Rajapalayam dog price in India 2022, Kerala, Chennai, Puppy price, etc.

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Rajapalayam dog price

Rajapalayam dog price
Rajapalayam dog price

Located in Tamil Nadu, India, the Rajapalayam dog is named after an Indian village. In addition to the Poligar hound, it is also referred to as the Vellai Moonji Naai and was initially developed as a boar hunting dog. This is a very old and rare sighthound breed. A typical white human is typically white in color and has a pale skin tone and brown eyes or blue. Indian dogs such as these are extremely popular.

Despite their affection and loyalty to their owners, these dogs can be aggressive towards other animals and strangers. As a result, they make excellent guard dogs as they have an aggressive temperament.

Developing dangerous behavior should be prevented by teaching them social skills at an early age. Hunting has gotten less popular as time goes on, and this breed is no exception. A breed like this isn’t very popular today and is closely approaching extinction.

Rajapalayam, a strange breed of dog, was given a breeding program for his care and well-being. His offspring were used as guard dogs for people, plants, and property.

The information in this article can help you find out more about the Rajapalayam dog price in India, the various factors that affect the price, things it is important to know when buying a purebred Rajapalayam, its trainability, appearance, and grooming.

Rajapalayam dog price in India

Rasapalayam dog breeds can be found at different price points depending on breeder, pet store, and area in different cities. To buy a Rajapalayam dog, one may have to spend between Rs. 8000 and Rs. 13000.

As foreign dog breeds have become increasingly popular, Indian dogs like the Rajapalayam are in danger of extinction. Premier Modie urged nations to choose indogs in August 2020 since the breed is more tame and adaptable to the Indian environment, and it is less expensive to keep compared to foreign breeds.

    Rajapalayam dog price in tamilnadu

    Rajapalayam Dog Prices are typically ranging from Rs.7000 to Rs.11,000. They are typically available in Tamilnadu.

    Rajapalayam dog price Kerala

    Prices for Rajapalayam dogs typically range from Rs.6000-Rs.10,000 and are mostly found in Kerala.

    Rajapalayam dog price Chennai

    Prices for Rajapalayam dogs range between Rs.8000 and Rs.14,000, and they can mostly be found in Chennai.

    rajapalayam dog price in Bangalore

    Most of the Rajapalayam Dogs are available in Bangalore, priced between Rs.9000-Rs.15,000.

    Factors Affecting the Rajapalayam Dog Price in India

    Rajapalayam Dog prices in India may be affected by a number of factors. The following are some of these factors:

    Physical Characteristics and Attributes

    It is possible for physical characteristics such as the coat color of a dog to influence its price. Nonetheless, Rajapalayam dogs are only available in milky white coats, which means this does not affect their price.

    Gender & Age

    The price of a young dog or puppy is usually higher than that of an older or fully grown dog. The cost of male dogs tends to be higher than that of female dogs, as well.

    Mix or pure breed

    As opposed to mixed-breed dogs, the cost of the purebred Rajapalayam Dog is higher since there are fewer chances that the purebred puppy will develop hereditary health problems.

    Location and availability

    There is no question that puppies that are not so readily available in a particular region often cost more than the pooches that are more easily obtainable. However, Rajapalayam dogs have very limited availability in this country, though their prices are relatively low. Due to the fact that this is an Indian breed and the price is generally low and reasonable in its own country, the reason is mainly due to its Indian origins.

    Breeder reputed

    Additionally, it is common to see that most well-known breeders tend to charge more for a dog when compared to less well-known breeders. A dog’s total price is thus affected by this aspect.

    Other Factors

    It is also possible for a dog’s price to increase once he has been microchipped. This extremely small microchip allows your pet to have permanent identification.

    How to choose a purebred Rajapalayam in India?

    How to choose a purebred Rajapalayam in India?
    rajapalayam dog price | rajapalayam dog for sale

    Get to know breeds

    The Rajapalayam dog breed in India should be studied in depth before purchasing. Dogs bred outside their hometown differ in appearance and build from those bred where they are born.

    In their hometown of Rajapalayam, which they are named after, they are the only purebred dogs that exist. The Rajapalayam breed is popular in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, where many breeders can be found.

    Choose a reputable breeder to get your dog

    When buying a dog, you need to make sure the breeder is reputable. Rajapalayam puppies are not used to being bred and raised by shady breeders.

    Breeding standards of the Rajapalayam breed are not maintained by these people who sell dogs to pet shops and potential buyers.

    Breeders produce dogs in the right manner and sell them to people that will provide them with a healthy growth environment.

    Meet the parent of the puppy

    Getting to know the parentage of the puppy is the best way to understand its origins. It ensures the detection of any genetic disorders and understanding of the potential future behaviors of the puppy.

    Real breeders create their animals in accordance with correct breeding standards, which have produced both parents. It is, therefore, possible that the seller is a shady one if he is unable to provide any parent information.

