Doberman Dog Price in India 2022 | Puppy price in India, price list, factors, food price

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Doberman dog price in India

Doberman Dog Price in India
Doberman Dog Price in India

Breeds like the Dobermans are known to be excellent guard dogs.  Among the many characteristics defining this dog breed are its energy, obedience, intelligence, loyalty, alertness, and confidence. The Doberman pinscher is an extremely popular dog breed in India, thanks to its ability to protect and guard homes.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to purchase a Doberman and have questions. In this post, Doberman price in India, we outline everything you need to know about purchasing a Doberman puppy, including all the expenses you will incur once you become a pet parent.

Dogs like this are loyal to their families. By protecting your family, this dog will repay you. Dobermans are lovely dogs, but they also come with a lot of responsibility. We have to love and care for our Doberman puppies just as we do.

Buying a Doberman puppy may seem like our costs stop after that. As a matter of fact, the expense of getting a puppy is only incurred after it’s brought home. Because of their high initial price, we do not realize this.

Doberman owners must consider many factors when determining how much to spend on their doggy. Costs at the pet store, in the neighborhood, or from the breeder affect how much a puppy costs in the end. Depending on the factors listed above, one can expect to spend anywhere between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 40000 on a Doberman, and on average about Rs. 20000.

Doberman dog Puppy price in India

Dog breeders who take good care of their puppies will charge a higher price for a Doberman puppy. A premium price is charged to top breeders whose dogs come from the best bloodlines.

Several breeders in India should be contacted in order to understand different dog bloodlines. Due to its top-quality Doberman population in South India, prices are also affected by the puppy’s location.

Doberman dog Puppy price in India
Doberman Dog Price in India 2022 | Puppy price in India, price list, factors, food price 6

Prices are affected by demand and the degree to which the breed conforms to breeding standards. Dogs that are shown in shows are typically priced much higher than pet-quality dogs with minor flaws.

Puppy character and temperament are much less difference between males and females than between adults. Female puppies are approximately 3000 to 5000 rupees more expensive than male puppies due to their more active nature.

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 Doberman dog price

Doberman dog price in Chennai 18,000  –  47,000
Doberman dog price in Kolkata 18,500  –  48,500
Doberman dog price in Bangalore18,500 –  48,500
Doberman dog price in Delhi19,000 –   49,500
Doberman dog price in Kerala18500  –   48,000
 Doberman dog price

Doberman dog price factors 

  • The type
  • Aspects and Characteristics of Physical Attributes
  • Gender & Age
  • Mixed or pure breeds
  • Availabilities and Locations
  • Reputable breeder

The type

A dog or puppy in the basic category is not a member of any kennel club, including KCI. Around  RS 20,000 is the average cost of a Doberman puppy.

Kennel Club of India is the brand name of an organization that certifies the quality of dogs. If a dog is registered with KCI, then you can be assured of getting an animal that satisfies your needs. If your dog is registered with the KCI, you can also enter it in dog shows and you will receive a certificate of registration.

Breed Standards indicate how close the dog is to the ideal. Therefore, the canine is regarded as Show Quality. The difference between a Show Quality dog and a Pet Quality dog does not matter much if you do not plan on showing your pooch.

Aspects and Characteristics of Physical Attributes

The overall Doberman price in India can be influenced by physical characteristics such as coat color. Dobies are available in different colors such as black and rust, red and rust, fawn and rust, blue and rust (a bit rare), and so forth. Breeders can charge differently for these dogs depending on the rarity of the colors.

 Additionally, some regions have two types of Dobermans. This breed is divided into two types, the American Doberman and the European Doberman, which affects the price accordingly.

Gender & Age

Doberman dog prices are also heavily influenced by these two factors. The breeders usually charge a higher price for puppies and young dogs than they do for older or mature dogs. Women tend to be a bit less expensive than men when it comes to dogs.

Mixed or pure breeds

Doberman puppies that are purebred are more expensive than mixed breeds because purebred children are less likely to develop hereditary illnesses as compared to mixed-breed puppies.

Availabilities and Locations

It is usually more affordable to buy a dog that is readily available in a particular area as opposed to a pooch that is less readily available there. In most parts of India, Doberman puppies are relatively easy to find and thus cost less than some other breeds.

Also, if you have access to a dog in a nearby location, then the final price is going to be less than if the canine is only available in another location (probably out of state) due to extra charges such as travel expenses and shipping costs.

Reputable breeder

Dogs from well-known and popular breeders may cost more than those from less well-known and less reputable breeders. Nevertheless, since getting a dog from a reputable source generally means that it will be fit and healthy, people are usually not opposed to spending a bit more on these adorable canines.

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Doberman dog food price

Doberman dog food price
Doberman Dog Price in India 2022 | Puppy price in India, price list, factors, food price 7

It is important that dogs have the proper nutrition (that is suitable for their age and weight) to be in peak condition. Due to the size of the breed, it is very important to buy a high-quality dog.

You will need to spend the most money on dog food each month. It is important to feed your dog a protein-rich diet. If you are feeding your puppy homemade food, please don’t assume it will thrive. In general, you should expect your dog food costs to be anywhere between RS 5,500 and RS 7,500 per month, depending on what brand you choose.

Choosing a Doberman in India

There is only one problem with puppies: they’re all cute. Dog owners who are new to dog ownership will compare a Doberman puppy to a Rottweiler puppy. By looking at a litter, it is impossible to determine its pedigree. The only way to know for certain if your Doberman is a purebred pup and not one that is crossed is by doing the following.

Choosing a Doberman in India
Doberman Dog Price in India 2022 | Puppy price in India, price list, factors, food price 8

Before buying a Doberman puppy, find out more about the breed. Breed standards can be read to identify the breed’s defects. Beware of rogue breeders. Pet shops shouldn’t be purchased directly from customers. You should insist on visiting the breeder and asking the pet store owner to take you there.

Interesting Facts about Dobermans Dog

1. Quite recently, they’ve become popular.

2. Originally, they were bred by tax collectors.

3. There were many dogs involved in the process.

4. The ears and tails were docked for a reason.

5. It is impossible for these dogs to turn down a job.

6. There is a possibility that they will be movie stars.

7. In addition, there are war heroes.

8. They know what they are doing.

9. Teams of Dobermans have been involved in drills.

10. They are becoming gentler as a result of breeding.

FAQ related to Doberman dog price in India

Is Doberman banned in India?

Commercial dog imports of foreign breeds in India have finally been prohibited by the government. According to an article in The Times of India, the most popular breeds of pedigree dogs in India are German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Labradors, Dobermans, and Pugs.

Is Doberman a good family dog?

Dobermans are great family dogs when they are well-bred. As long as his children are socialized and trained appropriately, he is trustworthy and protective. When Dobermans consider dogs outside their family to be a threat, they can become aggressive.

Do Dobermans bark a lot?

There isn’t a lot of barking among Dobermans. Occasionally, they may communicate with their owners in this way. A dog’s bark could indicate that he or she is bored, hungry, or thirsty. Understanding why Dobermans bark is vital for training them to bark appropriately.

Are Doberman dogs dangerous?

The Doberman’s reputation as an intimidating and aggressive breed comes from its past experiences as a guard and police dog. The CDC studied nine dog bite-related deaths involving this breed from 1979-1988, placing it sixth on its list.

Do Dobermans like water?

Water is one of Doberman’s favorite activities. The dogs tend to love to have fun but also get overheated at times, so swimming comes naturally to them. Gently sloping slopes into water are much better for them. However, they will learn to love swimming in a normal pool after some confidence-building.

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