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Pug dog price in India

pug dog price,
pug dog price,

There is no need to introduce Pug. Dogs that are often barking are among the quietest breeds. The clown face they have always made for a hilarious expression. Pugs are a great choice if you plan to be a dog owner for the first time. A good reason to say that they can be first-time dogs would be the fact that they are friendly, good with children, easy to groom, and above all, able to put a smile on our faces every day.

I don’t know if you noticed, but these dogs have the most attractive features: short hair, large eyes, wrinkled foreheads, odd barks, cocked heads, and above all that innocent look that is so hard to resist. The pug is considered to be the largest toy breed, although it belongs to the toy breed category.

In India, the “Pug dog” became popular as it became the “Hutch dog”. Keep in mind that the cost varies from one city to another for a Pug puppy. Pugs (for their size) are expensive dogs in India. A Pug will cost an average of over 50,000 rupees every year, not including puppy prices.

The cost of a Pug puppy varies from INR8,000 to INR30,000, depending on how good it is (show quality versus pet quality) and where it lives (urban versus rural).

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Pug dog puppy price in India

Indian Pug dogs cost between 6000 and to 18000 on average. Price varies depending on several factors, such as location, breeder, price of living, etc. In addition to the factors listed above, there are also several others that influence the price of Pug puppies.

Pug dog price in India

Pug quality vs. pet quality – Quality determines a puppy Pug’s price. Breeders use the word “quality” to describe the degree to which a puppy meets the breed’s standards. Breeders can obtain pedigree certificates from the Kennel Club of India for their Pugs (KCI paper). Breed standards are set by the United Kennel Club (UKC).

Female versus male Pug pup – Male Pugs are more expensive than female Pugs due to the high demand.

The reputation of breeders – You will pay more when buying your Pug puppy from an established Pug breeder than anywhere else. Pugs from show homes cost more than puppies from other breeders, and they’re the best in the country. Pug puppies that are bought from a reputable breeder will be purebred Pugs, not Pug mixes.

Pug dog puppy price in India
Pug dog puppy price in India

Location – Your home city will also influence this breed’s price. Pugs from big metro cities are more expensive than those from smaller towns and rural areas.

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Pug dog price list in major cities India

                City              Price INR             
pug dog price in Bangalore        9000-25000
pug dog price in Ahmadabad           8500-24000
pug dog price in Chennai           8500- 24000
pug dog price in Jaipur                      6500-19000
pug dog price in Punjab                    6000-12000
pug dog price in Guwahati           6000-14000
pug dog price in Kerala                          6500-12000 
Pug dog price list in major cities India

Factors affecting Pug dog price in India

Pet Pugs are popular for a variety of reasons. Pugs play multiple roles in India. Kids’ dogs, family dogs, companion dogs, and lapdogs are all examples of lapdogs. The Pug can also serve as a lap dog in India, which is why it is the most popular companion dog. Dogs like this are very popular in India.

Due to their short snouts (noses), Pugs have difficulty breathing when the temperature fluctuates. Pugs are less aggressive than Rottweilers and Pitbulls, so they make excellent first dogs.

It is vital that you understand all the costs associated with a Pug puppy before you buy one. The Pug is an expensive dog to maintain. Planning your finances requires that you take into account the following factors.

  • Pug puppies cost
  • Breeders
  • Dog food
  • Cost of vaccines
  • Cost of grooming
  • Pug accessories cost
  • Trainee costs
  • Cost of the treatment

Types of Pugs

Pugs are available in many different types, as you’ll discover as you research. There are three main types of Pugs offered by the American Kennel Club (AKC); Fawn, Black, and Brindle – all of them offering several color variations.

  • Fawn
  • Black
  • Brindle

Three colors are available for Fawn pugs:

Fawn: The fur of a Fawn Pug is yellowish-tan, almost off-white.

Pug dog price in India,

Apricot Fawn: Almost gold or orange tans characterize apricot fawn Pugs. Owners who request recognition of the apricot fawn can do so with the AKC. Currently, the apricot fawn is classified by the Continental Kennel Club (CKC) as a fawn variation.

Silver Fawn: They are the rarest of the fawns and show an appearance ranging from light gray to white. According to a survey of 2,693 pug owners conducted by PetPugDog.com, only 3 percent had a silver fawn pug.

