Mudhol dog price in India | History, Behavior, Characteristics, Grooming 2022

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mudhol dog price

Mudhol dog price
Mudhol dog price | Is mudhol dog a guard dog

There are many different names that can be given to this breed. You wouldn’t have encountered another breed with such a varied name. Sighthounds are purebred Indian breeds.

It bears a striking resemblance to the Greyhound, another breed that originated in India. Despite being tolerant of other dogs, Corgis thrive on human companionship. Mudhols are only thought to snap if they are not used to human contact and wish to be touched. When they sense their owner is in danger, mudhols will attack strangers if they fear for their safety.

Mudhol dogs are among the healthiest dogs to possess and do not suffer from any particular health problems. They were bred to withstand the conditions of Indian weather thanks to their genetic make-up and breeding.

While they tend to be loyal to their families, their fragile temperaments make them not suitable as therapy dogs. In order to understand the nuances of this lesser-known breed then we will aim to educate you on it, and if you are already an owner then you will be prepared for any unexpected surprises.

    Mudhol hound dog price in India

    Dog breeders federation and Mudhol dog analysis center are the two places to go to for an outstanding and new Mudhol Dog. To get an excellent Mudhol Dog, you should visit the Mudhol dog analysis center in Mudhol, Karnataka. Depending on the dogs’ exhibit worthiness, the cost may vary. The adoption of some dogs is free of charge.

    mudhol dog price | Is mudhol dog a guard dog

    Mudhol dog History

    The Mudhol dog originated in the Deccan Plateau region, where it has been prevalent for centuries. Through the Kyber Pass, the Pathans, Afghans, Arabs, and Persians who brought this majestic breed to India brought their Saluki and Tazi dogs. Most of the time, they traveled in caravans with the nomads.

    Behavior of a mudhol dog

    This breed of dog is loyal, elegant, gracious, and courageous. It is hard for the Mudhol to control sometimes when it becomes aggressive, as it is a little bit moody. If it is cheerful, it will act gently. Especially young people are affected by this.

    The dog is somewhat friendly with children and has a gracious manner. They are likely to be good guard dogs and will become aware if there is any danger and signal their owners. When any outsider touches this dog, it becomes aggressive towards its owners.

    Dogs like this do a great job of hunting prey. The heightened hunting instincts of this breed may make it not the best pet for those who have small or more numerous pets inside their home.

    Characteristics of Mudhol dog

    Mudhol dogs are known by a variety of names throughout the country, which makes them unique. Our research has not found any other dog with nomenclature as wide and diverse as this. The British called this dog Caravan Mudhol since it accompanied caravans and local villagers called it Karwaani because it was owned by local villagers.

    In addition to their amazing eyesight, another unique characteristic of sighthounds is their ability to chase rabbits and other small animals away. Due to their eye positions, they look this way.  There are several mudhol species with this elongated skull and tapering muzzle. Thus, you have a field of vision of 270 degrees. We can see about twice as much as we can now. The hound is able to see behind its head as well, it cannot be denied.

      Grooming of Mudhol dog

      There is no hassle involved in grooming mudhol dogs, they are easy to take care of. Every once in a while you should brush them. The dogs love being massaged, so using a soft brush or hound mitt is not going to upset them.

      Besides this, you should follow the regular grooming routine with your Mudhol dog by brushing its teeth at least once per week, since this will ensure fresh breath at all times and will help to remove all tartar buildup. It will also prevent your pet from being infected by gum disease.

      It is also important to keep your pet’s toenails trimmed on a regular basis so as to prevent any future problems because dog nails contain veins that can cause great discomfort to your pet if they get chipped. In order to prevent your pet from becoming temperamental if his feet, mouth, or ear are touched later in his life, it is always best to start grooming your pet from a very young age.

      Health Problems of Mudhol dog

      Unlike many other breeds, Mudhol dogs are extremely healthy and do not suffer from any specific diseases. They are not only versatile due to their long lineage, but they also avoid many ailments due to the harsh Indian climate.

      As mudhol dogs have no fat layer in their bodies, they tend to develop chilly bites easily as their skin is thin. Skin issues are the most common disease among Mudhol dogs. Sunscreen can also protect them against sunburn in harsh weather.

      The other problem that can be seen in a Mudhol is of marasmus, in this the liver malfunctions and the food is not absorbed in the body. In such a case your pet might eat a lot but or she will not gain weight in fact on the contrary it might just look malnourished.


      There is great loyalty between the dog and owner, and they get along well with family and friends. In Mudhol, the liver works incorrectly and food isn’t absorbed into the body. Marasmus is another problem that occurs in it. Dogs like this make excellent companions when they are well taken care of. You should become more familiar with your Mudhol Hound before introducing him to strangers.

      They are excellent guard dogs and do not wait for any help from others. As this dog is used as a guard dog by most people living in the Mudhol Taluk so it size and shape are a little slim. These dogs love to be part of a group and play. Surely a companion can help the dog develop social skills and keep them interested and active.

       FAQ related to Mudhol dog price

      Is mudhol dog a guard dog?

      This medium to large-sized sighthound, also known as the Caravan Hound or Karwani, has been used for centuries by the people of the same region as a guard dog and hunting dog. Children and other dogs are generally okay with them, but strangers are not so well received.

      Is Mudhol dog aggressive?

      In addition to the Mudhol dog, a fifth breed will be inducted into the NSG. These are some of the factors that have spurred more interest in the desi breed: the hound’s aggressive nature, hunting ability, stamina, and obedience to the owner. Mudhol dogs are used at CRIC to breed at least 45 puppies.

      How can you tell if a Mudhol dog is pure?

      There are well-defined characteristics of the Mudhol dog. There is a tapering muzzle and a long, narrow head between the ears. Long and powerful jaws characterize these creatures. There are several kinds of noses, including black, red, and yellow.

      Is mudhol dog easy to train?

      In the beginning, training the Mudhol dog was challenging, but we adapted our methods and were successful. A breed like the combat and Rajapalayam may be suitable for guard dogs like the Belgian malinois or the Doberman pinscher.

      Is mudhol dog good for home?

      In addition, a Mudhol dog is extremely ferocious in defending his master and property. In the presence of smaller pets, these hounds should not be housed as their natural hunting instinct will kick in and they can aggressively chase and kill them.

      What is special about mudhol dogs?

      A Mudhol Hound or Carvan Hound is a working breed that’s intelligent, loyal, courageous, and reserved. They are aloof and independent, as well as highly intelligent, keen hunters, and reserved with strangers.

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