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Saint Bernard dog price in India

Saint Bernard dog price in India
Saint Bernard dog price in India

Dogs of this breed are known as four-legged angels of life. The dog has a large heart and a huge personality. It is said that his majesty could shame a king due to his astounding intellect. Water and food were the only things Mr. Bernard carried around his neck. A family with children could have a perfect pet in him as he is gentle, loving, caring, and intelligent.

A sturdy towel should be available in each room just to ensure drool-free conditions for Saint Bernards. They need a lot of space and a towel to stretch their legs. Dogs like Saint Bernards are believed to be among the most beautiful and loving of all dogs.

It is impossible to squeeze the massive size of a Saint Bernard into a small area since they need a large area to live in. The size of their bodies and their weight make them heavy. It is possible to get Saint Bernard dogs in India for between ₹20,000 and ₹30,000.

    Saint Bernard dog price in Bangalore

    Saint Bernard dog’s price in Bangalore can be purchased for between ₹30,000 and ₹40,000 INR.

    Saint Bernard dog price in India in Delhi

    Price ranges between ₹40,000 – ₹50,000 INR for Saint bernard dog price in Delhi, India.

    A brief history about Saint Bernard

    St. Bernards is probably one of the noblest breeds in the world. In the Swiss Alps, the infamous Saint Bernard Pass has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

    A brief history about Saint Bernard
    saint bernard dog price |saint bernard dog price in India

    Father Bernard de Menthon created St. Bernard in 980 AD to treat travelers who were injured on their journey. A Tibetan mastiff bred by him may have inherited some characteristics of Great Dane, Pyrenees, and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

    They realized that these dogs could spot lost travelers inadvertently while they were using them to guard the hospice grounds. According to hospice records, 1000s of people were cared for by St. Bernard’s throughout the 1600s.

    In addition to Barry, another dog whose life was saved by him, this breed was known as early as 1880 as the Dog of Mercy. The barryhounds. A Sacred Dogs are among the names given to them by the Englishman and Alpendogs by the Germans.

    St. Bernard became a separate breed in 1880, after being suggested in the 1830s as a name for the dog. Despite being used primarily as rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps, St. Bernards today are popular as pets and not exclusively as pet homes.

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    St. Bernards thrive in cold climates due to their breed origins and breeding for surviving and thriving in extremely cold conditions. A happy frolicking St. Bernard will enjoy as much snow as possible! The result is that they do not perform well in hot climates, with a coat and body that cannot withstand harsh summers.

    Whenever possible, ensure that you have adequate air conditioning in large portions of your house if you reside in a warm environment. It’s true that they are large dogs, but that doesn’t mean that they require an expansive yard.

    An occasional walk a day is all they need. As a result of this breed’s bulk, they need a lot of space inside the house and an apartment is not the right setting for them.

    It is recommended from puppyhood that St. Bernards are socialized with other pets and children. St. Bernards should not be allowed to play with very young children or small animals, as they could accidentally knock down the small playmates.


    Short and long coat types are available for Saint Bernards. Despite its short length, the coat is smooth and dense.

    In addition to their hairy thighs and dense tail, these dogs have little hair on their chest and thigh. In contrast, a long-haired coat has wavy waves and feathers on the legs, as well as a bushy tail.

    saint bernard dog price | saint bernard dog price in India

    When grooming your St. Bernard, expect to invest a lot of time and money. To keep your house from becoming a receptacle for dog fur, you will need to brush your dog at least three to four times a week.

    For the short hair variety, you can use a rubber brush or hound glove, and for the long hair variety, you will need a pin brush. This breed sheds heavily in spring and autumn.

    If you notice hair growing back behind the ears or close to the thighs that begins to mat and tangle, use one of the many detangling sprays available at most good pet supply stores. Because of the oily film on their coats, St. Bernards do not require regular bathing.

    A constant bath can strip most of the oils from their skin and coat. The film is crucial to preserving and protecting their skin and coat.

