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Indian pariah dog price in India

Pariah dog price in India
pariah dog price in India | Indian pariah dog price

Canines who were bred in India more than a hundred years ago are considered the Indian Pariah Dogs. The dogs are highly durable, extremely strong, and packed with stamina and endurance, making them able to live in almost any kind of harsh environment.

India is home to these INDogs in abundance, and their availability and popularity are also quite good. In addition to their amazing adaptability and apartment-friendly nature, these pooches are relatively easy to maintain as well.

 It is pretty simple to train these dogs and is ideal for experienced and inexperienced dog owners. The breed is known for being a great watchdog as well as having low grooming needs. I believe that overall this is an excellent breed for any individual interested in becoming a dog parent.

If you are considering getting an Indian Pariah Dog from a breeder, you must be sure you find a highly reputable breeder if you are going to buy this animal. Breeders here in the United States tend to be more interested in upping their profits than their dogs’ quality or health.

There are, however, several reliable breeders out there who not only think about the needs and needs of the prospective owners but care about the health and fitness of the canines on their premises as well.

 The breeders who work with them are truly passionate about animals, and as a result, they will most definitely produce healthy and reasonably priced pets for the people who are looking to acquire them. So either when hunting for a new companion or pet, one should only get it from such trustworthy and reliable breeders.

Various breeders and cities offer the Indian pariah dog breed at varying prices. Generally, an Indian Pariah dog breed can cost between 3,000 and 9,000 rupees in India.

Pariah puppy price in India

From the time they are puppies until they are adults, Indian Pariahs are happy-go-lucky dogs. With its antics and playfulness, this puppy can prove to be quite the tyrant. Breeds like this one may be mouthier at times, so it is best to train it as a youngster not to bite, which is easy to do since it can be trained. Puppies of Indian pariah dogs can cost anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 rupees in India.  Depending on the place in India, the pariah dog may have a different price.

    Factors Affecting the Indian pariah dog price

    In India, there are numerous factors that affect the original Indian pariah dog price The following factors contribute to this:

    Physical Characteristics and Attributes

    Dogs with different coat colors can have an impact on their price based on their physical characteristics. The Indian Pariah Dogs are available in a wide variety of coat colors, such as Brown, Red, Piebald, Black, Tan, Reddish-Brown, White, and the price of this dog may vary depending on the rarity of the coat color. If a color is rare, its price may be higher.

    Gender & Age

    The prices of male puppies in most breeders’ stores tend to be higher than those of their female counterparts. The breeders charge a higher price for puppies and younger dogs than for full-grown or older dogs.

    Breed: pure or mixed

    As a purebred puppy has fewer chances of developing hereditary health problems than one that is mixed-breed, the price of a purebred Indian Pariah Dog is higher than that of a mixed-breed.

    Location and availability

    When you have an easy time finding a dog in a region, it is often less expensive compared to dogs that are somewhat hard to locate there. In the United States, Indian Pariah Dogs are relatively easy to find and are generally more affordable than other breeds which are not too readily available.

    Reputable breeder

    In addition, breeders who are well-known or well-reputed tend to charge a bit more for a dog than breeders who are not well-known or not as reputed, such as amateur breeders. A dog’s price is affected by this factor as well.

    Other Factors

    If your dog has been microchipped, the price will also increase. You can permanently identify your pet using the ultra-small microchip.

    Pariah dog Appearance

    In comparison with other dog breeds, the Indian Pariah is medium-sized. This breed of dog is between 52 cm and 66 cm tall and weighs anywhere from 13 to 21 kgs.

    Pariah dog Appearance
    pariah dog price in India | Indian pariah dog price

    With large, erect ears and a wedge-shaped head, this dog breed is one of the largest breeds in the United States. Dogs have long curly tails that hang down. It holds its tail high when it is happy or exciting.

    Dogs of this breed have short coats. Coats are coarse on top and soft on the underside. A fawn-colored coat may contrast with a dark reddish-brown one.

