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Poodle Dog Price in India

Poodle dog price in India
Poodle dog price in India

An active, smart, and proud dog breed, the Poodle is among the most popular. There are many differences between Poodles and other dog breeds. Therefore, it is so popular. These fancy pooches can be spotted in numerous Hollywood flicks.

 The poodle may look cute, but its intelligence can’t be underestimated. They are also quite the lovable entertainers and are known for their ridiculousness. Check out this article to learn everything you need to know about poodles, and whether they are the right companion for you.

Poodles can be expensive to care for because of their grooming needs. Additionally, they need room for running around and being active. It is detrimental for poodles to live in an apartment. The popularity of poodles in India resides in part because of all these factors, though the higher rungs of society are mostly the ones to desire their services.

The cost of a Poodle varies from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 70,000. You can however buy certain types of poodles for as little as Rs.30,000. In general, puppies with a show dog pedigree are more expensive. It is even possible to sell some poodles for more.

 A KCI-registered poodle is also more expensive. Kennel Club of India is the name of the association. To ensure the safety and legal status of your pooch, you should have them registered with the KCI.

Poodle Dog Price in Indiain major city

       City      Price (INR)
Bangalore30,000 to 50,000
Hyderabad40,000 to 60,000
Chennai40,000 to 55,000
Delhi60,000 to 70,000
Kolkata35,000 to 50,000
Mumbai65,000 to 80,000
Kerala25,000 to 50,000
poodle dog price in India | poodle dog price in India

    Factors Affecting Poodle Dog Price in India

    • Places to buy
    • Breeding professionals
    • Purchase Location
    • Place of birth
    • The lineage   

    Place to buy

    Poodles can be purchased from three sources in India. Positives and negatives exist in everyone. Let’s have a quick discussion.

    Breeders are professionals

    Pets are cared for by professional breeders. In addition to quality food, they also make sure the environment is healthy. In this way, pets can lead a happy life. Poodles and other breeds can be purchased from professional breeders without hesitation.

     Purchase Location

    Poodles may be purchased locally or from other countries or states. The prices will differ, however. If available, it’s very cost-effective to buy from local breeders. It is also expensive to buy from another country or state.

    Place of birth

    Similarly, the place of birth determines the price. There is a difference in price between places for food, grooming, and other services. Most people are affected by these things.

     The lineage

    Genealogy is a family tree. Before buying a dog, you must know its lineage. Your dog’s parents are visible if it is registered.

    Different types of Poodle Breed

    • Standard Poodles
    • Miniature Poodles
    • Toy Poodles

    Typically, there are three types of this dog breed: Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles. Here are the details:-

    Standard Poodles

    Poodles weigh between 36 and 40 kilograms and are the tallest and largest of all the poodles’ cousins.

    Different types of Poodle Breed
    poodle dog price in India | poodle dog price in India

    In all of the poodle families, this is the first breed to develop. They have separate dominances with full responsibility towards the family of the owner. There is a great memory in Poodles, which makes them great watchdogs

    Miniature Poodles

    A poodle can grow to a height of 30 to 35 cm and weigh between 30 and 36 kilograms, which makes it the second tallest breed in the poodle family.

    Different types of Poodle Breed
    poodle dog breed price in India

    Although miniature poodles can be used as guard dogs, they are not as reliable as other guard dogs since they are show-quality dogs, which are weaker than other guard dogs. Nevertheless, miniature poodles make excellent companions because of their love and devotion to their people.

    Toy Poodles

    Different types of Poodle Breed
    poodle dog price in India | poodle dog price in India

    Among the poodle family, the Toy Poodle is the smallest, while the Miniature and Standard are the tallest ones. Weigh between 30 and 32 kilograms and are between 30 and 33 cm in height.

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    Characteristics of a Poodle

    There are three different sizes of Poodles. There is no other breed that is as recognizable as a standard poodle, which stands more than 16 inches tall. Miniature poodles measure less than fifteen inches; the tiniest ones measure less than ten inches. The average male standard poodle weighs 18 to 30 kilograms, and the average female weighs from 18 to 26 kilograms. In comparison, miniatures weigh between 5 and 8 kg, whereas toys weigh less than 4 kg.

