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Chow  Chow Dog price in India

Chow Chow dog Price in India
Chow Chow dog Price in India

They are called ‘puffy lion dogs’ in their native language as ‘Songshi Quan,’ which means ‘cuddly lion dog.’

Dog breeds like the India chow chow are energetic and playful, and they have a reputation for making people smile and happy.

If you want to have a dog that is loving, playful, and friendly, then a Chow Chow would make a wonderful pet for an apartment or outdoor space. There is nothing more adorable, intelligent, and active than a Chow Chow. The breed is designed for play and enjoyment.

It depends on a variety of factors including coloring, health, size, coat, fur, and location in India. Chow chow dogs typically cost anywhere between INR 30,000 and 50,000

A high-quality dog breed may cost more money when you plan to buy it. Chow chow dogs are generally priced around RS 40,000, but they can go up to RS 70,000.

The cost of importing chow chow dogs to India may be higher since they are from outside the country. Chow chow’s price rises due to a variety of factors, including taxes like customs.

Dogs like Siberian huskies and American bulldogs are generally imported. In this case, the buyer must pay an additional fee.

Factors Affecting On Chow Chow Dog price in India

Purchasing Chow Chow:

There is a wide range of prices for Chow Chow in India. Additionally, Chow Chow imports will be more expensive. Local breeders are thus the best choice.

A place to buy:

Chow Chow puppies’ price and quality are determined by the buying place. It is therefore important to buy from someone you trust. India has three different places where you can buy Chow Chow.

Milling of pets:

Not only for buying Chow Chow but for buying pets in general, pet mills are the worst place to go. Profits are the main goal of pet mills. The puppies are raised in an unhealthy environment and fed dog food that is not high in quality, resulting in unhealthy puppies.

If you want a Chow Chow, then you should not buy it from pet mills. They will provide you with the animal for a very cheap rate, but the quality won’t be there.

In a pet store:

There are no meaningful differences between pet shops and pet mills. Pet shop owners procure their dogs from pet mills and sell them to their customers. By buying from a pet mill indirectly, you are indirectly supporting one. There is one difference that the pet shop owner feed puppies good quality food.But I think it’s not enough.


Professional breeders are the best place to obtain a good pet Chow Chow dog or a show Chow Chow.


Despite its double coat, Chow Chows can be smooth and rough. The owners of Chow Chows love to show their dogs and if you want to, then buy a KCI registered Chow Chow dog. The price is higher for that.

Place of birth:

There is a saying that says ‘the grass seems greener on the other side of the river.’ Chow Chows born outside of India are expensive. Maybe it’s because the breed is so good that the price is so high. It is also possible to find good Indian Chow Chows.

    Chow Chow Price in Delhi

    Chow Chow prices in Delhi range from Rs.32,000 to Rs.52,000, and we recommend the user purchase the dog from a reputable breeder. A wide variety of qualities, sizes, breeds, and colors are available.

    Chow Chow Price in Mumbai

    Surely as a Mumbai user, you have heard about the chow chow price around Rs.30,000 to Rs50,000. Before purchasing chow chow in Mumbai, you must be aware of mixed breed and mils breeders.

    Chow Chow Price in Kolkata

    There is no doubt that you heard about the chow chow prices in Kolkata, which range from 29,000 to 50,000 rupees. If you are buying chow chow in Kolkata, make sure to research the mixed breed breeder and other milbreed breeders.

    Chow Chow Price in major city

    CityPrice (INR)
    Andhra Pradesh37,000 to 43,000
    Arunachal Pradesh40,000 to 45,000
    Himachal Pradesh40,000 to 45,000
    Hyderabad40,000 to 50,000
    Jaipur35,000 to 40,000
    Karnataka30,000 to 35,000
    Punjab48,000 to 53,000
    Pune45,000 to 50,000
    Chow Chow Dog price in India | Chow Chow Dog price ,Chow Chow Price in delhi,

    Characteristics of chow chow In India

    Characteristics of chow chow In India
    Chow Chow Dog price in India | Chow Chow Dog price
    • There is no question about its strength, for it has a square profile, a broad skull, and triangular ears that stand upright; the tips of these ears are rounded.
    • There are both smooth and rough variations of the double coat of the boa constrictor.
    • The thick fur at the neck and ruffs of its coat create a distinctive appearance.
    • A shaded/self red version is available as well as a blue, black, cinnamon/fawn, or cream one. However, not all colors are accepted in every country. Those dogs are considered to be out of breed standard if they are patchy or multicolored.
    • The almond-shaped eyes are typically deep-set.
    • The tongue on his lips is unique and blue-black/purple, making him unique from the rest of them. His tongue matches the color of his lips, making it the only dog with blue-colored lips and oral cavity (other dogs have doggy-black or piebald-shade skin between the teeth).
    • It moves rather stiltedly because its hind legs are straight.
    • The thick hairs on the curled tail of Chow Chow dogs allow them to lie over their backs in a distinctive fashion.

