7 Best Small and Large Dog Cages in 2022 | Why Does My Dog Lick Their Cage

A Dog Cage is one of the best gifts you can give your new puppy since it provides your dog with a place where he or she can relax and recharge. Everyone needs their own private space, including their pets. An appropriate crate can serve both as a comfortable, safe place and a valuable training tool for your dog if they feel comfortable in it.

The best dog crates provide a place that is comfortable and that is theirs alone. When housetraining puppies, crates are commonly used, since most dogs will not soil their spaces if they can avoid it. Similarly, short periods of crate time can be helpful for puppies who are going through a chewing phase in order to control the behavior.

In order for your dog to thrive in your crate, you should use it strategically and not for an extended period of time. So, how do you select the best dog cage and Why Does My Dog Lick Their Cage? Let us help you make the right decision.

7 Best Small and Large Dog Cages in 2022
7 Best Small and Large Dog Cages in 2022

Why Do You Need a Dog Crate?

In a pet crate, your dog is limited to standing and turning around in just enough space to be contained by plastic, aluminum, or collapsible metal materials. In addition to being used to confine your dog when you are not around to supervise him or her, it is also designed to protect your dog during travel and other purposes.

In case you own a dog, you may face a difficult decision regarding the decision of whether or not to crate it. In spite of the fact that you feel that it is unfair to restrict your dog’s freedom, both professional trainers and veterinarians agree that crating your dog has a positive impact on its well-being.

As a result, professional dog trainers highly recommend the use of crates as dog training tools. In addition to satisfying your dog’s natural instinct to live in a den, your crate prevents your dog from experiencing the same problems that uncrated dogs do. Choose a crate that will perfectly fit your dog after researching the different sizes available.

There have been a number of benefits associated with crate training for dogs, including the following benefits:

Benefits For YouFor Your Dog
Peace of MindPrivacy
House TrainingBowel Control

Pros and Cons of Dogs Crates

Plastic Dog Crates

  • Pros: There are several advantages to this product, including portability, lightweight, ease of cleaning, low visibility (great for shy or reactive dogs), hard to escape, low airflow which helps to insulate against cold weather, and the top itself can be removed to convert it into a dog bed.
  • Cons: It is also important to note that some do not have an attractive appearance, may not fold flat for storage, and may not provide sufficient airflow which may cause some dogs to overheat in hot weather. Plastic may also absorb scent over time and may reduce visibility for a dog (some dogs feel more stressed if they cannot see their surroundings).

Metal Dog Crates

  • Pros: With high airflow, you can keep your dog in the open if he feels more comfortable seeing surroundings, you can purchase crate covers if he needs more privacy, you can buy divider panels to accommodate growing puppies and your crate can be easily folded flat to store.
  • Cons: If a dog chews on a heavy, metal crate, it can damage its teeth, especially if they practice chewing on the crate. Heavy metal can rust over time and is easier for a determined dog to escape from, and open visibility is difficult for dogs who need privacy without a cover.
why does my dog lick their cage
why does my dog lick their cage

5 Types of Dog Crates

We have highlighted a few of our favorite options below to help you choose the perfect crate for your particular dog, once you have measured your pup and determined what size you need.

Wire Dog Crate

Dog wire crates are the simplest and most common type of dog crate because it is made of durable metal and allows the dog to clearly see his surroundings while receiving steady airflow. They are suitable for puppies and for dogs who are still learning how to use a crate.

Furniture-Style Dog Crate

In case you do not enjoy the industrial look of wire dog crates, choose a furniture-style dog crate that blends seamlessly with your other home décor. Designed to double as a side or end table, furniture-style dog crates are ideal for pet parents who do not have ample space for a dog crate. They are particularly suitable for smaller breeds of dogs.

Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Pet parents can use soft-sided dog crates as a lightweight option to transport their pets and even take them with them on a vacation, as they are very easy to move. The majority of these products have multiple zippered doors that allow your pet to be easily accessible while in your home, car, or wherever your travels may take you.

Plastic Dog Crate

It may be more practical for your dog to use a plastic dog crate outdoors if your pup is an enthusiastic chewer. During the teething stage of puppies, heavy-duty plastic can even withstand the effects. The plastic crate is also more easily wiped down in the event of an accident in your dog’s crate.

Travel Dog Crate

Whenever you plan to transport your dog on a flight, you should use a smaller carrier specifically designed to carry small animals. The majority of airlines allow small- to medium-sized dogs to ride on board as long as they are carried in carriers approved by the airline. Please consult your specific airline regarding airline regulations regarding small and medium-sized dogs.

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Video Tutorial on Large Dog Cages

What size crate will I need for my dog?

