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Do dogs get period cramps

Do dogs get period cramps
Do dogs get period cramps

The health of dogs is generally good, as long as they do not suffer injuries during adventures. However, if they do become sick, seek medical help immediately. When women do not spay their dogs, they may wonder if their dogs are experiencing period cramps.

It is reasonable to believe that female dogs go through pain during their periods of estrus. A female dog is restless, anxious, fretful, and uncomfortable, just like a human female. Not all pain is physical in nature. If you spay your woman puppy, you’ll never have to wonder whether she’s healthy.

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A dog’s cramps

Despite the physical differences between dogs and humans, some aspects of their reproduction are quite similar. As an example, a dog’s egg may be released and if fertilized, settle in the uterus and later become her offspring.

Many of the signs associated with a female dog’s heat cycle are comparable to those of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Therefore, it makes sense to assume that dogs experience discomfort and even cramps during their heat cycles.

We are still unable to read the minds of our pets accurately, but it is generally accepted that a female dog’s discomfort during the heat is similar to that of a human woman during menstruation.

There is a good chance that dogs will also experience cramping caused by the contraction of uterine walls. However, it is not a cramp in the sense that dogs experience it, because our reproductive system differs from theirs.

In humans, a period indicates the end of a cycle – it is a sign that an egg was released, unfertilized, and that the uterine linings were shed for a fresh start of a new menstrual cycle.  It is suggested that the onset of a period in humans occurs at the start of an infertility phase.

Alternatively, bleeding in dogs (or period) indicates the beginning of a heat cycle.  A female dog’s infertility is an indication that she is preparing to become receptive and maybe pregnant.

During their period, dogs do not shed their uterine linings, which is the main cause of cramps in humans. The linings tend to reabsorb rather than be thrown out by dogs. Unlike bleeding in humans, which is meant to eliminate shed uterine lining, bleeding in dogs occurs when estrogen-induced permeabilization of uterine blood vessels occurs.

Through a process known as diapedesis, the red blood vessels then leak and cause the bloody discharge observed by dog owners. As a general rule, diapedesis occurs in a passive, rather than active manner. It involves blood flowing through—there is no cramping, muscle contraction, or discomfort.

So, if a dog experiences cramps or discomfort while in heat, it could be the cause of some hormonal changes outside of the scope of this article. A dog’s crying or whining during heat can also serve as a “mating call” for male animals.

As dogs only engage in sexual activities for the purpose of propagating their species, whining, moaning, crying, and any other behavior which may indicate discomfort may represent something else. In this case, the female dog may be alerting prospective suitors that she is at her most fertile stage to produce pups.

What Does a Dog Feel During Their Period?

What Does a Dog Feel During Their Period?
Do dogs get period cramps

The behavior of female dogs changes during their menstrual cycle. You will notice that they behave differently before you notice anything else. When dogs are menstruating, they become more anxious. When you try to interact with them, you may feel as though they are always on guard.

Distracted and restless dogs in heat also look like this. Your attention may be less likely to be drawn to them. As well as not being able to sit still, they may be pacing around your living room or yard instead.

Additionally, your dog may appear uncomfortable at this time. It’s probably caused by cramping and other painful sensations they are experiencing right now.

You may notice the biggest change in your dog’s behavior when they are in heat is how they treat other animals. If a female dog is in heat, she is more receptive to her male counterpart.

A potential mate may even show interest in your dog. Her signs may include raising her rear and showing other signs. During this time female dogs release pheromones.

There is also the possibility that some dogs become more aggressive when they are on their period. This may be caused by painful cramping causing them to become more aggressive.

Your dog’s cry is something else to watch out for. Crying may indicate two different things. Dogs may use these signals when they are in pain, but they may also use them as mating calls.

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Do my dogs feel pain?

In the past, many experts believed that animals did not recognize or feel pain the same way humans do. Luckily, we now know that animals are capable of feeling and recognizing pain.

There are similar neural pathways and neurotransmitters in dogs as in humans. Therefore, dogs feel pain when they are in pain as well (source).

Women can relate to the pain of estrus. While your dog may want to use the restroom, he cannot just walk up to you and announce that.

 Your dog’s condition can determine whether he is in pain and whether it is mildly irritating or severe.

Pain signs in dogs

If they feel pain, dogs will usually not arch their back, but their muscles will twitch, they will shake, and they will tremble. Occasionally, they may drop their heads and hunch over.

When dogs are in pain, they pant differently, which is a normal response. How would you react if you discovered that your dog is still panting while resting? It is probably experiencing some pain or discomfort at this point.

A normally friendly and cuddly lap dog may no longer want to be touched or cuddled. Big dogs can also be lap dogs. The puppy may show signs of discomfort, including restlessness, whimpering, and even acting aggressively without good reason.

The best way to treat menstrual cramps

A veterinarian can provide you with a prescription to ease the pain. Although your veterinarian may be out of town, you can still prepare for your appointment by knowing what you need to buy.

Hemp seed oil with CBD

The administration of hemp seeds and CBD oil to dogs has also proven beneficial in the treatment of pain. Medicinal products containing cannabis have been found to be effective pain relievers as a result of cannabinoids. Hemp plants contain CBD in many parts, including stalks, leaves, and flowers.

CBD levels in hemp seed oil, however, are relatively low since it is extracted from the seeds. There has been little formal research on hemp seed oil or CBD oil products, but many pet owners have experienced positive results. A veterinarian can help you determine whether CBD or hemp seed oil can be used to treat your dog’s pain.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, also known as NSAIDs, are safe to give to your dog. The drugs reduce pain, inflammation, and fever in dogs.

An NSAID called aspirin is even prescribed by your veterinarian under strict supervision for your pet. Metacam and Previcox are among the NSAIDs for dogs, along with Deramaxx, Rimadyl, and Novox.

Your veterinarian will prescribe them if they are necessary. Be aware of possible side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, digestive problems, skin redness, loss of appetite, and behavioral changes when giving these medications to your dog for the first time.


Dogs and humans share many similar characteristics, and one of them is pain. Even though dogs are only in heat once or twice a year, cramping and discomfort are often associated with that time. It is now known that medications and dogs’ pain are connected.

Whenever possible, you should consult your veterinarian before treating your dog for pain. Your doctor will be able to prescribe the most appropriate pain management medication and tell you what’s safe.

While you may worry that your dog is uncomfortable during this period, you can safely relieve their discomfort if your dog is going through a period.

FAQ Related to do dogs get period cramps

What helps with dog Period cramps?

In addition to relieving the pain associated with menstrual cramps, arthritis, muscle sprains, fevers, and headaches, acetaminophen is also a useful analgesic.

Do dogs feel bad when in heat?

In the heat, your dog’s blood will flow continuously, but she won’t feel any pain. During heat, however, your dog may feel nervous and fidgety. Your veterinarian should be contacted if you observe any signs that she appears to be in pain.

Can a dog be in the heat but not bleed?

In the summer, dogs most commonly suffer from vaginal bleeding. Females might not realize this for some time after getting into estrus. During estrus, some female dogs experience intense bleeding while other dogs experience minimal bleeding. For more information, talk to your veterinarian.

Do dogs get period pains?

Definitely. The period cramps commonly experienced by female dogs during heat cycles are not uncommon. However, due to psychological differences, female dog periods differ greatly from human periods. It is good to know that there are a few ways to help her relax, feel comfortable, and stay calm during her heat period.

What can I give my dog for period cramps?

In addition to relieving menstrual cramps, arthritis discomfort, muscle sprains, fevers, and headaches, acetaminophen can treat pain from osteoarthritis.

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