    The weather

    This friendly and homely dog welcomes everyone with open arms. It makes the perfect family pet because it is extremely patient and gentle around children.

    Whenever they are loved and cared for by their family, they thrive. The size of these dogs and their playful nature necessitate early training and socialization.

    Make sure they know how to walk on a leash from an early age. For them to become well-rounded adults, they will need socialization to various sounds and sights. There is nothing saintly about Bernards.

    Their original personalities are calm, patient, and gentle since they were bred as rescue dogs. They are not big barkers and have an even temperament.

     St. Bernard’s don’t necessarily have to be intimidating individuals. Their sheer bulk usually keeps intruders at bay, so even though they aren’t guarding dogs or watchdogs, their size makes them an inadvertent family protector.

    This breed is moderately active and doesn’t always require much outdoor space, but your house will need plenty of room to contain this huge dog so that it will not knock over any furniture or people.  An untrained observer may think that Saint Bernard is able to sense impending danger because of its exceptional sense of smell.

    Health Concerns

    There will be vet bills to pay if you buy a St. Bernard, as they are prone to developing a host of ailments and conditions. This condition is characterized by a malformation of the thigh bone, which enters the hip joint improperly.

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    saint bernard dog price | price of saint bernard dog in India

    Despite it being a hereditary condition, external factors such as overfeeding and inactivity can worsen the condition over time. It is also common in this breed for dogs to suffer from elbow dysplasia due to a lack of alignment between three bones that make up the elbow joint.

    In some cases, surgery can correct the pain, but in most cases, it is never permanent.

    St. Bernard puppies are prone to developing a condition known as Entropies, which typically occurs before they reach their sixth month. This causes irritation of the eye and can result in further eye injuries. This can occur in either one or both of the eyes.

    Heart muscle weakness can also be seen in St. Bernard’s due to dilated cardiomyopathy, which causes the heart to function abnormally. Medication and dietary changes can be used to control this condition.

    St. Bernard’s are also prone to epilepsy. In the case of idiopathic epilepsy, the cause of the condition is unknown but may involve metabolic disorders, infectious brain diseases, tumors, poisons, or head injuries.

    In addition to unusual behavior, seizures can manifest as frantic movements as if one is being chased, stumbling, losing orientation with the environment, or hiding.

     Despite the fear of seizures, dogs with idiopathic epilepsy generally have a very good long-term prognosis, since medication can be useful in controlling epilepsy. When this disorder is managed properly, dogs can live long and healthy lives. 

      Intelligence & Training

      Despite its intelligence, Saint Bernard is still a moderately easy dog to train. They are gentle giants with an even temperament and calm disposition, so training them is simple and enjoyable.

      Intelligence & Training
      saint bernard dog price | price of saint bernard dog in India

      Dogs are friendly, but you should socialize your puppy early among your pets and children. Despite being known as being stubborn, this breed is usually easy to train.

      It’s a good idea to crate train them from a young age. It is also important to teach leash training at an early age so that this large dog does not run off the road, causing accidents to humans and other dogs. When you start early, you can enjoy a safe walk without worrying about a massive tug on the leash.

      Are Saint Bernards Lazy?

      Saint Bernard is a naturally lazy breed of dog, who likes to sleep a lot and lie around in their house. Likewise, most other breeds do not require as much exercise as they do.

      Can Saint Bernards be left alone?

      A St. Bernard is a relaxed breed that can be left alone for half a day without worrying. You can also arrange to have a neighbor or dog walker take her out if you don’t want to leave her alone for too long.

      Are Saint Bernards good dogs?

      Due to his calm temperament and low exercise requirement, the food requirements for a Saint Bernard may be lower than for a dog of similar size. Saint Bernards are known to be loving, gentle, and tolerant despite their size.

      How many hours does Saint Bernard sleep?

      The average dog requires 14 hours of sleep per day. However, smaller dogs such as St. Bernards, mastiffs, Great Pyrenees, and Newfoundland require more than that. It’s because of their extensive sleep that they sometimes refer to themselves as “mat dogs.”.

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