While the AKC does not usually recognize silver fawns (but is willing to consider requests), other organizations such as the CKC have recognized silver.

It is common to see images of Pugs with fawn colors when searching for a Pug that resembles this color.

Pugs with fawn coloration have a black mask. Melanistic marks cover the face in a manner similar to a mask worn by a superhero.

Pugs have a unique facial design that allows them to show human-like expressions. The appearance of smiles or sadness can be misinterpreted.


Pug dog price in India

Jet black shines from the coat of the black Pug. White markings may appear on the chest of some black Pugs. Gray hairs appear on black pugs as they age as their coats show gray hairs.

Consider a black Pug if you like to stand out from the crowd – they’re less common than their fawn-colored relatives. Historically, black coats were considered birth defects. The queen’s affection for them changed that. Several black Pugs belonged to her. As black Pugs gained popularity, the public took notice.

It is even possible for breeders to try to charge more for the black Pug due to its rarity. These breeders would have you believe that black Pugs are extremely rare. There shouldn’t be a higher price.


Pug dog price in India

Usually, black to grey is the color range of a brindle-colored Pug coat. Bridle-colored Pugs are not recognized by reputable kennel clubs.

Brindle dogs are not purebreds because the brindle color came from another breed. Debate is raging on this topic.

A recessive gene might be responsible for brindle coloration. Bull Terriers and Boxers are other breeds that are brindle. Earlier paintings show brindle pugs, though some lines may have been extinct. Brindles are hard to find if you’re a fan. It’s rare to find them.

The Pug Dog: Characteristics & Behavior

Pugs can be a wonderful addition to a family, but there are some things to keep in mind before you get one. Despite being extremely loyal and intelligent, the Pug dog breed does have some serious health issues that you should be aware of.

 In addition to being small dogs, pugs usually do not grow taller than ten inches, and their tails typically curl over their backs. A Pug dog makes an excellent choice for a family to take on vacations with kids because of its physical characteristics.

Feeding Costs of Pugs in India

As a result of their size and popularity, the Pug dog Feeding price in India is considered to be very high. Pugs are among the obese giant breeds, being among the twenty most obese dogs in the U.S.

In addition to energy, a big family can provide a lot of love and are able to guide a child in the right direction. It is likely that you have searched for methods to help lower the cost of feeding your Pug puppy if it is overweight and out of shape.

Pug Dog grooming price in India

In order to determine the Pug dog grooming price in India, many factors must be taken into account. Playfulness and activity are prominent characteristics of these dogs. You will need to prepare to clean and condition their coats from top to bottom because they will wear their best clothes every day.

Not taking care of their coats regularly can cause their skin to dry out. If your Pug dog is properly groomed and conditioned, however, it will look and feel great.

Dog training costs in India for pugs

 For a one-year training course for dog breeders, it would cost between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 25,000. The first year of training your dog is also free of charge. These classes are rarely advertised by breeders since they want to keep the cost of training down.

 Nevertheless, some breeders have posted information about the Pug’s personality, grooming, exercise, and training considerations for people interested in learning more. The cost of raising a Pug puppy may seem humorous. However, there are a lot of things to consider before you buy one.

 Pug dog training prices in India typically range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000. As a result, most of the price goes toward veterinarian fees, registration fees, food, and any required special training, as well as twenty-one daycare options in case the parents aren’t available to look after the puppy while it is in a foster home.

Raise a puppy for a similar price to buying one. For someone who does not want to have to exercise a dog daily, a Pug puppy can also be an excellent choice.

How much does a pug dog cost?

In the case of purebred pugs, you might expect to pay around $1,200 – $2,000. You may need to spend even more if the pug is from a champion line and is show quality. Dogs are priced differently depending on many factors, including their pedigree and the region where they live.

Are there pugs in India?

Four different colors are available in Indian pugs. The most common is the Fawn Pug, followed by Apricot, Silver, and Black. There is a low prevalence of Black Pugs. Breeders in India do not breed blonde pugs.

Do pugs bite?

Both adults and children love to give pugs attention. It is also believed that they love playing games with children and rarely bite or nip. In addition to other dogs, pugs can get along with small animals such as cats and rabbits.

How old do Pugs live?

11 – 15 years

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