    The coat is often a uniform color, but with white markings on the head, the limbs, and the chest. It is not uncommon for dogs to have other colored coats as well. In some cases, the Indian Pariah dog is completely black, while others are pied.

      Characteristics and temperament of the Pariah dog

       A friendly and cheerful dog breed. Dogs and people interact with them very well, and they are social. Considering other dogs as family, the Indian Pariah enjoys spending time with people. It is known that they are very attached to their owners.

      Characteristics and temperament of the Pariah dog
      pariah dog price in India | indian pariah dog price

      Outside their area/group, they are territorial towards other dogs. They are good guard dogs for this reason. In new situations, they recognize the threat immediately and react accordingly. Yes, this territorial and cautious behavior is often expressed through barking. They make a lot of noise.

       Dogs of this breed are known for their intelligence. Unlike other breeds who would chase and fetch the ball for hours, this breed gets bored with one thing and wants to do something new.

      Different from other domesticated dogs, these dogs live outside. Between August and January is their breeding season. In the evenings, they become aggressive and territorial toward some male dogs. Indian Pariah is aggressive towards strangers during this period of time because they are on high alert for intruders.

      Trainability of Pariah dogs

      Despite being a breed that is intelligent, they can also be trained well. Whenever their owners assign tasks to them, they love to work together.

      When they are puppies, begin training your Indian Pariah to make sure that their personality is tailored to you. As they are easily bored with repetitive training activities, it is important to keep training sessions interesting for them.

      Trainability of Pariah dogs
      pariah dog price in India | indian pariah dog price

      New places provide them with a chance to experience fresh scents and sights. Because of their territorial nature, they can be aggressive towards new dogs and adults.

      In order to develop healthy social skills, puppies should be exposed to other dogs and people at an early age. Having a positive attitude when they are adults will help them cope with new situations.

      Taking care of Pariah dogs

      It takes little to no maintenance to take care of an Indian Pariah dog. As a result, you should only brush their coats once or twice a week to keep them healthy.


      Breeds of Indian Pariah dogs love being around their families and are friendly and intelligent. They are not difficult to train, but it is recommended to have the puppies trained by professionals at a young age so that they have a positive outlook towards situations and strangers.

      It was our pleasure to assist you in obtaining all of the information that would help you to make an informed decision about buying or adopting an Indian Pariah.

      You should thoroughly read each section to find out more about this dog breed and to understand the expenses that you will need to incur.

      FAQ related to Indian pariah dog price in India

      Why is the Indian pariah the best dog?

      Dogs of this breed are considered one of the healthiest breeds in the world and can withstand the harsh Indian environment without any issues. It is possible to easily house train them and they require little maintenance. It makes a good guard dog because it is highly loyal. Their lifespan can reach 15 years if they are healthy.

      How can I tell if my Indian pariah dog is pure?

      There are several kinds of fawn and dark brown colors, with white or black spots often occurring. It is rare to find INDogs that are solid black. A white undercoat, the ends of the limbs, and the tail are usually marked with spots and white markings.

      How can I get Indian Pariah Dog?

      Adopt a Pariah dog
      Indian Pariah Dogs can be adopted by a responsible owner. Numerous adoption centers throughout the country have hundreds of Indian Pariah Dogs available for adoption.

      Which dogs eat the most?

      Dogs who chew up and ingest non-food items such as Labrador Retrievers may astonish you since they are the most popular breed in the United States. Dogs often ingest parts of tennis balls and toys and go about their daily routines as if nothing happened.

      What food does a dog eat?

      Despite generally being carnivorous, domesticated dogs occasionally eat plant foods. Wild dogs eat various animal meats and bones as well as some organs and vegetable matter from their prey which are usually raw in the gut.

      Are Indian pariah easy to train?

      The breed is intelligent and adapts quickly to new situations. Treats will be the best way to train this breed, as this breed loves to be acknowledged for its behavior. The majority of dogs found on the street are Indian pariah dogs that have been mixed with other breeds, so referring to them as Indian Pariah dogs would be misleading.

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