Indian Spitz price in India 2022, puppy, city-wise price, full information

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Indian Spitz price in India

Indian Spitz price
Indian Spitz price

This native Indian breed of dog is called the Indian Spitz. A Spitz dog is a breed of dog belonging to the Spitz type. There are some people who confuse Indian Spitz with Pomeranian, but they are both different types of dogs.

Indian spitzes were very popular among dogs in the 80s and 90s in India. “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” is a movie about these dogs that made them famous. There is an Indian spitz in every home, as they are still very popular.

Unlike their skulls, their muzzles are short and sharp. Round and dark eyes are the hallmarks of the face. The irises on their eyes are what make their eyes so unique. A triangular shape defines their triangular-shaped ears. A black lip and a black nose belong to the animal.

Dogs with square bodies are these. They have broad chests, short legs that are parallel to each other. It curls over its back and is short. It is characterized by stunning double coats with long fluffy fur that makes it very cute and attractive. White, Brown, and Black are the three colors found in them.

There are some moderate breeders who sell Indian Spitz puppies or dogs in India, and they are a popular breed available. Dogs and puppies of the Indian Spitz breed aren’t particularly expensive compared to other dogs’ species, although they do differ in terms of bone structure, coat, and other factors. The price of an Indian Spitz in India ranges between Rs 4,000 and Rs 6,000.

Unlike the Tibetan Spitz, the Indian Spitz is not available in a wide variety of colors and shades such as grey and white, sable and white, black and white, seal and white, red and white, or solid white. There are only two colors available: pure white and pure black. Accordingly, the shade and color do not affect the price.

Indian Spitz puppy price in India

An Indian Spitz puppy can be bought at a different price in each state or place and breeder depending on where you are located in India. But, on average, the price for an Indian Spitz puppy begins at between Rs.4, 000 and Rs.6, 000, provided that it is in excellent health.

Indian Spitz puppy price in India
Indian spitz price

Several users make mistakes when adopting an Indian Spitz, or when they buy an Indian Spitz for the first time. There are low prices for Indian Spitz dog breeds readily available.

In order to take advantage of the low price of the mixed breed, the breeder starts selling it to potential parents. There are a number of factors that determine Indian spitz prices in India, and knowing these factors will help you avoid these issues.

    Indian Spitz Price in India Indian city-wise

    Indian spitz price in Delhi5,000-12,000
    Indian spitz price in Bangalore6,000-14,000
    Indian spitz price in Mumbai12,000-16,000
    Indian spitz price in Kolkata6,000-9,000
    Indian spitz price in Kerala8,000-16,000
    Indian spitz price in Pune4,000-8,000
    Indian spitz price in Lucknow6,000-12,000
    Indian spitz price in Uttarakhand6,000-8,000
    Indian spitz price in Hyderabad6,000-12,000
    Indian spitz price in guwahati12,000-16,000

    Factors  affect the Indian Spitz price in India

    Spitz prices in India are affected by a number of factors. These are the factors that influence the Indian Spitz price in India:-

    It’s quality

    Indian Spitz prices vary based on their quality. Despite being cheaper, mixed Indian Spitz may experience health issues in adulthood. A purebred Indian Spitz, on the other hand, is more expensive, but it is a healthier breed. There is a possibility that their price will reach 8000.


    Different locations may charge different prices for Indian Spitz. There will be a low price for Indian Spitz in specific places if they are readily available. If they do not reside at a particular location, they will be more expensive because of transportation charges.

    The breeder

    Breeders’ reputation affects the price of an India Spitz as well. Purebred and healthy dogs are generally guaranteed by the reputed breeder. German shepherd puppies cost more if you buy them from a reputable breeder than from a non-reputable breeder.

    Size and color

    Generally, Indian Spitzes come only in the milky white shade if we view their color and size. In addition, they can also take on solid colors such as brown, and sometimes, they can take on a black and white hybrid like the Pomeranian.

    In general, the price does not differ based on the color. We can divide the Indian Spitz into two functional groups based on its size.

    Mini Indian Spitz and Lesser Indian Spitz typically weigh 5-7kg (approximately) and have a height of 22-25cm (approximately). In comparison, the more prominent Indian Spitz or Greater Indian Spitz weighs around 12-22 kilograms or 26-45 pounds (approximately) and stands 35-45 centimeters (approximately).

