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How to Register A Dog In India

How to Register a Dog in India
How to Register a Dog in India

As compared to countries such as the US, UK, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, or even Poland, India doesn’t have national dog licensing laws. The city and state where the owner lives will determine the way to register their dog. The KCI is also a good place for you to register your dog. All pet dogs in India are registered with the Kennel Club of India (KCI).

We live in highly populated cities and apartments where there is little space for dogs to run free and enjoy their freedom. Due to incidents of animal abuse and dog attacks, dog owners have found it increasingly difficult to get permits to live with their pets from resident welfare associations.

Making cities pet-friendly has been achieved through the significant step of registering dogs. Also, dogs and humans interact in a disciplined manner in today’s society due to this law.

The registration of pets in India is mandatory, so the owner of a pet must register it with the local civic authority.

Therefore, registering your dog will ensure your pet’s safety and support. Registration funds are used to promote animal welfare in India, so you should register your dog there as well.

Dog license fees are used to support many noble causes, including

  • Shelters for animals
  • Conduct an investigation into animal cruelty
  • Organise the rescue of animals in the event of a natural disaster
  • Management of Animal Birth Control Programmes (ABC)
  • Make sure that animals in distress have access to ambulances

In India, there is an animal welfare regulatory board called the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). As part of their responsibilities, they enforce the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, which protects animals from cruelty on a daily basis in India. Additionally, they recognize Indian animal welfare organizations (AWOs).

If you want to adopt a dog, make sure you adopt it from a registered kennel and animal welfare organization (AWO).

A member of the AWBI is nominated to serve on their management/executive committee, which oversees the daily operations. You can easily register your dog with it.

    How to get dog license in India

    Dogs of any breed may be registered with the Kennel Club of India (KCI). As well, all municipalities issue dog licenses based on breed. KCI registration is primarily related to the prevention of leptospirosis and rabies.

    Veterinarians issue certificates for each vaccination your dog receives. This helps the authority to keep track of the dogs that have been vaccinated and those that have not. Your pet will not be counted as a carrier or transmitter of these diseases if there is an outbreak of rabies or leptospirosis in your area. This document will also prove that you own your pet. You can establish your ownership of a living being when you adopt it from an organization or when you adopt a street dog. Any theft/dispute/loss will be traceable using this ownership. A registered dog is entitled to enter dog shows (including the Annual Dog Shows and Specialty Shows) every year, organized by KCI.

    Indian states have indifferent regulations on pet registration

    Pet licensing laws are in place in all major metropolitan cities today. Here’s what you need to know.

     Delhi/NCR- Dog owners are required to register their pets according to Section 399 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act. The requirements for registering a canine include paying an annual registration fee of Rs. 500, providing a picture of the dog and supplying identification proof with the dog’s name, address, and breed information.

    Gurugram- Alternatively, a mandatory pet registration is not required by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG). Those doing so must pay the annual Rs. 500 registration fee and provide proof of a dog’s or cat’s euthanasia.

    Noida- Pet registration laws have not yet been drafted in Noida.

    Lucknow-The pet owners of large (Doberman, Labrador, German Shepherd) small (Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Spitz), and local indie dogs (Indian Pariah) must pay yearly registration fees of RS 600, RS 400, and RS 300. You will be fined RS.6000 if you do not register your dog.

    Mumbai- Maharashtra Municipal Provincial Act, Section 14, Rule 22(a) Sub-clause 386 requires all dog owners to obtain licenses for their canine companions. It is necessary for pet owners to provide a valid proof of address; a passport photo of their dog; the latest vaccination card showing the owner’s full name, address, phone number, and which clinic issued it; and Rs. 80 as a registration fee and Rs 60 as a renewal fee.

    Bangalore – Pet dog license regulations were enacted by the Bangalore Metropolitan City Corporation (BBMP) in 2018 restricting the number of dogs per apartment and per house in the metropolitan city to three. A list of 64 breeds approved for apartments was also published by the municipal body.

    Owners of dogs and cats needed to provide BBMP with 3 pieces of information in order to register their pets: an updated vaccination record; the pet’s name, age, and breed; and their contact information. Initial license fees were Rs.110. After several complaints were received about the bylaws, however, the municipal authority opted to withdraw them.

