up all the information you can give him. When you start training him at 6 months old, you’ll end up with a more aggressive dog. By the time he is 10 or 12 weeks old, enroll him in puppy kindergarten, and socialize, socialize, socialize.

    Although many puppy training classes require specific vaccinations (such as kennel cough), veterinarians recommend restricting exposure to other dogs until puppy vaccines (such as rabies, distemper, and parvovirus) have been completed. Until puppy vaccinations are complete, you can begin training your puppy at home while socializing with him with family and friends.

    You can ask for assistance in choosing a puppy by discussing your needs with the breeder. Once they know something about your lifestyle and personality, breeders are able to make uncannily accurate recommendations. No matter what type of Chow Chow you want, look for one whose parents have nice personalities and has been well socialized from early puppyhood.

    Chow chow dog breed Grooming

    Chows are available with two different coat types: rough or smooth. Each coat type has an undercoat and a topcoat. The rough coat is longer and thicker than the other coat types. A plucked tail is attached to a head that is framed by a profusion of ruffs.

    There are feathers on the legs as well. He lacks the ruff and feathering on his tail and legs that characterize the rough, and he doesn’t have the abundance of topcoats. Other than that, both coats are identical.

    Chow chow dog breed Grooming
    chow chow dog breed

    There are different grooming requirements for different types of coats. Chows with smooth coats need only to be brushed once a week. Chows with rough coats need brushing every other day. Each variety sheds heavily twice a year, during which time the coat will be shed in handfuls. Baths are rarely necessary, although a hot bath followed by thorough blow-drying can help remove that shed coat.

    Other than that, it’s just basic care. You should trim your nails about once a month. Keep your mouth fresh by brushing your teeth frequently. Dirt, redness, or odors indicative of infection should be checked weekly in the ears. Your veterinarian may recommend a gentle ear cleaner if the ears appear dirty. Wipe the ears with a cotton ball dampened with the cleaner.

      Chow chow dog breed Appearance

      On average, the chow chow weighs about 70 pounds and stands about 20 inches tall at his shoulders. It’s likely that his poofy, regal mane will make him appear even bigger than he already is. Male chow puppies can weigh more than 40 pounds at six months of age.

      Chow chow dog breed Appearance
      chow chow dog breed

      Rough and smooth coats are two different types of Chows. An important characteristic of the pooch is his coarse, wooly coat that gives him the appearance of having a parka built into his coat. It is a shorter version of the coarse coat. Their eyes are always dark brown, and both types of cats come in a variety of solid colors: red, cream, fawn, black, and blue.

      Since they are bear-like in appearance and expression, it’s not surprising people compare them to panda bears. A distinctive feature of their breed is their blue tongue. According to The Chow Chow Club, Inc. (CCCI), Chow Chow puppies have pink tongues until they’re 8–10 weeks old when they darken and turn blue.

      Research has not pinpointed why the dogs have a bluish-black mouth, despite ancient Chinese mythology explaining the blue tongue (during creation, the dogs licked up pieces of blue sky that fell to Earth). Blue tongues have become a breed standard requirement for purebred chow chows.

      Chow chow dog breed Temperament

      The chows look the part of kings, and they perform the same. Dogs like these are serious and refined, and they don’t need excessive affection. Chow chows may not be a good cuddle buddy, so potential owners should look elsewhere.

      According to The Chow Club, Inc, the official breed club, the Chow is generally reserved and likes to keep to himself, and is often described as having “cat-like” qualities. Well-socialized chows should never cause trouble, but they can be stand-offish and distrustful. Maleah Allen, the owner of D&M Farm Kennel, has bred chow chows for more than 20 years and believes the dog is sometimes misjudged as aggressive.

      It is a breed that is intelligent but strong-willed and will let you know if something is bothering them. Furthermore, chows are highly loyal to their families and are deeply attached to them. Even if they dislike being fussed over, they will latch onto and give attention to their favorite person.

      FAQ Related to Chow chow dog breed

      Are chow chows an aggressive breed?

      Social, outgoing dogs are not very common in Chow Chows. In addition to being wary of strangers, they can also be aggressive against other dogs. the Chow Chow’s fierce guarding behavior needs to be controlled through training.

      Is Chow Chow a healthy breed?

      Although Chow Chows are generally healthy dogs, they can suffer from certain ailments like any breed. However, the following conditions may occur in the breed: Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) is a condition caused by an irregular fit between the thighbone and the hip joint.

      Do Chow Chow dogs make good pets?

      Getting a Chow Chow
      In the right environment, Chow Chows can be loyal and loving dogs that make ideal pets. In addition to lots of care and attention, they require owners who can cope with their independent nature.

      Is Chow Chow fierce?

      Chow Chows can be seen as fierce and aggressive by some, due to their intimidating appearance. In reality, they are very gentle and loving dogs. Chow Chows are generally uneasy with strangers, and they pay attention to their homes and families. Thus, they can be very protective of their territory.

      Are Chow Chow dogs expensive?

      You will have to spend about $900 on your very own Chow Chow. In addition, grooming costs for this medium-sized dog average over $100. The average life expectancy of a Chow Chow is 12-15 years, and medical costs typically top $11,000 per year.

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