Pomeranian dog price in India 2022 | Difference between Pomeranian and Indian Spitz

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About Pomeranian dog

Pomeranian dog price in India
Pomeranian dog price in India

There’s no doubt that the Pomeranian is a popular dog breed in India. The following post is an in-depth look at all the expenses you, as a Pomeranian owner, will face when bringing one home. Barks strives to provide accurate information regarding the cost of Pomeranian dogs in India to its readers.

We have compiled Pomeranian costs across all major Indian cities, including food and vet costs. If you plan to buy a Pomeranian in India, we hope that you find this post helpful. Dogs of this breed are small and are suitable for apartments.

 Dogs like this are well suited to the hot and humid conditions in India, making them great family pets. This breed of dog enjoys being with people and is an excellent lap dog. Its fluffy white coat, playful nature, small size, and toy-like appearance will make you fall in love with it.

Pomeranian dog Price in India

The Pomeranian breed has recently been receiving a lot of inquiries from dog lovers; where can they buy it? How much does it cost? In order to satisfy all of your questions related to the costs, we created an article containing all the information.

There is no absolute price for a Pomeranian puppy – it depends on a number of factors including the location of where you live, where you plan to get the puppy, the breed (pure or mixed), the fur color, origin, and health. In India, Pomeranian puppies and dogs typically cost between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 75,000.

These factors affect the price of a Pomeranian dog

1. Place

The price of Pomeranian puppies in India varies from state to state and city to city. While it is impossible to pinpoint a mandatory cost per state, wherever you go in the country, you will pay at least Rs. 3000 for a Pomeranian. Puppy prices vary based on where the breeder is located or where the puppy came from.

The price of a puppy from a Delhi breeder will be higher if you live in Mumbai. Locally available puppies are cheaper than puppies from out-of-state breeders.

2. Age

A Pomeranian dog’s price is greatly affected by this factor. A puppy should be sold between 6 and 8 weeks of age. Breeders who sell puppies before that age must be reported to the appropriate authorities or brought before dog welfare organizations. It is essential to provide a puppy with adequate attention for at least six weeks.

Their new homes will be ready after that. As a normal rule, a puppy that is 6-8 weeks old will cost more than an older dog because of the increased demand for puppies. The popularity of puppies can be partially attributed to their ability to be trained and socialized more easily than older dogs. Additionally, many people enjoy the idea of their Pomeranian puppy growing up in their home.

3. Breed type (pure or mix)

Pomeranian puppies are usually quite expensive due to their breed. Compared to mixed breeds, purebred Pomeranians cost more. Is there a reason why people choose purebred Pomeranians? Fewer health problems are the reason.

In purebred puppies, there is less chance of hereditary diseases and a longer life expectancy due to better genetics. In general, purebred puppies are healthier and less likely to get sick.

4. Puppy registration

It will be more expensive to purchase a puppy that is registered with KCI (Kennel Club of India). The prices will increase if the puppies from the previous litter performed well during national shows. There will be an increased cost for puppies whose parents are champion breeds in registration papers.

    Pomeranian Price In Different Places In India

    Himachal Pradesh₹3,000-₹15,000
    Pomeranian dog price in India 2021

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       Pomeranian dog Characteristics

      • Physical appearance
      • A great apartment dog
      • Gratitude
      • Adaptive
      • Suitable for children
      • Respectful

      Physical appearance

      Pomeranians have a dense, fluffy undercoat as well as a long coat that shines. The most common colors for Pomeranians are black, blue, orange, brindle, and white.

      A great apartment dog

      The lifestyle of the Poles in an apartment is well suited to them. Apartment living is easy for them because they are small and can fit in with a family.


      The people of Pomerania are cheerful and lively. The elderly who live alone may find them a really good companion.


      Their intelligence is unmatched in the world.

      Suitable for children

      Among the world’s friendliest dogs, Pomeranians rank high. In spite of this, Pomeranians should be handled with caution by children, since they are small and vulnerable to injury.


      This breed of dog is extremely obedient, and they are very easy to train in obedience. Pomeranian is known for this quality.

      Difference between Pomeranian and Indian Spitz

      Difference between Pomeranian and Indian Spitz
      Pomeranian dog price in India
      • Pomeranians and Indian spitzs are not really recognized in India as separate breeds.
      • Despite the fact that both Indian Spitz and Pomeranian dogs have descended from German Spitz, they are different breeds.
      • A Pomeranian looks more like the Indian Spitz in terms of its physical appearance than the German Spitz.
      • Pomeranian dogs are shorter and weigh less than Indian Spitz dogs.
      • Comparing Indian Spitz and Pomeranians, Pomeranians are more  fluffier and have thicker coats.
      • The ears of Pomeranians are small and not as elongated as those of Indian Spitzes.

      Different Types of Pomeranians

      Pomeranians come in five varieties, and most of them are the result of crossbreeding.

      • Pomeranian Typotype (original)
      • Pomeranian with a Fox-Face
      • Pomeranian-Teddy Bear
      • Pomeranian Baby Doll
      Pomeranian dog price in India

      Pomeranians can also be mixed with other breeds in rare cases, such as Pomeranians mixed with Chihuahuas.

      Can Pomeranian dogs survive in India?

      Survival of the fittest applies to these plants, which are most suitable for the Indian climate. Pomeranian and Indian Spitz are two different breeds so don’t confuse them. As compared to Indian Spitz, the Pomeranian is shorter in height, has less weight, and has longer fur.

      Which dog lives the longest?

      Australian cattle dogs
      A cattle dog named Bluey who lived for 29 years currently holds the Guinness record for the longest-living dog. The Australian cattle dog breed is an energetic and intelligent working dog. Additionally, they form a strong bond with their owners.

      Is Pomeranian a good dog?

      These little dogs are usually friendly and perky. There is a tendency for Pomeranians to bark excessively, making them good alert and alarm dogs. Although small dogs, in general, make good pet dogs, children should be warned that the dogs are not as strong as the larger breeds.

      How old do Pomeranians get?

      The average life expectancy of a Pomeranian is 12 to 16 years, making it one of the longest living dogs. An American Pom can live comfortably into his teens if he receives excellent care at home, attends regular veterinarian appointments, and is lucky enough to avoid some serious medical issues.

      Are they white Pomeranian?

      As per AKC standards, a Pomeranian must be free from any lemon or other colored markings to be officially white. Occasionally, the shading of a white Pom may appear as well; for example, cream Poms are sometimes incorrectly labeled white. Chinchillas are responsible for making ice white Pomeranians.

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