Here are the top 16 small dog breeds in India with prices in 2022

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Small dog breeds in India

Small dog breeds in India
small dog breeds in India

Small dogs are loved by everyone because they are adorable and cuddly. It is impossible not to fall in love with one of these adorable canines. We are missing our companionship now that India is under lockdown.

A small dog can be your perfect companion if you’re looking for some companionship. Puppies of all colors and sizes are available in these pocket-sized pups. As a result of their small size, they are easier to maintain, more affordable to own, and suitable for apartment living.

In addition to being easy to train, smart, and excellent guard dogs, most small dogs are also easy to care for. Moreover, these adorable dogs do not grow out of puppyhood.

You’re about to embark on an exciting new journey when you bring a puppy home. Our all-time favorite puppy is the tiniest, cutest one. Nevertheless, puppies are much more than just adorable looks. There is also the matter of choosing the right breed of dog in India for your lifestyle.

Because most of us live in apartments, we’ve put together a list of the best small dog breeds in India. Find out which breeds of dogs are perfect for apartment living by reading on.

Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price

16 small dog breeds in India are:-

  • Mi-ki dog
  • Maltese
  • Toy Poodle
  • Boston Terrier
  • French bulldog
  • Beagle
  • Indian Spitz
  • Indian Pariah Dog
  • Shih Tzu
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Pomeranian
  • Chihuahua
  • Tibetan Spaniel
  • Russkiy Toy
  • Pappilon
  • Bichon Frise

1. Mi-ki dog

Toy dog Mi-Ki is an up-and-coming little friend. The Mi-Ki weighs between four and ten pounds and is agile and friendly, like cats, but loyal and friendly like dogs. In addition to having a delicate nature, the Mi-Ki is known for its adaptability, coolness, and delight.

Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
small dog breeds in India | Small dog breeds in India

Mi-Kis are usually a good choice for families that aren’t interested in excessive barking. While some Mi-Kis are capable of pointing out strange occurrences to their families, the majority are horrible guard dogs. Mi-Ki is known to be excellent friends to any species.

A Mi-Ki usually gets along well with other dogs, is calm around horses, and is friendly towards cats. In addition to climbing, pouncing, and playing like cats, Mi-Kis have agility and vigor as well.

Taking Mi-Kis for walks and including them in family activities can allow them to live in a small house. In addition to exercise and mental stimulation, Mi-Kis require moderate activity but not strenuous jogging. Those looking for a hiking companion for all-day excursions may not find the Mi-Ki suitable.

A wonderful travel companion and a great companion for small children, the chihuahua is one of the best small-breed dogs in India.

Price: 17000 to 121000 INR

2. Maltese

Known for its silky white hair, the toy dog is a sophisticated breed. Adding to the thick and straight fall of the coat, it covers the ground. A few decades ago, there were many colors of Maltese, but now they are always white.

Whenever he moves around a properly built Maltese, he appears to float underneath his white hair cloud. It sheds less because of the lack of an undercoat, and many consider him to be hypoallergenic since he has no undercoat.

Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
small dog breeds in India | Small dog breeds in India

It’s not just the fur that makes the Maltese breed so special. Complete your picture with a slightly rounded skull, a black nose, drop ears, dark eyes, long, straight legs, and a sleek tail.

Dedicated to his people, he is a sweet and intelligent dog. He is one of the smallest types of dogs, so apartments or condos are ideal homes for him. Maltese are active watchdogs that adapt to their environments regardless of where they live.

Even so, Maltese dogs are considered small breed dogs in India and are not a great choice for families with young children since they are so small and are very likely to get injured. In order to successfully integrate your dog into your life, they must be properly socialized and trained.

Price: 32000 to 122000 INR

3. Toy Poodle

Toy poodles should not exceed 10 inches at the shoulder; miniature poodles should not exceed 15 inches at the shoulder. The structure and proportions of all three varieties are similar. When you see a Poodle dog show, you will likely see him in an elaborate Continental Clip.

Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
small dog breeds in India | Small dog breeds in India

Sporting Clips fit the square body shape of neatly muscled dogs with square-shaped fur, making them a popular choice for pet owners.