    Type of generation

    The type of generation also affects the Indian Spitz population in India. A specific liter’s price can also differ based on the parents’ makeup or generation.

    The coat

    With a soft chest and yellowtail, the Indian Spitz has a pure milky double coat that measures 33 cms, or 13 inches at the withers.

    Maintenance Costs

    When compared to other dogs, Indian Spitz does not have a very high maintenance cost. Depending on how a dog owner looks after his/her dog, the cost to maintain an Indian Spitz can be comparatively low to other dog breeds.

    However, average maintenance costs for an Indian Spitz start from Rs. 1,200 and can reach Rs. 2,500. Maintaining an Indian Spitz dog depends on its owner.

    Geographic Locations

    Pricing for Indian Spitz depends heavily on its geographical location. There will be a big price difference between metropolitan areas that are well developed and places that are not well developed.

     When purchasing an Indian Spitz, you need to be aware of other factors such as where you live, whether it will be comfortable in the environment, and whether you can afford it and maintain a good diet for it. One of the benefits of Indian Spitz is that they can adapt well to the climate in India.

    Indian Spitz Purity – How to Check

    If you want to make sure that you are getting the real deal, there are a few things that you should look for in an Indian Spitz puppy.

    Fur: To find out if it has fur, you first need to check it. You should have a long, soft shirt that feels like cotton.

    Color: Indian Spitzes are generally white in color. Sometimes it is also possible to find other colors like Brown or Black, which are pretty rare to come across.

    Parents of a dog: Checking the parents of a dog is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting a purebred Indian Spitz.

    Documents: Request the necessary documents that will determine if you are getting what you paid for.

    Indian Spitz food costs

    Costs for food are often dependent on your Indian Spitz’s size. It is expected to cost around Rs. 4,000 alone for dog food if you wish to feed your pet good quality food.

    In this case, feeding your dog cheaper food will cost you between Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 2,200. There are also homemade foods available in India like curd and rice, boiled eggs, chapattis, etc.

    Good quality and nutritious food for your Indian Spitz will help keep your dog in good health and prevent multiple diseases. It is important to consult your vet and breeder when selecting the right food.

      Indian Spitz grooming costs

      The desire of every human being in today’s world is to look nice, handsome, and attractive. The importance of grooming cannot be overstated. Depending on how someone views that, it varies from person to person.

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      Indian spitz price

      In spite of this, for some people, grooming is essential because they want to be the center of attention, whereas, for others, it boosts self-confidence and related areas when dogs are appropriately groomed.

      Additionally, pet grooming is important for hygienic reasons and making, as well as for enhancing their sense of well-being. In terms of grooming costs of Indian Spitz puppies, it is dependent on how owners groom their pets, as well as what grooming schedules and routines they follow for their pets.

      Grooming an Indian Spitz puppy typically costs between Rs.2,000 and Rs.3,000, and it may also include grooming tools or taking your dog to a grooming salon. Grooming is also determined by how well the owner maintains his/her dog after ownership. 

      Training cost of Indian Spitz

      Making your dog socialized and obedient is very important, whether Indian Spitz or any other dog breed you are having as a pet.

      Socializing them with the essential people who frequently come to your house is necessary. If your dog does not listen to you or training, they are just normal pets. In Indian Spitz, training is much more required as they sometimes act stubborn or do what they love to do or want to do without caring for others.

      The training cost for any dog breed like Indian Spitz depends on breed to breed and trainer to trainer and some of the more reasons like the place. Training cost depends on these factors, but on average, if we see then, the average training cost for Indian Spitz, which you can expect, is around Rs.1,000- Rs.1,500.

      Registration cost of Indian Spitz

      A dog needs to be registered before it is bred from, exhibited, or exported. Suppose both parents have the INKC reg. Then for non-members, it is Rs. 500, and for members, it is Rs. 400. If the parents are unknown then, for non-members, it is Rs. 1000, and for members, it is Rs. 800. With one or both parents KCI or imported dogs from another club, for non-members, it is Rs. 500, and for members, it is Rs. 400.

