Main Skills You Need to Develop to Pass Cisco 500-173 Certification Exam

The Certbolt certification exam targets professionals who want to learn how to design the FlexPod Solution. If you planning to take this test in the near future, you must be wondering what skills you need to develop to succeed in it from the first attempt.

Keep reading this article and find out more about the required abilities that can help you get the passing score in one go. We will begin with the important details of this evaluation.

Cisco 500-173 Certification Exam
Cisco 500-173 Certification Exam

The Cisco 500-173 Exam Details

The Cisco 500-173 exam is a 90-minute assessment associated with Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design Specialist certification. The test is available in the English language only and has a registration fee of Certbolt .

The candidates who register for this evaluation are interested in learning how to assess the computing solution performance requirements and characteristics using various tools. It also checks the candidates’ expertise in hardware components related to the FlexPod Solution.

Key Skills Needed to Pass the Cisco 500-173 Certification Test

The Cisco Certbolt exam’s blueprint should be the starting point of your preparation. It will tell you what skills you need to develop to get the passing score from the first attempt. On top of that, the test syllabus is also an effective self-assessment tool.

You can use it to identify the topics that you have already mastered and those about which you need to study more. Let’s have a look at the exam syllabus breakdown below:

  • Designing FlexPod

The test-takers need to develop advanced skills in describing Certbolt to match the customer’s workloads. For instance, they will be required to understand connectivity and performance requirements, identify and implement best practices and ensure business continuity.

In addition, the examinees should work on their capability to describe the necessary support options for FlexPod and describe how to properly size the identified solution following the customer requirements using FlexPod best practices.

  • Understanding how compute works

When working with FlexPod design, the Certbolt test-takers should know how to describe the Cisco UCS components such as B-Series, C-Series, IOMs, or VICs. In addition, the specialists can considerably leverage their chances to get a passing score, if they demonstrate strong knowledge of configuring the logical components necessary in a UCS server, including templates, profiles, databases, and more.

  • Working with storage components

This section of the exam’s syllabus requires the examinees to learn how to describe NetApp storage components that are necessary when working with FlexPod designs. Furthermore, the test-takers should become skilled at describing storage protocol considerations when working in the FlexPod environment.

Last but not least, the candidates should demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge of the most important features necessary for backup or data protection for FlexPod design.

  • Networking and security

Here the candidates must understand how to describe the Cisco networking components which are normally used within FlexPod designs. Besides, they should develop solid capability in configuring FlexPod networking.

When it comes to security, the test-takers should gain expertise in describing access control methods for Certbolt such as RADIUS, LDAP, and AD. Finally, they should learn how to describe and identify the considerations in building a secure multitenancy design.

  • Managing the necessary tools

The final chapter tests the capability of describing the basic maintenance tasks for the IX5000 endpoint and those that support this infrastructure. In addition, you should know how to upgrade the considerations for the IX5000 series.


A solid understanding of the topics covered in the certification exam’s syllabus is the secret weapon that will help you crack the test on the first try. To enhance your knowledge, supplement your preparation with other resources such as relevant books, video tutorials, and practice tests. If you take your preparation seriously, you will manage to pass the Cisco 500-173 exam without breaking a sweat!

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