Poodles are not little sissies! They are incredibly intelligent, flexible, enthusiastic, competitive, and responsive. They are like all other toy small breed dogs in that they expect to be treated as “human” and delivered with an abundance of steady character and responsiveness.

Price: 50000 to 70000 INR

    4. Boston Terrier

    There are three popular colors for these dogs: black, brindle, or seal (as seen in sunny weather or bright lighting, black with a red cast). It has a square head, a small muzzle, and wide, round eyes, and when it is kind, interested, or mischievous, it will shine. It is a Boston habit to be always aware of one’s surroundings and move with a rhythmic and playful rhythm.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India | list small dog breeds in India

    Their large stature, compact shape, and people-oriented nature make them good candidates for walking to the park or cafe. Despite its dapper appearance and natural comic nature, the dapper Bostonian dog consistently brings smiles to the faces of visitors.

    Price: 40000 to 80000 INR

    5. French bulldog

    French Bulldogs resemble miniature Bulldogs except for their long, erect “bat ears,” which are distinctive features of the breed. A large, square head dominates the body. The heavily wrinkled nose was rolled over. A smooth, brilliant coat hides a compact, muscular body.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India | small dog breeds in India with names

    Despite their small size, French bulldogs are very affectionate and charming dogs. Usually silent dogs, Frenchmen do not bark much, but they are good watchdogs due to their alert nature. Adapted easily to life as a single, a couple, or a family. Exercising outdoors is not required much.

    They enjoy meeting new human varieties and getting along well with other pets. These amusing and companionable breeds are known and adored in cities from Paris to Peoria.

    Price: 52000 to 55000 INR

    6. Beagle

    Probably the cutest dog you’ve ever seen is the beagle. Because they are playful, gentle, and friendly, they’re ideal for families with children because they are small, active, and friendly.

    When they find an intriguing trail of scent, they often get carried away by the scent. Unless your Beagle is trained from an early age, this can turn into a problem. Any animal that smells interesting might make them inclined to chase a butterfly, rat, or another dog.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India | small dog breeds in India with names

    The color of the beagle can vary from lemon to red and white to tricolor. They are quite popular with Indian pet owners due to their cute faces, big brown eyes, and long ears.

    The Beagle’s small size makes him popular among apartment dwellers. Though beagles bark harder than other small dogs, keep that in mind. In that case, perhaps you can gift your neighbor sound-canceling earmuffs if you plan to keep Beagles.

    Price: 19,000 to 22,000 INR

    7. Indian Spitz

    A nuclear family is an ideal fit for the Indian Spitz. There’s an uncanny similarity between them and Pomeranians.

    Spitzes weigh anywhere from 11 to 45 pounds and stand 8 to 18 inches tall. Their fur is incredibly small and they live in apartments perfectly. Walks are great for getting them out of their energy and getting their heartbeats up.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India | small size dog breeds in India

    The Indian heat does not pose any problems for them because they are accustomed to a warm climate. When they become too accustomed to their size, Indian Spitz tries to pick fights with larger dogs. It is important to watch your Spitz, especially when they are socializing with other dogs. For the safety of the dogs, avoid socializing them with aggressive or hyper-reactive dogs.

    Price: 14000 to 29000 INR

    8. Indian Pariah Dog

    Perhaps India’s oldest breed of dog is the Indian Pariah. Socializing them at a young age will make them incredible family pets.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    Here are the top 16 small dog breeds in India with prices in 2022 19

    There is no doubt that Indian Pariahs are alert dogs; always on the lookout for dangers. Strangers are suspicious by nature. It is possible, however, to socialize your puppy at an early age so she feels comfortable around other dogs or people. Children usually enjoy sharing space with them and they can be protective of their owners.

    There is no climate that this dog cannot adapt to. It is possible to keep a Pariah in an apartment as they are usually medium-sized dogs.

    You should however remember that Pariahs are hard to come by. The majority of street dogs are mixed breeds known as Pariahs. The inability to predict health conditions and behavioral issues from a young age is due to not knowing a person’s family history and genetics.

