Rajapalayam Dog Breed in India, Price, History, Images, bite force best info 2022

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Rajapalayam Dog breed

Rajapalayam Dog Breed
Rajapalayam Dog Breed

There are several dog breeds indigenous to southern India, including the Rajapalayam, also known as Polygar Hound, Shikkar Hound, and Indian Ghost Hound. Virudhunagar district is home to Rajapalayam, which is a town in Tamil Nadu.

The India Post issued four commemorative stamps on 9 January 2005 for four breeds, namely, Himalayan Sheepdog, Rampur Hound, Mudhol Hound, and Rajapalayam. The Rajapalayam dog lives up to 12 years.

Originally developed as a boar hunting dog, the Rajapalayam dog is a very old and rare breed of sighthound. In addition to a pure white coat, these dogs have pink noses and pale skin. Their eyes are typically brown or blue; however, particolored eyes are rare.

 A blue-eyed dog is more likely to be either deaf or blind than its brown-eyed counterpart. The dogs are loyal to their owners but tend to be aggressive toward strangers and other animals, so socialization is necessary to prevent dangerous behavior from developing in them.

    Rajapalayam dog price in India

    Breeders, pet stores, areas, and price points of Rasapalayam dog breeds differ in different cities. It is likely that one will have to spend between Rs. 10000 and Rs. 14000 on a Rajapalayam dog.

    Indian dogs such as the Rajapalayam have begun to become extinct as foreign dog breeds grow in popularity. In August 2020, Prime Minister Modie called for nations to choose indogs over foreign breeds because of their tameness and adaptation to the Indian environment, as well as the lower cost of keeping them.

    Rajapalayam Breed History

    It is believed that the Rajapalayam breed of sighthound was developed in Tamil Nadu to hunt the wild boar that is present there, possibly during the Nayak Dynasty which ruled that region from 1529 to 1736 AD. Originally they were hunters to serve the king, but eventually, they were owned and trained by the rest of society as well.

    In addition to being excellent guard dogs, these dogs have a temperament that is especially aggressive and protective when hunting. Their fierce loyalty and courageous nature often lead to them being used as guard dogs in the defense of their family members, farms, and people due to their willingness to engage any threat, human or otherwise.

    They were used for war in the three Carnatic Wars of the 18th century and in the Polygar Wars shortly thereafter because of these attributes and their overall physical prowess. There have been numerous speculations about how these all-white dogs influenced the development of Dalmatian breed dogs, but there is, unfortunately, no tangible evidence to support this theory.

    Over the years, hunting declined in popularity, and this particular hunting breed dropped to around 200 dogs by the 1980s. A breeding center was established by the Kennel Club of India in 1980-81 in order to increase the numbers of Rajapalayams. They took measures to save the dogs and successfully resurrect them.

    Dogs belonging to the Rajapalayam breed are medium to large-sized sighthounds. Tamil Nadu is famous for its Poligarhounds of this breed. Rajapalayam hounds were the pets of kings and nobles during the reign of Nayakar. Known as the Rajapalayam dog, this dog bravely hunted wild boars because it was built like a small tank.

    Original Rajapalayam dog

    The breed was originally bred in the town of Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu, India. Indian breeds account for about 3% of all dogs in the world. Dogs that are registered with the Kennel Club of India are officially recognized.

    Sighthounds were used primarily for hunting games like wild boar, deer, and wild pig. Because the hunting of Rajapalayam dogs is banned in India, they excel in various roles, including hunting.

    • For guarding purposes
    • Dogs working as police dogs
    • Dogs serving in the military
    • For companionship purposes

    In addition to being courageous, aware, and loyal, the Rajapalayam dog has a variety of functions. South Indian states were most popular in the 1980s with the Rajapalayam hound. These dogs were known for their disease-resistant, intelligent, friendly, and loyal traits. The popularity of dog breeds declined drastically in the 1990s with the importation of foreign dogs.