To determine the correct dimensions, follow the steps below.

  • Length: In order to determine the overall length of your dog, measure the length from nose to tail. When measuring the tail, add approximately 2-4 inches to this measurement, depending on the size of the animal.
  • Height: Measuring your dog from the top of the head to the ground or measuring from the tip of the ears depends on whether your dog has naturally upright ears or not.
  • Width: Add approximately two inches to the width of your crate for small breeds and four inches to crates for larger breeds in order to determine the width of the crate.
large dog cage

Crate Sizing Guide

Extra Small Crates (Dog weight: Between 1 lb. and 10 lbs.)

  • Sizes: 24L X 18W x 21H, 24L x 18W x 19H
  • Breeds: Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, Jack Russel Terrier, Maltese, Papillon, Pomeranian, Pug, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier and more.

Small Crates (Dog Weight: Between 11 lbs. and 25 lbs.)

  • Sizes: 24L x 18W x 21H, 24Lx 18W x 19H
  • Breeds: Border Terrier, Boston Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Miniature Dachshund, Maltese, Miniature Poodle, Tibetan Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier and more.

Medium Crates (Dog Weight: Between 26 lbs. and 40 lbs.)

  • Sizes: 30L x 21W x 24H, 30L x 19W x 21H
  • Breeds: American Pit Bull, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, French Bulldog, King Charles Spaniel, Minature Pinscher, Miniature Schnauzer, Shetland Sheepdog, Welsh Terrier and more.

Large Crates (Dog Weight: Between 41 lbs. and 70 lbs.)

  • Sizes: 36L x 24W x 27H, 36L x 23W x 25H
  • Breeds: Basset Hound, Belgian Sheepdog, Bull Terrier, Bulldog, Chinese Shar-Pei, English Setter, English Springer Spaniel, Harrier, Schnauzer, Welsh Corgi and more.

Extra Large Crates (Dog Weight: Between 71 lbs. and 90 lbs.)

  • Sizes: 42L x 28W x 31H, 42L x 28W x 30H
  • Breeds: Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Boxer, Chow-Chow, Dalmation, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Irish Setter, Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky, Poodle and more.

XXL Crates (Dog Weight: 90 lbs. and up)

  • Sizes: 46L x 30W x 33H
  • Breeds: Alaskan Malamute, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bloodhound, Giant Schnauzer, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Greyhound, Neopolitan Mastiff, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard and more.

Popular Dog Crate Brands

Pet Crates Direct recommends the following brands as the most popular and trusted:

  • Midwest Homes for Pets
  • Petmate
  • Precision Pet Products
  • Prevue Pet Products
  • Richell Pet
  • Petco
  • Carlson Pet Products
  • AmazonBasics
  • ProSelect Empire
  • Oxgord
  • Aspen Pet
  • Impact

Dog Crate Accessories

It may be necessary to add a few extra pieces to your crate to make it comfortable and appealing to your dog, such as:

  • Crate trays: Replacement pans are also convenient to have on hand if your dog gets muddy, or perhaps his food and water bowls get messy. Durable, removable pans are useful to have on hand when housetraining your dog as they can be easily wiped clean.
  • Dog crate covers: A crate cover provides your canine with a quiet, private place to relax. They add a den-like feel to your crate. Several sizes and many colors and patterns are available for dog crate covers. Many have tabs that hold the cover in place while being lightweight enough to allow adequate airflow.
  • Crate casters: It is not uncommon to see wire crates with casters mounted on the bottom of them. These wheels are able to lock when your crate is in the desired position.
cage for dog

Some Useful Quick tips

In the case of dogs, you should measure the length of their nose to the base of their tail, then add between 2-4 inches. Remember that they need enough room to be able to stand and turn around in the crate as well as lie down on it.

  • Room to grow: The size of your puppy’s crate should be determined based on the size of its estimated adult body, and you can use a divider to adjust the internal space as your puppy grows.
  • Avoid too much space: If your medium-sized dog is still getting used to its crate, selecting an extra-large crate might appear like a nice way to give them some extra space to roam around, but it may result in accidents.
  • A place to call home: By adding items such as a favorite dog toy or blanket to the crate, you can ease your pup into a den-like environment and offer them added comfort. Accessories such as a comfy crate pad or mat are effective in providing additional comfort.

Our Top Picks

Collapsible Metal Crates

Frisco Fold and Carry Double Door Dog Crate

It is easy to fold and carry this metal crate. It assembles without tools and collapses when you are on the go. (A handy handle is included, too.) Available in various sizes, this Frisco crate includes a side door, a plastic bottom pan to facilitate easy cleaning, and an optional divider that will allow your pup to grow in the crate.

MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

With a single or double door, this metal crate is available in several sizes between 22 and 48 inches in length. Collapsible for easy storage and transportation, it includes a removable plastic pan, and a removable plastic pan for easy cleaning. With the divider included, you may adjust the crate to accommodate the growth of your pup.

Wooden Crates

Internet’s Best Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed

A stylish wood-style crate made from medium density fiberboard and wire, this crate is not suitable for chewers and is recommended for dogs on the smaller side. This crate is available in white or espresso, depending on your decor needs. A removable pad is included with the double front door and single side door. Nickel hardware locks are used to secure both doors.

Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Crate & Gate

This wooden-style crate is a great addition to any room and is ideal as an end table or stand. Wire and solid wood veneer provide a striking aesthetic and can be utilized as a side table or end table. With two sizes available, you can slide the panels out, connect the pins, and this space can be converted from a crate to a gate, allowing for the enclosure of a room.

Plastic Crates

Petmate Vari Kennel

This Petmate crate can be used for crating at home as well as for transporting your pets (hello, air travel!). It comes in several sizes and the heavy-duty plastic is attached with metal screws and plastic fasteners for easy assembly. A robust latch provides additional security on the exterior.

Frisco Two Door Top Load Plastic Kennel

A Frisco crate can be loaded through either the front door or the top. It is ideal for travel and is available in two sizes to facilitate crate training small dogs. This crate is made from 95% pre-consumer recycled plastic and features spring-loaded latches for increased security, while an interior indentation keeps your dog dry if the dog experiences an accident.

small dog cage

Alphabetized Dog Breed Crates Size List

The following list offers an alternative method for locating an appropriately sized dog kennel for your pet based on alphabetical order.

