kombai dog breed | Kombai dog puppy, price, history, height, diet full info. 2022

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kombai dog breed

kombai dog
kombai dog

There are approximately 250 Kombai dogs in Tamil Nadu, which is a critically endangered breed. Cumbam-Uthamapalayam is Kombai’s breeding tract. Originally used to guard forts and palaces, they are medium-sized dogs.

There are hundreds of different types of Kombai dog breeds today. War dogs like Kombai were common in ancient times. In ancient Tamil temples, many sculptures depict war dogs. Kovivan is the name of a dog and a man carved on a hero stone built between 580-630 CE in Eduthanur, Tamil Nadu. There are teeth visible in this dog’s open jaws. Its erect ears and muscular body have a bat-like appearance. Kombai-like in appearance.

Extinction is the greatest threat to this ancient war dog today. It’s difficult to find accurate information about the breed of dog that’s one of the oldest in the world. Internet users today are inundated with false information about the Kombai. Kombais are even considered bear hounds by some.

kombai dog history

Breeders call it Kombi after Kombai, a town in the district of Theni. It was traditionally raced by the zamindars and others in South India. The Kombai is considered to be a fruitful breeding ground for various kinds of games. It can easily clear hedges and other obstacles when hunting, which makes it particularly robust and athletic. The dogs are sometimes known as polygars.

Zemindars of Kombai’s Kannada Vokkaliga clan presented these dogs to Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. It was not unusual for the vicious dogs to rip enemy horses’ hamstrings. As a thank you, Tipu presented the town with an idol of Ranganathaswamy[8]. The Kombai polygars were reputed to have valued the dog so highly, that they would gladly exchange a horse for one.

It is unclear how popular the breed is; some reports from the 1960s reported rising dog numbers while others stated they were virtually extinct. Several state-run programs raised Kombais and other local breeds for breeding in Tamil Nadu. Despite this, Kombai’s breeding program was reported to have been suspended when owners returned the dogs when they found their character unsuitable for keeping as pets.

    Kombai dog puppy| kombai dog puppies

    In their first months, Kombai puppies begin to display their characteristics. While playing and having a high energy level, their unyielding stubbornness and “never-give-up” attitude are very prominent from a very young age. The way to prevent them from biting is to reward-based obedience train them.

    Kombai Dog Price

    Dogs from the Kombai breed sell for between 5,000 and 9,000 rupees in India. In some places in India, you can buy puppies for a cheaper price. Remember that you will be bringing home an energetic little bundle of joy when you bring home a Kombai. It’s going to be a fun day running around with this little puppy. Leaving them alone can inadvertently result in quite a bit of destruction. Separation anxiety is quite common among them since they love company. The importance of early socialization and house training cannot be overstated for your Kombai child. Begin their training as early as possible.

    kombai dog height

    Kombais stand around 71 centimeters (28 in) tall, are lean, muscular, powerful, and athletic dogs.

    kombai dog price in Chennai

    The price of a kombai dog in Chennai ranges from Rs 2500 to Rs 7,000. There are some places in India where you can get puppies at a low price.

    The temperament of the kombai dog

    Dogs that belong to the Kombai breed are firm, brave, and aloof. They tend to never give up and don’t yield easily. Puppyhood is a time when this characteristic becomes very evident. It is often misconstrued as aggressive behavior. Forts and palaces require these characteristics in their guard dogs.

    Kombais are always prepared for any intruder, without fear of retaliation. Dogs will defend their territories fiercely and stand their ground. There is no doubt that these dogs make excellent guard dogs. Kobay dogs are extremely territorial, and they are aggressive toward other animals and humans who are unfamiliar with them.