    He is on the verge of extinction today, and without help, he will die. There has been a decline in the number of people breeding this dog as well as a decline in demand. This dog is making a comeback due to the efforts taken by native dog enthusiasts, the Government of Tamil Nadu, and the Kennel Club of India in recent years.

    Rajapalayam dog bite force

    They are capable of crushing and breaking bones due to their powerful jaws. Depending on which expert you consult, its bite force might range between 200 and 220 pounds (90 and 100 kilograms). Dogs with this bite force are among the strongest in the world.

      Rajapalayam Dog Breed Appearance

       These are large sighthounds, generally standing at over two feet tall and weighing around seventy pounds. The Rajapalayam has long, straight legs and a deep chest, but a narrow waist and an unusual gait that is often compared to that of a Thoroughbred horse.

       They are more heavily boned than other sighthounds, with heavier heads and broader muzzles, designed to take down large wild boar. The triangular ears of the Rajapalayam sit high on the sides of their head and fold forward and to the sides, framing their face and their long, whiplike tails often have a pronounced curl.

       Their short, smooth coats are predominantly white, and they have pink noses and pale, pinkish skin. In most cases, their medium-sized, almond-shaped eyes come in a dark brown, but blue is also possible. It should be noted that dogs of this breed that are born with blue eyes are more likely to be born deaf or blind.

      Rajapalayam dog images

      Rajapalayam dog images
      Rajapalayam Dog Breed in India, Price, History, Images, bite force best info 2022 7
      Rajapalayam dog images
      Rajapalayam Dog Breed in India, Price, History, Images, bite force best info 2022 8
      Rajapalayam dog images
      Rajapalayam Dog Breed in India, Price, History, Images, bite force best info 2022 9
      Rajapalayam dog images
      Rajapalayam Dog Breed in India, Price, History, Images, bite force best info 2022 10

      FAQ Related to Rajapalayam Dog breed

      Is Rajapalayam easy to train?

      Rajapalayam dogs are rated out of 5 in terms of how easy they are to train by professional dog trainers. This breed requires moderate training.

      Does Rajapalayam dog shed?

      The general pattern of his health is fewer hospital visits and less hair loss. The breed gets no joint pain or skin infections as do foreign breeds.”

      Is Rajapalayam a dog rare?

      Originally developed as a boar hunting dog, the Rajapalayam dog is a very old and rare breed of sighthound. Dogs with these characteristics are usually pure white, have pink noses, pale skin, and these dogs have brown eyes but are less likely to have parti-color eyes.

      Do Rajapalayam dogs bark a lot?

      There is not much barking from Rajapalayam dogs. The dog usually barks when it wants attention from its owner or when it is guarding his or her home. Apart from those instances, they do not talk much.

      Is Rajapalayam dog good for home?

      Domestic security has traditionally been provided by the Rajapalayam breed. S. Vinayagamurthy, a dog breeder with 38 years of experience from Pankajam Colony, says they make excellent guard dogs.

      Is Rajapalayam good for the family?

      Rajapalayams are vivacious hunters who always wanted to please their masters. These hunters were designed to hunt wild boars as well as other small prey. This breed makes an excellent family guard dog. Their large size can intimidate pretty much any intruder coming into your home given how different they are from strangers.

      Is the Rajapalayam dog used in the military?

      The dogs are white, lean, and muscular, and historically have made excellent hunters. Polygar soldiers fought alongside them against the British East India Company during the Polygar wars from 1799 to 1805. These dogs are sometimes called Polygar hounds because they are from Rajapalayam.

      What is special in Rajapalayam?

      Rajapalayam, now famous for bandages, woven fabric, nightwear, and other products, is a major hub for the textile industry. Chatrapatti (Virudhunagar Dist) produces a significant amount of cotton gauze for surgery, and nearby Dhalavaipuram and Muhavoor manufacture women’s nightwear.

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