    Poodles do not have fur, but rather dense, tight, curly hair, which can get matted if not combed. Black and white are among the colors they have, as are apricot, chocolate, and shades of red. All poodles have long and narrow muzzles and tend to look spindly. High jumpers due to their long legs are very athletic. Generally speaking, poodles are proud dogs and have an air of elegance; in their personalities, they are as well.

    Poodles are known for their beautiful coats. Historically, water breeds were groomed based on needs, but not today. Clippings are the shaved styles of Poodles. For home poodles, you don’t have to clip the hair as elaborately as show dogs do. The animals have several characteristic puffs over their heads and tails, called pompons.

    The temperament of a Poodle

    Despite their intelligence, Poodles dislike being ignored and thrive on attention. The small poodles are aggressive toward strangers or other dogs, as they are protective in nature. It’s easy to get along with them, and they’re fun and smart. This makes them easy to train as well.

    A combination of high intelligence and attention deficit means they have an affinity for people and are able to adapt to social situations. A poodle is an inherently hunting dog, so maintaining that mentality is important. For them to be accepted as house dogs, they need adequate exercise and good training.

    Diet For Poodles

    Poodles require a customized diet based on their size and type, so your vet can recommend the best diet for your dog. A poodle may become overweight if they are not exercised. Do not overfeed your dog with treats. Be careful about their calorie intake. Poodles should avoid obesity because it is dangerous for their health.

    Diet For Poodles
    poodle dog price in India | poodle dog price in India

      Poodle dog care

      In addition to their show value and need for lots of care, Toy Poodles are an international breed that is bred for use both in shows and for rewards around the world. If you buy from a breeder, the price of a Toy poodle is almost * 80,000 in India, and it is very difficult for a middle-class family to take care of a Toy poodle as they are expensive for a middle-class family. Let’s turn our attention to the things a poodle owner should keep in mind when caring for their dog.


      As a first step, it is important to realize that exercising is not the same thing as gaming. Toy poodles need daily exercise, and you can make a habit to give your dog at least an hour of exercise every day.

      It will also make your dog live longer because it will increase the dog’s learning capacity. Standard or Miniature Poodles are more common in apartments; however, toy Poodles usually need more room to exercise and to run. A dog who exercises can walk, swim, run and participate in other activities that reduce their body fat.


      Your dog should be groomed regularly and properly. The groomer will take care of your dog if you take it to him. You can save a lot of money by grooming your dog at home rather than going to the vet.

      Bathing, shaving, and trimming nails are all grooming procedures. It’s not a bad idea to take care of your toy poodle by bathing them regularly on a regular basis, such as once or twice a week. It is important to properly trim or cut the nails of a toy poodle.

      If nails aren’t cut, what problem may result? Toy poodles are known to sit in places where the owner sits if they have long-nailed them. If this is the case then they might damage themselves. As a result, you will lose a lot of personal assets. In order to keep these things from happening, you should cut your nails.

      Get regular health checks

      All pet owners are advised to make Toy Poodle regular health check-ups as often as they think fit.

      By doing this, you will reduce the likelihood of your dog developing unnecessary health issues. In addition, you can purchase dog insurance in order to avoid the high costs associated with the hospitalization of your pet.

      Is a toy poodle a good family dog?

      Some dogs are suspicious of strangers and bark quickly. However, the toy has a reputation for being a difficult dog to keep around young children despite being a good family pet. Poodles are generally healthy dogs, though watery eyes, digestive issues, heart problems, and skin conditions can occur.

      Are apricot Poodles rare?

      It is very rare to find an apricot Poodle! Red, cream, blue, and brown colored Poodles are allowed by the breed standard but are less common. It is very rare to find an apricot Poodle, making these dogs very coveted (and potentially expensive).

      Why are poodles so mean?

      The learned behavior of being mean is common in poodles. Perhaps they are aware that displays of aggression result in their goals being achieved. It is also possible that their parents instilled this trait in them. The training/socialization of these dogs around many people is the reason to choose a reputable breeder

      What color Poodle is the smartest?

      Different color poodles are considered to be intelligent by some poodle owners. Those who have a bias for black and white poodles say that they are smarter due to their original standard coloring, in which breeders favored intelligence and temperament more.

      What is bad about poodles?

      If left alone or ignored, poodles may develop bad habits such as nuisance barking. Poodles, especially the smaller ones, can be aggressive toward people outside their families or other animals. It is important to socialize them with other people and animals as early as possible and to train them firmly.

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