    Guwahati-The GMC Act, which makes it mandatory for pet parents to register their dogs over 3 months old, penalizes erring pet owners if they fail to comply.

     As part of the registration process, the NGO/society is required to collect registration fees of 100 yen per dog and application fees of 10 yen per dog from the owner. It is then the responsibility of the NGO/society to obtain the metal tag from the GMC Veterinary branch after paying an annual fee of *60 and getting the signed registration certificate from the GMC Veterinary Officer after submitting photographs of pet owners with their dogs and Forms A and B of the Guwahati City Byelaw of 1975 for Levy of Tax on Dogs.

    Pune- During the first ten years of an advanced registration, Pune Municipal Corporation accepts 600 INR, (RS.60 per year). It is required for animal owners to submit three passport-size photographs of their pets, as well as their anti-rabies certificate and proof of address. However, pets must be reregistered with the ward office of the municipal entity every year.

    Chennai- Greater Chennai Corporation’s health department provides mandatory dog licenses to pet owners after receiving an application fee of `50. In addition to registering, dogs in city-run pet clinics can get free vaccinations. Pet owners must provide complete information on their pets, including name, color, breed, and age, along with their full name and contact information. A revised license fee policy and online registration are also being considered by GCC.

    Chandigarh – A bylaw published by the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (CMC) in 2010 required pet owners older than four months to register their pets with the civic body as part of Chandigarh Registration of Pet Dogs Bylaw, 2010. Family members are allowed only two dogs. The license fee for blind persons is waived, and registration will remain valid as long as the pet is alive.

      Dog Registration Procedure

      • Documents to be submitted
      • A metal ID badge and registration certificate are issued
      • Take note of the metal badge and registration certificate at the MC

      Step 1: Documents to be submitted

      • As directed by your MC, you must submit the required documents. The most common documents they need are
      • Registration form (either online or offline) duly filled out
      • By accepting the bylaws, you undertake to adhere to them
      • (According to state regulations)
      • From a licensed veterinarian, a vaccination certificate
      • Your dog should have two passport-sized photographs

      Step2:  A metal ID badge and registration certificate are issued

      Your licensing process is complete once you submit the documents. When the MC verifies your documents, he or she will issue you your dog’s registration certificate and license number. A metal dog tag with the amount and name of your dog’s license will also be provided by the company.

      Step-3 Take note of the metal badge and registration certificate at the MC

      It is necessary for you to collect the dog tag and metal badge from MC to complete the registration process. There can be differences in delivery times between cities for MC. The metal badge should be attached to the collar of your dog once it has been acquired.

      The following are the registration fees:

      • Unknown parentage Indian breed dog – Rs. 340
      • Bringing an overseas dog into India costs Rs. 1130
      • IF import is done within 60 days, the puppy import fee is Rs 565
      • Where the puppy was imported between 61 and 120 days after importation, the fee was Rs. 845
      • Subscribe to the Indian Kennel Gazette for a cost of Rs.340 each year

      Do we need a license for dogs in India?

      The Maharashtra Municipal Provincial Act section 14(a) sub-clause 386, under section 14, mandates that licenses should be obtained for pet dogs. To obtain a license, you need the following documentation: 1. Renew your license for Rs. 50/-.

      How much does a pet shop Licence cost in India?

      Procedures for obtaining a license
      Pet shops must apply for registration with the State Animal Welfare Board, along with a non-refundable fee of 6000 rupees and a copy to the Animal Welfare Board of India, using the form attached to Schedule 1.

      Is it necessary to register your pet?

      The tag is required to be worn at all times by all cats and dogs in Dubai. UAE residents who have pets can choose Dubai as one of their top options. Pet parents will appreciate the many pet-friendly neighborhoods in Dubai. Arabian Ranches and Dubai Marina are some of the top choices.

      Are dog licenses required in all states?

      The state or local government is responsible for licensing dogs; there are no national laws covering this. Almost every county and municipal government have license requirements. You can find out what kind of license is needed and how much it costs on the websites of your local governments.

      Does Pitbull in India require a license?

      The Maharashtra Municipal Provincial Act section 14(a) sub-clause 386, under section 14, mandates that licenses should be obtained for pet dogs. To obtain a license, you need the following documentation: 1. License renewals cost Rs. 50.

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