Cup dog price in India

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Cup dogs are bred to be as small as possible, with the majority weighing less than 2 kilograms. In addition to teacup pugs and Yorkshire terriers, other breeds, such as beagles, have been developed in the smallest sizes. Cup dogs are widely associated with the toy dog category, including teacup pugs and Yorkshire terriers. We will discuss the cup dog price in India; please let us know what you think of this post.

People in India prefer puppies over adult dogs, which has resulted in a surge in demand for teacup dogs in recent years. Although they look cute and are easy to handle, these creatures suffer from a variety of medical conditions and psychological disorders. Several tiny canines, including Chihuahuas and Pomeranians, were combined in the development of these dogs.

Due to the fact that these dogs are often bred for business purposes, they can be quite expensive. It is possible to purchase teacup dogs in India for as little as 26,000 rupees or as much as 99,000 rupees. There are several factors that contribute to the cost of a dog, such as its breeder, health, etc.

Cup dog price in india

Cup dogs are often quite small, much smaller than conventional small dogs. There are so few of them that they’d fit inside a cup or a pocket. As opposed to this, the Kennel Club does not legally recognize the size of a dog.

Cup Dog Price in India

In general, the Cup dog price in India is influenced by a number of factors, such as the area where you live and intend to purchase the puppy, its age, breed (pure or mixed), hair color, and where it was born. Based on the factors listed below, you can expect to pay between Rs.4100 and Rs.75,000 for a Pomeranian pup or dog.

Cup Dog Price Delhi

A Cup dog can cost anywhere from Rs.5,000 to Rs.112,000 in Delhi.

Cup Dog Price in Chennai

In Chennai, the cost of a Cup dog can range from Rs.4,000 to Rs.110,000.

Cup Dog Price in Kolkata

In Kolkata, the cost of a Cup dog can range from Rs.4,000 to Rs.62,000.

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Factors Influencing the Price of Cup Dog in India

Cup dog price


Since India covers a wide area, Pomeranian puppy prices vary from state to state and city to city. Although Cup dog prices vary according to state, any Cup dog in the country will cost at least Rs. 3000. Puppies cost differently depending on where they are bred and where they originate.

The price of a puppy from a breeder in Delhi, for example, would be much higher if you lived in Mumbai. It is more expensive to purchase puppies from breeders out of state than to purchase puppies from breeders in your area.


The price of a Cup dog has a significant impact on this aspect. It is recommended to sell puppies between the ages of six and eight weeks. It is imperative to inform the appropriate authorities or dog welfare organizations if a puppy is sold before it is six months old. Puppies must be allowed at least six weeks in their litter to thrive.

Their new homes will be ready for them to move into once construction is complete. Due to the increasing demand for puppies, the cost of a puppy between the ages of 6 and 8 weeks is usually higher than that of an older dog. Due to their ability to be trained and socialized easier, puppies make better pets than adult dogs.

Pure breed or hybrid

Remember that the breed of the puppy has a significant impact on the price of a Cup dog. Purebred Cup dogs are more expensive than mixed breeds. Is there a reason why purebred Pomeranians are preferred?

There are fewer health problems associated with these dogs. Purebred puppies are less likely to suffer hereditary disorders and live longer because of their superior genetics.

Registration of puppies

The cost of registering a dog with KCI will be higher. If the puppy pups from the previous litter did well at national events, they would be more expensive. Puppies whose registration papers demonstrate that their parents are champion breeds will cost more.

It is possible to find Pomeranian puppies at a wide range of prices in India, depending on the region and town. Thank you for your questions. We hope we were able to answer them.

Cup Dog Price In India & Facts

Height10-17 inches
Cup Dog Price in India₹26,000-₹99,000
TemperamentFriendliness, calmness, and playfulness
LifespanUsually, about 10 years, depending on the quality
Common Health IssuesHydrocephalus
Cup Dog Price In India & Facts

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How to Choose A Cup Dog In India

How to Choose A Cup Dog In India
  • It is very critical to understand the following before getting a cup dog.
  • Their tiny bodies make them more vulnerable to damage, which is no surprise.
  • Most breeders confine them in horrible conditions, which is the most likely explanation.
  • Hybrid dogs are more likely to suffer from health problems. In general, they have faults in their bodies due to crossbreeding.
  • On the other hand, cups and small dogs tend to have a shorter average life expectancy than larger dogs.
  • Due to their susceptibility to injury, these animals may also require frequent veterinarian visits.
  • It is likely that it will be a problem in India due to its climate. Neither extreme cold nor extreme heat is suitable for them.

Should I Have A Cup Dog?

Due to inbreeding, runt breeding, and the fact that there are already far too many homeless dogs, buying a dog from a breeder is not generally a wise idea.

Identifying a puppy mill from a cursory meeting can be difficult, as it is difficult to distinguish a responsible breeder from an unethical one. You are significantly more likely to receive a high-quality item by buying from a shelter or rescue organization. In particular, teacup breeds are not a viable pet choice for most people due to their fragility and poor health.

Finally, we recommend looking for older puppies and considering adoption. A large number of Cup dogs can be found in India’s adoption centers, rescue groups, and dog shelters. It is imperative to realize that love is unconditional, no matter whether you adopt or buy a dog.

Increasing demand for puppies has already driven the illegal breeding of puppies in India. As a community, let’s raise awareness about the dangers of illicit dog breeding and provide a loving home for a puppy in need.

What is the price of a cup dog in India?

In India, teacup dogs may cost anywhere between 26,000 and 99,000 rupees.

How long do cup dogs live?

If you did your research correctly to find your teacup puppy, you can find yourself with a companion for up to 15 years. Smaller dogs do tend to live longer than larger breeds, and if given the proper treatment, your teacup puppy can lead a long, fulfilling life as well.

Do cup dogs grow?

Although there’s no single breed of teacup dogs—rather, a number of breeds like Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and Maltese can be bred as micros—there is a weight range that can qualify a pooch as a teacup. Teacup dogs may way as little as two pounds, and measure fewer than 17 inches when fully grown.

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