    Rajapalayam Dog Physical Characteristics

    Some misperceptions about the appearance of this dog are propagated by false breeders in order to gain profit.

    There aren’t any purebred dogs with spots, nor are there any black Rajapalayams. All these puppies are crossbreeds that illegal breeders sell.

      Cost of maintenance every month

      The breeding of this historically important breed requires maintenance of about Rs.2000 to Rs.4000 a month. The breeding of this breed is relatively straightforward. The short and easy-to-manage coat of this pet is a blessing when it comes to grooming.

      Cost of maintenance every month
      rajapalayam dog price | rajapalayam dog price in India

       Additionally, the breed isn’t prone to many health issues, so maintenance is made easier. To maintain this breed, yearly bathing is required and ear, eye, and nail cleaning every other week is sufficient.


      The dog’s head indicates its character and it must be in balance with its body. It must have an alert look, oval eyes, and triangle-shaped ears that hang down rather than being upright.

      Their front legs are long, muscular, and close to their body, and their shoulders are well developed. They have well-demarcated hind legs as well. A backward-looking dog must have its hind legs parallel to each other.

      Known physical characteristics of the original Rajapalayam breed include a long neck that blends into the shoulder, deep chest, and straight topline. They generally have a tucked abdomen and tail that blends in with the body. There is something majestic about the gait of Rajapalayam dogs. During a run, its legs must stay parallel to its body and have a steady and effortless movement.

      Personality & Temperament

      Unlike other breeds of dogs, Rajapalayams dislike almost constant touching and are extremely loyal. Younger children are not the right choice for these pets, but older children enjoy them. Small children may need to be supervised closely when interacting with them.

       To mitigate dangerous behavior, later on, it is important to make them socialize with strangers and other animals at a young age. Multiple pets should not be kept in the same home with them since they are prying and highly prey motivated. Changing their trainer could result in them becoming rebellious. They also need consistent and firm training. A dog like Rajapalayam is very useful for many reasons.


      Their stubborn nature makes them a challenge to train because they are intelligent and eager to learn. From the beginning of the training to the end, the same professional needs to be employed since they turn aggressive when changes and strangers happen.

      As soon as possible, it is best to train the puppy as it is easily adaptable and will become obedient. When this breed reaches maturity, training becomes much more challenging.

      This breed can be trained to be responsive and alert by hiring a professional dog trainer. This breed has difficulties taking commands from more than one person, which is why it is imperative the owner attends training sessions.


      Considering their short and dense hair, Rajapalayam dogs do not require much grooming. They are prone to a variety of skin problems, so keeping them clean is essential.

      rajapalayam dog price | rajapalayam dog price in India

      It is important to apply oil to their skin to keep it healthy. Their coats don’t shed very much, so they’re couch-friendly. The purpose of bathing them is to keep them clean and fresh, though they dislike water. If they are not under a leash, they should be regularly bathed with a hose.


      There are many breeds of dogs in India that are intelligent and powerful. The dog has a long history and has been used as a guard dog, hunting dog, and war dog. Animals continue to assist in guarding farms, properties, homes, and being companions for humans.

      In spite of this, these dogs need more attention in terms of their health than imported dogs as they do not react as imported dogs do. This dog must only be purchased if it will receive proper care and comfort on a regular basis.

      FAQ Related to Rajapalayam dog price

      Is Rajapalayam’s dog good?

      The Rajapalayam was bred to be a vivacious hunter who had a huge appetite to please his or her master. They were developed to hunt for wild boar and other small prey. They make excellent guard dogs for the family. They do not have many complications when it comes to their breeding and is generally a healthy breed.

      Which dog is best Rajapalayam?

      The Rajapalayam, also known as the Polygar Hound, Shikkar Hound, or Indian Ghost Hound, is a southern Indian dog breed. Rajapalayam is a town in the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu.

      Is Rajapalayam’s dog aggressive?

      Rajapalayam Temperament
      They are frequently standoffish or aggressive towards strangers and other dogs, and their high prey drive makes them inappropriate for households with multiple pets. Early socialization is essential for this breed if they are to curb this type of behavior and get along well with others.

      Is Rajapalayam dog good for kids?

      “Rajapalayams especially are very good with children,” she explains. Also, most Indian dog breeds are well suited for our weather conditions and are less prone to common infections and disorders. These dogs which were mainly used as hunters and guard dogs require a lot of exercises.

      Is Rajapalayam good for first time owners?

      The puppies need to be properly socialised and trained at an early age, but only a knowledgeable owner will know how to deal with them. Since they are so complicated, they’re not considered a good option for first-time buyers.

      Is the Rajapalayam dog playful?

      Originally, Rajapalayam dogs were owned by royalty and used for hunting in Tamil Nadu. As sight-hounds, these dogs were very valuable. In addition to being playful, they tend to be boisterous, but not as boisterous as Labradors or German Shepherds. He says that they should run around and expend their energy, rather than repeat repetitive commands.

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