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Shaggy dog breed

Shaggy dog breeds
Shaggy dog breeds

Shaggy dogs have many options for people who want to get one. There are a number of small and large shaggy dog breeds to choose from. Another great thing about these breeds is they tend to be very affectionate animals, which is a great trait for any family.

Playful, friendly, social, and friendly, they make great pets. Although they might require more maintenance than most dog breeds, adding them to your family will be worth it. They are so adorable. Find out what the different shaggy dog breeds look like as puppies and adults.

Top 8 Shaggy dog breeds

  • Old English Sheepdog
  • Lowland Polish Sheepdog
  • Bearded Collie
  • Briard
  • Berger Picard
  • Pyrenean Shepherd
  • Otterhound
  • Spanish Water Dog

    Old English sheepdog

    Old English Sheepdogs could also be a good choice. Originally from England, these dogs were used for herding sheep. The shaggy coat of these animals keeps them warm. It is very strong, energetic, and enthusiastic. As with Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, they are very active dogs.

    Top 8 Shaggy dog breeds
    big shaggy dog breed

    Exercising regularly is important for them. The best way to keep them healthy is to take them on daily dog walks. While these dogs tend to be affectionate, you may see some of them herding people and objects.

    Lowland Polish Sheepdog

    There are several shaggy dog breeds on the market including the Polish Lowland Sheepdog (PON). The breed originated in Poland and is a herding dog. They have a long, thick, shaggy coat with double layers. The coat also protects the chin, cheeks, and forehead of their bodies. Poland’s Lowland Sheepdogs do well in the field. Regular exercise is necessary for them.

    Top 8 Shaggy dog breeds
    the shaggy dog breed

    To take care of the coat of this dog breed, you should brush it every day and wash it every two to three months. A good dog grooming kit will help you do this.

    Their coat needs to be brushed once a week, and every 2 months they should have a bath. Cleansing your puppy regularly can keep it healthy and happy. Playing outdoors or getting excessively dirty may require you to bathe your Old English Sheepdog sooner rather than later.

    Bearded Collie

    Top 8 Shaggy dog breeds
    doc martin shaggy dog breed

    Scotch Bearded Collie dogs are of Scottish origin. During his working life, he used to operate in cold and wet environments. During his trips, they traveled over rocks. They have been wonderful companions ever since. They are fun to be around because of their carefree and energetic attitude. Their outgoing and affectionate personalities make them great company. Bearded Collie dogs make for wonderful pets if you can provide them with the exercise they need. Keep in mind, however, that you should brush the coat every day and wash the coat every three months.


    Top 8 Shaggy dog breeds
    white shaggy dog breed

    As another shaggy dog breed, Briards are another great choice. French in origin, they are an excellent choice. Herding flocks had been their primary function. The coats of these animals are long and shaggy. There is a lot of emotional intelligence in this breed.

    There are also many aspects of it that are independent. You will need to make sure that a Briard dog gets regular exercise if you have one in your home. You may want to consider fencing the yard. The Briard’s coat needs to be brushed every day when it comes to shaggy dog grooming. The matted fur can be seen by brushing every day. Every two months or when they get dirty, Britannia’s coats should be cleaned.

    Berger Picard

    You can also get a Berger Picard if you’re searching for a shaggy dog breed. Originally, this breed came from France. The breed was well known for being herding dogs. They are energetic and athletic. Weatherproof, short, shaggy, and wiry coats are characteristic of their species.

    Top 8 Shaggy dog breeds
    shaggy dog breed name

    Despite its small size, the Berger Picard is incredibly powerful. As much physical activity as possible such as dog agility training is necessary for them to get the daily exercise they need. In addition, you should keep them busy so that they remain cheerful. This breed of dog should have its coat brushed monthly. Once every three months, it should be washed.

      Pyrenean Shepherd

      Top 8 Shaggy dog breeds
      black shaggy dog breed

      French Bulldogs are native to the South of France. French Bulldogs are emotional and tend to be very happy dogs. Pyrenean Shepherds are extremely hardworking dogs. It’s important to keep them happy if you want them to stay active. The rough coat is long and wavy. Ideally, you should brush their coat twice a month to keep it in good condition. Once every two months, you should wash it as well.


      Top 8 Shaggy dog breeds
      idaho shaggy dog breed

      It is also possible to get Otterhound dogs with shaggy coats. England is where these dogs originate from. This breed has a rougher and shaggier coat that resists water. These dogs were used for hunting in the water. Otterhounds are very friendly and social dogs. Exercise is important to them. This dog would be better off with a yard where he can run. It’s recommended that you brush him once every week. They should be bathed every 2 months.

      Spanish Water Dog

      Spanien is the origin country of the Spanish Water Dog. Spanish Water Dogs have a curly coat that is particularly distinctive. There are lots of curls on it. Dogs like this breed require human interaction. These dogs tend to be very attached to a particular person.

      Top 8 Shaggy dog breeds
      shaggy dog story

      Your family will run right along with a Spanish Water Dog if you have an active lifestyle. Spanish Water Dogs are very energetic and love to play. You won’t have to brush your Spanish Water Dog’s coat very often if you get one. It usually only needs bathing about every three months. Once their coat has been washed, you should allow it to dry naturally.


      There are many different shaggy dog breeds you can choose from. Every one of them needs to be exercised and kept active. However, they are generally quite good family dogs. During their lifetime, they tend to be sociable and affectionate. In addition to having loud barks, sheepdogs are also excellent guard dogs.

      FAQ Related to Shaggy dog breeds

      Do shaggy dogs shed?

      Once exchanged as a gift by monks for good luck, the breed requires a lot of maintenance to maintain its shaggy coat, but it does not shed.

      Is shaggy a dog?

      Richard Stark’s direwolf Shaggydog can be found on the set of Game of Thrones. Shaggy is Rickon’s nickname for him.

      What breed is a scruffy dog?

      A breed of Scottish Highlands dogs, the Cairn Terrier is a wonderful companion dog for the family. It is essential to groom these scruffy pooches by hand and not with scissors or shears.

      What breed of dog has a wire coat?

      Wire Fox Terrier
      German Wirehaired Pointers, or wire coated varieties, are some examples of dogs with wire coats

      What small breed of dog is low maintenance?

      Working professionals need a dog that will work with their hectic lifestyle. A chihuahua is perfect for them. Toy size fits apartment life, away from heavy-handed children who might eat it. Its modest appetite, low-maintenance coat, and cute coat suit apartment life. When kept as a companion by an elderly owner residing alone, the breed is fiercely loyal.

      What breed is a Shaggy Dog?

      Probably everyone today recognizes Old English Sheepdogs as large, long-haired dogs with long tails and fur covering their eyes. At the time Disney released “The Shaggy Dog” in 1960, the breed was almost unknown in America. Almost immediately, the breed was popular.

      What are those shaggy dogs called?

      Dog breeders describe Old English Sheepdogs as being large, athletic dogs with a shaggy coat that makes them stand out.

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