    Price: 5,000 to 8,000 INR

    9. Shih Tzu

    It is said that the Shih Tzu makes an excellent companion. A friendly, affectionate dog that follows its family around, they’re happy, loving, and outgoing.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India | cute small dog breeds in India

    The small size of these dogs makes them perfect for apartment living and makes them great first dogs. These dogs can make excellent nannies due to their sensitive and affectionate nature.

    Their thick, luscious coat allows them to withstand cooler temperatures but they do not do as well in excessive heat. In addition to their family, these dogs are also very loving toward other animals. It isn’t known whether a Shih Tzu bites, but it won’t tolerate bad behavior either. Barking and biting can occur if they feel threatened, so be kind to them!

    Price: 5,000 to 8,000 INR

    10. Lhasa Apso

    Tibetan dogs are known as Lhasa Apsos. The Tibetan Buddhist monks used them as monastery scout dogs in their monasteries.  Despite their independent nature, Lhasa Apsos are intelligent, loyal companions. They are a little wary of strangers.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India | small white dog breeds in India

    Known for being calm and composed, this dog breed excels in this area. It is important to socialize with other dogs and with people at an early age. In addition, they should exercise moderately. Strangers are typically nervous around Lhasa Apsos and have a great desire to please their owners.

    Typically, they are 11 inches tall and weigh between 12 and 15 kg. Aside from the fact that they are among the most adorable dogs, they are also suitable for apartment living due to their small size and thick, long coat.

    Price: 18,000 to 23,000 INR

    11. Pomeranian

    Generally, Pomeranians weigh less than 4 pounds. Over two dozen colors are offered. This double coat is thick and beautiful.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small white dog breeds in India

    A person’s intelligence and dominance are in stark contrast to their apparently harmless exterior.

    It is very easy to train a Pomeranian to be an exceptional watchdog. They are also very alert dogs. Although they are playful, friendly, and loyal to kids and their families, they also show a serious side to them. It is important to be aware of the fact that these dogs may try to attack someone twice their size.

    It is important for Poles to be active and to exercise regularly. Small and easy to exercise, they can easily go for short walks and exercises indoors. They are perfect for living in apartments because of this.

    Price: 4000 to 8000 INR

    12. Chihuahua

    Despite weighing just 3 kilograms, Chihuahuas are an absolute joy. Their charm, intelligence, and playfulness make them adorable. There are brilliant, big, expressive eyes and an apple-shaped, round head. Various colors and lengths are available for their coats.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India | small dog breeds in India with price and pictures

    Among the characteristics of Chihuahuas are their loyalty, charm, confidence, and energy. The little ones may be small, but their appetite for fun is big. At least twice a day, you should walk them. In extremely cold temperatures, you should take special care. They can’t handle winter conditions very well.

    Regardless of how tiny they are, they require early obedience training or they can be a danger. It is ideal for apartment dwellers to have them as pets due to their small size and intelligence.

    Price: 8000 to 26,000 INR

    13. Tibetan Spaniel

    Unlike the other small breeds in India, this breed has a distinctive muzzle and wide expressive ears, a “lion’s mane” around its head, and a tail that curves gracefully over its shoulders. But they’re spaniels, right? Cockers and Cavaliers as they are known in the West are not like that

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India

    As an alternative, Tibbies have a tradition in their blood of Peke dogs, Pugs, Lhasas, and other distinctly oriental breeds. The Tibbie is approximately 10 inches at the shoulder; it moves rapidly and deliberately. Their coats are multi-colored and they come in a variety of combinations.

    Price: 40,000 to 62,000 INR

     14. Russkiy Toy

    Russian Toy dogs originate from the aristocracy of Russia and are a toy breed. Among the Indian small breed dogs, this one is a friendly, energetic breed that loves to run and play. Dogs differ widely in their ability to chase toys through the house or yard, while others can do nothing more than lounge in your lap for hours on end, happy to know they’re your precious treasure.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India | small dog breeds in India

    When they feel neglected, they will tell you about it. They are dependent on human companionship. There is semi-long or smooth fur on their body. A longhair cat has a long neck ruff and distinct feathering on its tail, ears, and arms. Russian Toys are not going to have fully mature fur until they turn one, and they’re not going to have complete fringe until they’re three.

