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Lhasa Apso price in India

Lhasa dog price in India
Lhasa dog price in India

It is a good choice to choose this fluffy hairy dog. Lhasa is basically Lhasa Apsos, which come from Tibet. They were used to guard palaces and monasteries in the mountainous region he hailed from. These dogs no longer serve as palace guards but are primarily family pets protecting their owners from danger. Despite being small, Lhasas are sturdy and independent dogs.

Its temperament, intelligence, and beautiful colors have made it one of the most popular breeds throughout the world. All over the world, people want pets for many reasons. Below are a few. Many potential owners are intimidated by the price tag attached to these dogs’ heads. There is also a price range of Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 for Lhasa Apsos in India.

Originally from Tibet, Lhasa Apsos were considered to be the guard dogs of palaces and monasteries. Apso stands for a dog in Tibetan while Lhasa is a Tibetan city. They guarded the homeland with loyalty. It is apparent that these dogs simply believe that they are the leaders, despite their small size and puppyish appearance. Breeds of this type do not compete in sports.

Factors affecting the price of Lhasa  dog in India

It is the quality of the breeder of Lhasa Apso puppies in India that influences their price the most. In addition to proving his competence as a breeder, you should ask whether he owns dogs.

 Breeders come in three classes.

  • There are at least two classes of breeders: the breeders and the breeder classes.
  • Those who have joined the breeding process so as to commercialize their dog would fall into the second class.
  • A third category includes those who import purebred puppies from abroad.

You can find many breeders on the Internet that sell puppies for ridiculously low prices if you search for them. There are a lot of people seeking good deals but not actually finding a real Lhasa Apso, which means you must be careful. If you are thinking of purchasing a puppy from a puppy farm or an animal sanctuary, be sure to check out the place where it was born.

    Lhasa dog Price In Delhi

    Depending on where you live, you may need to pay between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 40,000 for a Lhasa Apso puppy. Visit reputable breeders’ stores if you want to purchase a good-quality puppy. Make sure the puppy is healthy and attractive.

    Lhasa Apso Price in Mumbai

    Compared to other parts of the world, the cost of Lhasa Apso puppies in Mumbai is a bit higher. A range of prices is available between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 30,000. If you want a 100% pure breed dog, you should buy from a reputable and reputable breeder shop.

    Lhasa dog Price In India in Hyderabad

    It may rise to a maximum price of 30,000 for Lhasa Apsos in Hyderabad. You can also get the same puppy for Rs. 15,000 if you are looking for a smaller one. When purchasing a puppy, we recommend not compromising on the quality or health of the puppy.

    Lhasa Apso Price In Jaipur

    Approximately one and a half years of age is the price range for a standard Lhasa Apso puppy available in Jaipur. You will need to spend about Rs. 23,000 for a top-quality puppy. Alternatively, you can purchase a puppy at a low cost of Rs. 13,000

    Lhasa dog Price In Major Cities

    Lhasa dog price in India | Lhasa apso dog price in India | lhasa dog price

    Lhasa dog characteristics

    • Level of intelligence
    • Family-oriented
    • Insistent
    • Reproduction
    • Maintainance costs
    • Training
    • Uncertain of strangers
    • Lover, pay attention
    • Afraid of cats
    Lhasa Apso characteristics
    Lhasa dog price in India | Lhasa Apso dog price in India

    Love and affection characterize them. The bonds they form with adults tend to be more lasting than those with children and young adults. As they are not kid dogs, it’s best to keep them away from naughty children.

    On occasion, they become impatient as well. They live in a cold climate with extreme heat. Some of them live as long as 17 to 20 years while others live longer than 12 years. They appear to be without any fierceness.

    Explanations of the above point are as follow:-

    Level of intelligence

    They are very intelligent and know what they want. They do not do anything that makes them annoyed. It is very important to train them in a pleasant manner.


    They are affectionate towards the members of the owner’s family and can do anything to make them happy and joyful.


    Lhasa Apso breeds are one among the most possessive ones and they refuse to share anything that is believed to be theirs like toys and food.


    Lhasa Apso’s has very short hair but they are extremely curly. They have straight and silky hair that is ideal for making coats. They shed moderately, especially during the springtime.

    Maintainance costs

    Lhasa Apso is a lovely dog breed. But when you are getting a dog for your family you surely cannot compromise on the dog’s health. So it is imperative that you find out about the cost of having this dog as a pet and then only go ahead and get one. You can consider the maintenance cost of Lhasa apso in India as Rs 3000 onwards.