BreedSize SizeWeight
Afghan48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Affenpinscher22XSup to 25 lbs.
Airedale Terrier42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Akita48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Alaskan Malamute48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
American Bull Dog42XL71 – 90 lbs.
American Eskimo36L41 – 70 lbs.
American Pit Bull Terrier30M26 – 40 lbs.
American Staffordshire Terrier30M26 – 40 lbs.
American Water Spaniel30M26 – 40 lbs.
Anatolian Shepherd48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Aussiedoodle42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Australian Cattle Dog36L41 – 70 lbs.
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog36L41 – 70 lbs.
Australian Kelpie42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Australian Shepherd42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Australian Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
Basenji30M26 – 40 lbs.
Basset Hound36L41 – 70 lbs.
Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound36L41 – 70 lbs.
Beagle36L41 – 70 lbs.
Bearded Collie42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Bedlington Terrier30M26 – 40 lbs.
Belgian Malinois42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Belgian Sheepdog42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Belgian Tervuren42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Bernedoodle42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Bernese Mountain Dog48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Bichon Frise24Sup to 25 lbs.
Bloodhound48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Boerboel48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Border Collie42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Border Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
Borzoi54Gover 110 lbs.
Boston Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
Bouvier Des Flandres48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Boxer42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Boykin Spaniel30M26 – 40 lbs.
Briard48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Brittany Spaniel36L41 – 70 lbs.
Broholmer54Gover 110 lbs.
Brussels Griffon22XSup to 25 lbs.
Bull Terrier36L41 – 70 lbs.
Bulldog36L41 – 70 lbs.
Bullmastiff48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Catahoula Leopard Dog48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Cardigan Welsh Corgi30M26 – 40 lbs.
Carin Terrier30M26 – 40 lbs.
Cavaopoo22XSup to 25 lbs.
Chesapeake Bay Retriever42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Chihuahua22XSup to 25 lbs.
Chinese Crested24Sup to 25 lbs.
Chinese Shar-Pei36Large41 – 70 lbs.
Chinook48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Chiweenie22XSup to 25 lbs.
Chow-Chow42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Clumber Spaniel30M26 – 40 lbs.
Cocker Spaniel36L41 – 70 lbs.
Collie48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Dachshund30M26 – 40 lbs.
Dalmatian42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Doberman Pinscher48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Dogue De Bordeaux48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
English Setter36L41 – 70 lbs.
English Springer Spaniel36L41 – 70 lbs.
Finnish Spitz36L41 – 70 lbs.
Fox Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
French Bulldog30M26 – 40 lbs.
German Pinscher30M50 – 60 lbs.
German Shepherd48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Giant Schnauzer48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Golden Retriever42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Goldendoodle42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Gordon Setter42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Great Dane54Gover 110 lbs.
Great Pyrenees54Gover 110 lbs.
Greyhound48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Harrier36L41 – 70 lbs.
Havanese24Sup to 25 lbs.
Ibizan Hound42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Irish Setter42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Irish Terrier30M50 – 60 lbs.
Irish Water Spaniel42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Irish Wolfhound54Gover 110 lbs.
Italian Greyhound24Sup to 25 lbs.
Jack Russel Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
Japanese Chin22XSup to 25 lbs.
Keeshond36L41 – 70 lbs.
Kerry Blue Terrier36L41 – 70 lbs.
King Charles Spaniel30M26 – 40 lbs.
Komondor48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Kuvasz48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Labrador Retriever42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Leonberger54Gover 110 lbs.
Lhasa Apso30M26 – 40 lbs.
Malinois48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Maltese22XSup to 25 lbs.
Maltipoo22XSup to 25 lbs.
Manchester Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
Mastiff54Gover 110 lbs.
Miniature Dachshund24Sup to 25 lbs.
Miniature Pinscher30M26 – 40 lbs.
Miniature Poodle24Sup to 25 lbs.
Miniature Schnauzer30M26 – 40 lbs.
Morkie2XSup to 25 lbs.
Neapolitan Mastiff54Gover 110 lbs.
Newfoundland48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Norfolk Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
Norwegian Elkhound36L41 – 70 lbs.
Norwich Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
Old English Sheepdog48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Otterhound48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Papillon22XSup to 25 lbs.
Parson Russell Terrier24Sup to 40 lbs.
Pekingese30M26 – 40 lbs.
Pharaoh Hound42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Plott Hound42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Pointer48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Pomeranian22XSup to 25 lbs.
Pomsky24Sup to 40 lbs.
Poochon24Sup to 40 lbs.
Poodle (Small)24Sup to 40 lbs.
Poodle (Standard)42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Portuguese Water Dog36L41 – 70 lbs.
Pug24Sup to 25 lbs.
Puggle22XSup to 25 lbs.
Redbone Coonhound30M26 – 40 lbs.
Rhodesian Ridgeback42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Rottweiler48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Russian Toy22XSup to 25 lbs.
Russian Bear Dog54Gover 110 lbs.
Saluki42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Samoyed48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Schipperke24Sup to 40 lbs.
Schnauzer24Sup to 40 lbs.
Schnoodle42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Scottish Deerhound54Gover 110 lbs.
Scottish Terrier30M26 – 40 lbs.
Segugio Italiano36L41 – 70 lbs.
Sheepadoodle42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Shetland Sheepdog30M26 – 40 lbs.
Shih Tzu24Sup to 25 lbs.
Siberian Husky48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Silky Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
Skye Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier36L41 – 70 lbs.
St. Bernard54Gover 110 lbs.
Standard Schnauzer36L41 – 70 lbs.
Staffordshire Terrier30M26 – 40 lbs.
Teacup Yorkshire Terrier22XSup to 25 lbs.
Terrier24Sup to 25 lbs.
Tervueren48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Tibetan Spaniel24Sup to 25 lbs.
Tibetan Terrier30M26 – 40 lbs.
Toy Fox Terrier22XSup to 25 lbs.
Toy Poodle24Sup to 25 lbs.
Treeing Tennessee Brindle36L41 – 70 lbs.
Vizsla42XL71 – 90 lbs.
Weimaraner48XXL91 – 110 lbs.
Welsh Corgi36L41 – 70 lbs.
Welsh Springer Spaniel30M26 – 40 lbs.
Welsh Terrier30M26 – 40 lbs.
West Highland Terrier30M26 – 40 lbs.
Whippet36L41 – 70 lbs.
Fox Terrier24Sup to 40 lbs.
Yakutian Laika36L41-70 lbs.
Yorkie Poo22XSup to 25 lbs.
Yorkshire22XSup to 25 lbs.

FAQs on Small Dog Cages in USA

Is putting a dog in a cage cruel?

Long-term confinement of animals has been shown to have negative effects on their physical and emotional well-being. Animals kept in cages for an extended period of time may develop a variety of health problems, such as aggression and withdrawal.

Is it OK to keep a dog in a cage overnight?

Dogs who spend their entire day and night in the crate do not get enough exercise or human interaction, and this can result in depression and anxiety.

Can a dog be in a cage for 8 hours?

If the dog is exercised and walks when he or she is outside of the crate, most adult dogs can stay in a crate for about half the day. It is common for adult dogs to be able to manage an eight or eight hour confinement during the working day, but longer than this time may result in behavioral issues.

Should you cover a dog crate with a blanket?

You should never completely cover your dog’s crate as it can block airflow. If your dog is exposed to hot conditions during the summer, monitor the conditions inside the crate to ensure it does not become overly hot. Avoid using knit blankets that may snag or unravel. Make sure the blanket is breathable and prevents any heat buildup.

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