      Care of Chow chow in India

      Care of Chow chow in India
      Chow Chow Dog price in India | Chow Chow Dog price
      • Chow-Chows will grow and develop well under this diet.
      • Dogs need vitamin D to develop their immune system to help them fight off disease-causing organisms. Antigens in vaccines mimic disease-causing organisms in the immune system of dogs, but they do not cause disease.
      • Occasionally a dog’s appearance and health can be improved with grooming. In addition to improving his mood and temperament, it will help him feel relaxed, active, and good.
      • Walking the dog:-keep yourself physically and mentally fit by completing three to four rounds of your colony each day.
      • Taking good care of your dog will lead to a long, healthy life for him.

      Chow Chow grooming in India

      Every person needs to groom themselves on a regular basis. It is important to protect and safeguard your dog’s skin from damage/infection with proper grooming at the right time of the year. Moreover, it helps to remove dirt and unwanted odors while preventing unwanted infections.

      Since the Chow-Chow has a hairy body, it must be brushed and combed pretty much every day with a slicker brush and pin brush to prevent mats. The pin brush should be used to brush the Chow-Chow coat from the base down to the skin.

      It is necessary to groom and bathe the dog on a regular basis. According to their level of activity and lifestyle, dogs can be bathed one day a week. Whenever possible, cut/trim the dog’s nails every six to eight months due to their long nails. The low shedding and healthy appearance of this coat can be achieved with regular bathing.

       In India, Chow Chow is trained

       In order to get a better understanding of your dog, you should train him. Dogs and owners benefit from training. You become a better owner if you regularly interact with your dog. Having a trained dog makes it easier for your dog to board.

       In India, Chow Chow is trained
      Chow Chow Dog price in India | Chow Chow Dog price

      Teaching your dog commands is much less important than learning how to live with him. All the behavior that your dog exhibits (both good and bad) is the result of the way you live with him. Your training of your Chow-Chow begins as soon as he or she enters your home.

      • Set up a daily routine for your Chow-Chow.
      • A place where food and water are served.
      • The time of day when he eats.
      • This is where the bed is located.
      • The time at which he goes to sleep.
      • In the morning, what time will he be taken out.
      • He needs to know where to go to the bathroom.
      • He will groom (brush, trim, clip, and clean his teeth) wherever he is located.

      Chow-Chow in India: Major health problems

      The most common cause of death in dogs is infections, which affect many parts of their body such as their ears (ear infections), noses (nose infections), or lungs (lung infections).

      Chow-Chow in India: Major health problems
      Chow Chow Dog price in India | Chow Chow Dog price

      In order to cure cancer, there is no vaccine. Thus, most dogs die from this major health issue.

      Chow-Chows are most commonly diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer in dogs. Lymphocytes, circulating in the blood, are the cells that make up the immune system.

      Dogs suffer from bloat-it when their stomachs stretch from eating or drinking. The dogs experience a lot of pain due to this condition.

      Dog obesity occurs when the dog consumes too much food at irregular intervals, causing it to gain weight. A condition in which fat accumulates in the body. An obese dog has a negative impact on its health and lifespan

      Is Chow Chow a dangerous dog?

      There are no more primitive breeds of dogs on earth than the Chow. Chow Chows are widely known to display this temperament, which is the most dangerous. There’s no way this dog will allow people into his yard and home since he’s fiercely protective of his territory and family.

      Do Chow Chow’s bark?

      Chow Chows are not known for barking frequently or being loud in general. The majority of people are unlikely to make any noise throughout the day. Chow Chows can bark only in certain situations, like when they see something new or feel threatened.

      Are chow chows good indoor dogs?

      The Chow Chow breed thrives in apartment life because it is lazy and sensitive to heat, so it prefers to stay inside where it is cooler. They’re not bothered by being alone in the apartment while you’re away, which is why they’re often compared to cats.

      Are chow chows intelligent?

      Despite their intelligence, Chow Chows tend to be independent and stubborn, so they can be difficult to train. A good trainer needs to be firm, patient, and creative in order to train effectively in competitions. A Chow Chow’s protective nature needs to be controlled through training.

      How long do chow chows live?

      A young person between the ages of 9 and 15.

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