    Give proper training to your dogs with dog commands and vocabulary. Make sure to praise them as they perform well and never shout at them.

    Uncertain of strangers

    Their suspicion arises from their watchdog responsibilities and they tend to bark against people who are unfamiliar with it.

    Lover, pay attention

    They love attention and want to be the center of attraction. It is ‘diva’ for this reason.

    Afraid of cats

    Lhasa Apso can never be friendly with cats and this cannot be solved unless perfect training is given to them. It is better to avoid the presence of cats in the neighborhood.

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      Facts about Lhasa dog

      Facts about Lhasa dog
      Lhasa dog price in India | Lhasa apso dog price in India
      • Ancient descendants of the Lhasa Apso dating back to around 800 BC, they are an ancient breed.
      • Tibetan Capital is where Lhasa Apso gets its western name.
      • Tibetans call the Lhasa Apso “the barking lion sentinel dog.”
      • Reincarnation is not possible without them.
      • It was common in Tibet to give Lhasa Apsos as gifts, and for that reason they were highly regarded as gifts.
      • It was a gift from the Dalai Lama that brought the Lhasa Apso to the United States.
      • Longevity is very high among them.
      • Several Indian celebs have Lhasa Apsos as pets, and they are well known in India.
      • They have dense hair, which makes their feet nearly invisible due to their dense hair density.
      • Lhasa Apsos are dedicated to sharing their lives with their family, which they do with great devotion.
      • Their job as protectors is very important to them.
      • It is also known as the Lion dog or the Lhasa apso.
      Lhasa dog price in India | Lhasa apso dog price in India | Lhasa dog price

      Lhasa dog feeding costs

      • Feeding your Lhasa Apso typically depends on the size of the dog. The average cost of dog food for a puppy can be around Rs.7,500, if you decide to feed your dog good quality food.
      • In terms of the food cost of an adult Lhasa Apso dog, the range can be between Rs.3,500 – Rs.14,000, which means the average cost of feeding an adult Lhasa Apso dog is Rs.7,500.
      • Taking care of your dog’s diet will help keep him healthy and prevent multiple illnesses. Therefore, I recommend that you feed your Lhasa Apso a good quality, nutritious food.
      • Consider taking your Lhasa apso’s veterinarian’s and the breeder’s recommendations as well.

      Lhasa dog grooming costs

      The modern world is a world where everyone wants to appear attractive, handsome, or nice. A proper grooming routine is necessary for that, which has become one of the things most people do on a daily basis.

      Lhasa dog grooming costs
      Lhasa dog price in India | Lhasa dog breed price in India

      Everyone’s life revolves around grooming. Depending on how one thinks of it, it varies from person to person. Others may view grooming as an essential part of being the center of attention, whereas others may not.

      Also, grooming your pets is important for their hygiene and well-being, as well as their mental health.

      Lhasa Apso grooming cost is mainly determined by the owner, the owner of a Lhasa Apso, and how he or she grooms his/her puppy, or what routine or schedule they follow for grooming their Lhasa Apso puppy.

      There are many things that need to be taken care of in the Lhasa Apso breed of dogs, such as its highly dense hair and is a breed that needs a lot of maintenance. However, the average grooming cost for a Lhasa Apso can be around Rs.23,000, and the range can be from Rs.12,000 to Rs.32,000, meaning it depends on the breed.

      Also, sometimes grooming involves grooming tools and a place where the dog will be groomed. Although, as previously mentioned, grooming depends on how the dog or puppy is kept by its owner.

      Is Lhasa Apso an Indian breed?

      In 1935, American Kennel Club recognized this breed as originating from Tibet. These dogs are very good-looking medium-sized dogs that do not seem aggressive in the slightest. There are a lot of friendly people there.

      Is Lhasa Apso aggressive?

      Their guarding instincts can make them aggressive. Those who approach their home are yapped at, and they guard it with fierce loyalty. In the absence of proper training or socialization, these instincts can manifest as aggression. The chance of a dog biting is higher than most others.

      Why does Lhasa Apso smell?

      In the Lhasa Apso, the immune system attacks the dog’s sebaceous glands, causing sebaceous adenitis. The dog’s coat may seem dry and brittle, and its skin may have lesions and have a musty odor.

      Do Lhasa Apso go blind?

      In addition, Lhasa Apso dogs can inherit or develop a number of different eye conditions, most of which can be extremely painful and can even cause blindness if not treated immediately. Lhasas that are older commonly suffer from cataracts.

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