      And if the Indian Spitz puppy is registered with the Kennel Club of India, which is not registered to date. Then, it will cost you a bit higher than any other registration cost. There is different registration cost in India’s various cities, so you have to check it according to your city. But, there is an annual charge for registration which is Rs.500

      Indian Spitz Appearance

      This is a small, cute dog with a soft chest and yellowtail, which is 33cms at the withers, which makes it about 13 inches at its longest. Furthermore, his coat is white and milky. On the other hand, their eyes have a white iris that can later turn bluish or greenish in color.

       Indian Spitz Appearance
      Indian spitz price

      Perhaps this is the reason humans are able to tell where each other is looking and how they are feeling by looking at each other’s irises. The Indian Spitz has visible irises, which are not common in any other animal or dog breed. Its white coloration reflects the fact that Indian Spitz was bred for cold-weather hunting.

      Due to its pointed fox-like ears, the Indian Spitz is incredibly expressive, especially in the face. The outside of the ear and much of the interior of the ear are covered in thick fur. Consequently, their grooming and care should be enhanced. A curling tail is a characteristic feature of the Indian Spitz’s tail, especially it’s tail over its back.

      Despite their short legs and short bodies, their heads are large and adorable due to their short legs. There are some dog breeds that can be the easiest to live with, including the Indian Spitz. Indian families consider them to be the most famous family dog.

      Indian Spitz facts

      • Indian Spitzes are intelligent, active, and energetic dogs.
      • Adaptable to any environment, they can live anywhere.
      • A Spitz dog can be either small or larger, depending on its size.
      • Their height is 8-10 inches, and they weigh 5-7 kg.
      • They are 14-17 inches tall and weigh between 12-20 kg.
      • A good company can easily understand human interactions due to its understanding of human nature.
      • Milk, rice, and chicken can be included in their diet.
      • Compared to other dog breeds, they require little maintenance.
      • Learning is rapid for them.
      • Usually, they are pure milky white, although occasionally they are also brown or occasionally black and white.


      India’s climatic conditions make Indian Spitz an ideal breed for surviving. Whether it is a small, medium, or large apartment, they can easily adapt to it. In addition to being fantastic pets, they are also excellent watchdogs.

      The Indian Spitz is an awesome dog that can make a good pet, is budget-friendly, requires minimal maintenance, is low-maintenance, and is inexpensive.

      FAQ related to Indian Spitz price in India

      Can Indian Spitz survive in India?

      The Conduct of the Indian Spitz
      Dogs of the Indian Spitz breed show great zeal, energy, and dedication to their job. All of India’s conditions can be accommodated by them. They fit very well in both the small apartment of the owner as well as in the large farmhouse, which is also very well equipped for them.

      Is Indian Spitz good?

      Known for its high spirits, intelligence, and playful nature, the Indian Spitz dog is alert, vocal, and obedient. As a smart, brave little dog, this little guy will alert his owners when he feels the need. Usually, this happy dog gets along well with children and other household pets.

      Is Indian Spitz high maintenance?

      Indian Spitz Care
      They live an average of 12 years and are active during most of their adult lives. Indian Spitzes require regular grooming because of their fluffy coats. Their tendency to get dirty comes from being active dogs. Our recommendation is to groom every day and bathe every two weeks.

      Is Indian Spitz an Indian dog?

      A utility dog breed, the Indian Spitz belongs to the spitz group of dogs. India’s import rules made it very difficult for dogs of other breeds to arrive in the 1980s and the 1990s, so the Indian Spitz became one of the most popular breeds in India.

      Can Indian Spitz live alone?

      Playful and social, they require a lot of interaction with humans. They cannot stay alone at home by themselves, so leaving them by themselves might not be such a good idea. Apartment living is possible, and they can also live in a house with modest accommodations. As a breed, Indian Spitz generally breeds once a year and are healthy dogs.

      How much is a Japanese Spitz Puppy?

      You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 for a Japanese Spitz puppy. When you buy a puppy from parents that have won competitions, the cost is higher.

      What do Indian Spitz eat?

      You should give the Indian Spitz soft foods like bread, milk, banana, etc. once a day for between 1 and 8 weeks. During their first eight to twelve weeks of life, babies require 4 small meals each day. From three to six months of age they require three meals a day.

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