    The first dog you should get is not Kombai. Experienced handlers are needed to manage these dogs. An adult human can be overpowered by them. Dogs also don’t give up in the face of obstacles. Kombai dogs have been known to hold intruders for more than 12 hours until their masters ordered them to move.

    kombai dog vs rajapalayam

    NameKombai dogRajapalayam dog
    Other NamesIndian Boar Hound, Indian Boarding, CombaiPoligar hound, Indian Sight-Hound
    WeightMale: 66 – 77 pounds (30-35 kg), Female: 62-73 pounds (28-33 kg)Male: 44-55 pounds (20-25 kg), Female: 37-46 pounds (17-21 kg)
    ColorsWhite  Tan & Reddish, Brown    Brown, Black
    Grooming             Easy to groom: The Combai doesn’t require a lot of grooming.  Easy to groom: The Rajapalayam dog doesn’t require a lot of grooming.

      kombai dog images

      kombai dog images
      kombai dog breed | Kombai dog puppy, price, history, height, diet full info. 2022 8
      kombai dog images
      kombai dog breed | Kombai dog puppy, price, history, height, diet full info. 2022 9
      kombai dog images
      kombai dog breed | Kombai dog puppy, price, history, height, diet full info. 2022 10
      kombai dog images
      kombai dog breed | Kombai dog puppy, price, history, height, diet full info. 2022 11
      kombai dog images
      kombai dog breed | Kombai dog puppy, price, history, height, diet full info. 2022 12

      Kombai dogs’ diet

      In the beginning, the diet includes 100g of rice with a boiled egg and calcium, and other supplements suggested by the veterinarian.

      In the tenth to twelfth week, reduce his food to 3 per day, including 150gms of rice and 100gms of boiled chicken.

      During the afternoon, you can give him carrots, beans, or boiled and mashed potatoes, as well as a peach or an apple after removing the seeds. For the next two weeks, they will be fed two Jowar Bhakri a day (but I am not confident you can get it at your place). In addition to 150g of chicken per meal & 1 – 2 boiled eggs, this diet might sound high in cost, but we have the option of substituting canned cottage cheese for unsweetened chicken.

       Kombai dog breed Common Health Issues

      Generally speaking, Kombais are healthy dogs; however, like all breeds, they are prone to genetic as well as general conditions. One of the most common conditions among Kombais is Hip Dysplasia, in which the thigh bone is too large to fit snugly in the hip socket. When a dog has hip dysplasia, he or she will complain of pain or show lameness in one or both hind legs. If the condition is mild, medication can be taken, while if it is severe, surgery may be required.

      In addition to skin conditions, Kombais commonly suffer from mange and dermatitis. Their climatic preference for hot, moist environments has probably contributed to this. The climate in this region is a breeding ground for bacteria and insects. Grooming regularly and taking medication can prevent and treat most skin conditions. Anesthesia is also a problem for Kombais, whose low body fat percentage is the primary factor. Consult a vet if your Kombai needs surgery to make sure it is not a medical problem.

      Are Kombai dogs aggressive?

      A brief description of Kombai
      The Kombai is not known for being friendly. On average, it ranks below average. It is possible for them to be aggressive towards strangers and/or other dogs, even though they’re great with family and friends. These dogs are able to become angry when children act in a foul manner around them.

      Is Kombai dog friendly?

      Described as being highly intelligent, loyal, and affectionate towards people they know and like, they are particularly gentle to children with whom they can play rough, but when aroused by strange dogs and strangers, they can be fierce.

      Are Kombai dogs good as guard dogs?

      Known for their temperament, territorial nature, hunting instincts, and chasing speed, Kombai makes excellent guard dogs. Strangers may be intimidated by them since they dislike intruders and defend their territory.

      Is Kombai good for kids?

      A very alert dog, the Kombai makes a great family pet. The dog enjoys playing with children and interacting with humans. Dogs of this breed are known to form a particularly tight bond with their families and to be remarkably loyal to them.

      How do I identify my Kombai dog?

      A brown, muscular individual with a black mask, Kombai has a brown body. The individual is a human. The ridge of hair that runs down the back of the Kombai is opposite to that of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Nonetheless, the breed is rare in its original home territory.

      What is the price of a Kombai dog?

      There is a price range of INR 5,000 to 9,000 for Kombai dogs. A male Kombai dog costs between INR 6,000 and INR 10,000 in Tamil Nadu, while a female costs INR 5,000. The Kombai dog’s price is influenced by several factors in South India.

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