    There is a smooth texture and a sleek look to the variety. Both varieties have slightly different attitudes. It tends to be more terrier-like when the coat is smooth than when the coat is long. Nevertheless, both are endowed with a personality bigger than life.

    Price: 62000 to 92000 INR

    15. Pappilon

    Papillons are still easily recognizable due to their long, wing-like ears, which give them their name (“Papillon” means butterfly in French).

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India | small dog breeds in India

    In Phalene form, the ears are down. Erect ears are found in most Paps; down ears are found in others. Paps have a soft, silky coat with various variations of colors, with a white base color. They have a plumed tail, for added style. They are robust, for all the reasons and seasons, then they appear to be.

    It does not matter whether they live in a hot or cool climate, in a city or country, they thrive and enjoy the company of family members. It is an agility dog that is excellent at the highest levels and is a frequent champion at those levels. It can also be taught many tricks by the owner who has little ambition.

    Price: 42000 to 82000 INR

    16.  Bichon frise

    The withers of a healthy Bichon will measure just less than one foot high. The glory of the breed is its hypoallergenic white coat, which is soft and velvety to the touch… Your nose and lips will stand out with the rounded hairs of the head… I have big, dark eyes.

    Top 16 Small dog breeds in India with price
    small dog breeds in India | small dog breeds in India

    A bichon is a friendly animal and is very adaptable with both animals & children. A curious and alert breed, Bichons make excellent watchdogs. However, they are lovers, not warriors. Bichons believe that there are no strangers, just unknown friends.

    They are ideal city dogs because they are big and confident. Their hearts are devoted to their family and they love performing for them. Finally, Bichon’s open-hearted personality draws smiles and hugs wherever he goes.

    Price: 32000 to 62000 INR


    Pet dogs of small breeds make excellent companions. Family members will be happy and joyful because of them. Because they are small and easy to transport, you can easily take them along on your travels and they are inexpensive to own. Here are a few small dog breeds that can make perfect pets for your family in India.

    Make sure you do proper research about any of the dogs from above before you decide to buy or adopt them so that your little puppy and you won’t suffer.

    Companion dogs are excellent small dog breeds. Family members will be happy and joyful because of them. Because they are small and easy to transport, you can easily take them along on your travels and they are inexpensive to own.

    FAQ related to Small dog breeds in India

    Which dog is good for a small house?

    A cuddly companion for cuddly people: the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    It may have royal roots, but these dogs are not dependent on lavish surroundings to thrive. They prefer smaller living spaces and can be closer to their owners if the space is small enough.

    Which dog is not allowed in India?

    Breeders in India imported large numbers of dogs incompatible with the tropical climate of the country, such as St Bernards, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and others. In light of this historic ban, DGFT deserves praise for it as it will prevent thousands of dogs from suffering.

    What is the most expensive dog?

    Puppies of Tibetan mastiffs
    An allegedly priced dog that’s the world’s most expensive could be the golden-haired Tibetan mastiff puppies which were sold for $2 million in China.

    Which dog is famous in India?

    Indians love Palmolein and Mastiffs as their most popular breeds. The mastiff dog breed is a giant dog breed with different names and locations such as Bullmastiffs, Korean Mastiffs, Kumaon Mastiffs, South African Mastiffs, English Mastiffs, and Neapolitan Mastiffs.

    How will I know when my dog is dying?

    Having your veterinarian rule out other health issues first is always a good idea. In addition to losing balance and motor control, another major sign of impending death in a dog is a lack of coordination. You may notice that your dog is very wobbly or acting disoriented when getting up and moving around. When lying down, you may experience shaking or convulsions.

    What’s better male or a female dog?

    According to some, male dogs tend to be more affectionate and easier to train, while females exhibit greater aggressiveness and protectiveness toward their owners and puppies. When it comes to puppies and dogs, the truth is that there is no superior sex.

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