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Tibetan Mastiff dog Price in India

Tibetan Mastiff dog Price in India
Tibetan Mastiff dog Price in India

Tibetan Mastiffs are an ancient dog breed from Tibet. A large dog breed that can love and protect its owner and the family, this is popular among dog lovers. When properly trained, they can be great family dogs.

In the past, Tibetan Mastiffs inhabited the Himalayan region for thousands of years as guard dogs. Mastiff, in reality, is not an actual dog breed, however, the Europeans gave this name to breeds of large dogs.

Breeders of this loyal breed pride themselves on their independence, stubbornness, and instincts. Sheep flocks have long been protected by them, as they take their protective duties very seriously. They take their master’s commands seriously and are fiercely devoted to them.

In case of a sibling feud, they are overprotective toward their loved ones but they are also capable of being good guardians. Originally guard dogs, they are most active at night, following their natural instincts.

At night, Tibetan Mastiffs tend to become very vocal, energetic, and move around the house. To prevent the Tibetan Mastiff from disturbing others at night, owners are advised to make sure their dogs have a place to sleep indoors. Tibetan Mastiffs prefer daytime rather than nighttime when it comes to relaxing.

There is a great demand for Tibetan mastiff dogs in India, so the price of these dogs is very high. The price of these breeds rises as the demand does. Tibet Mastiffs cost about Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh per year.

    Tibetan Mastiff dog Price list

    DehradunRs 50,000 to 1,00,500
    ChennaiRs 50,000 to 1,00,500
    JaipurRs 50,000 to 1,00,500
    ChandigarhRs 50,000 to 1,00,500
    MumbaiRs 50,000 to 1,00,500
    HyderabadRs 55,000 to 1,05,300
    LucknowRs 50,000 to 1,00,500
    KolkataRs 50,000 to 1,00,500
    BangaloreRs 50,000 to 1,00,500
    Tibetan Mastiff dog Price | Tibetan Mastiff dog Price in India |Tibetan Mastiff dog Pricelist

    Factors affecting the Tibetan Mastiff Price in India

    • Puppy prices
    • Breeder effect
    • Dog food as a factor
    • Vaccine costs
    • Cost of grooming
    • Accessory prices
    • Trainee costs
    • Treat cost
    • Transportation costs

    Puppy prices

    In general, a puppy can cost anywhere between 50 to 70 thousand dollars, but there is no upper limit to its price.

    A puppy with the best health would usually cost the most. Make sure that the puppy has received the correct vaccinations so that there is no risk of them inheriting an inherited disease.

    Breeder affect

    These dogs’ prices are also heavily influenced by the breeder. Vaccinations and grooming are important to a good breeder. An improperly bred puppy may have health problems, as this is a delicate breed.

    Purebred dogs cost more than mixed breed dogs. You may need several lakhs for a purebred variety, while a mixed variety will cost you less.

    Dog food as a factor

    As a Tibetan Mastiff owner or aspiring one, keeping tabs on what your dog consumes is extremely important. Not providing them with a proper diet can cause them to become ill. There are dogs that prefer dry pet food, and there are dogs that do not. It is, therefore, best to observe your dog while it eats to determine its preferences.

    During the cold season, it is particularly important to watch one’s diet. In order to prevent illness that may affect your dog, it is recommended that you buy high-quality dog food. A vet should be consulted before you start your dog on a new diet.

    Vaccine costs

    Depending on the level of activity that your Tibetan Mastiff has, it may also require some additional vaccines in addition to the usual ones. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors doing outdoor activities such as hiking or camping, then he may be needed to receive the Leptospirosis vaccine to protect himself against infections brought on by wildlife outside.

    If your dog spends too much time in a kennel, it may become ill with influenza. The Lyme disease vaccine should be given also, be administered to prevent your dog from ticks.

    Cost of grooming

    Tibetan Mastiff owners often worry about the cost of grooming their dogs. Professional grooming services include grooming, grooming, trimming ears, cleaning teeth, trimming nails, and bathing.

    Cost of grooming
    Tibetan Mastiff dog Price | Tibetan Mastiff dog Price in India

    A dog’s size and growth will affect the cost of these services. You may incur more expenses with thick coats in some varieties of Tibetan Mastiffs.

    You would need grooming equipment if you are planning to take care of your dog at home. If you own a dog of this breed, expect up to seven grooming sessions per year.

    Professional groomers also provide some additional grooming services. There are many types of dog services, including dog walking services or dog sitting services

    Accessory prices

    There are also some accessories that are a must if you own a dog, such as good and water bowls, toys, collars, and poop scoopers. There are a few other accessories you could purchase which will cost you extra money although all these are basic accessories.

    In addition to the accessories that your dog needs as it grows, your expenses will increase as well. The products can range from shampoo to toenail clippers to odor removal sprays.

    Trainee costs

    Training this breed can be very challenging because of its large size. In order to train a Tibetan Mastiff correctly, socialization should be the main focus.

    You need to check the dog has been trained to meet the family and socialize before bringing a Tibetan Mastiff home. It can cause unruly behavior if this is not the case. As a result, it will also have an easier time interacting with others and outsiders.

    The dog needs to be trained using special techniques if at all it shows some aggressive behavior. Their guard dog status makes them quite protective of their masters and as such, socializing them with others becomes important.

    Any animal needs to be trained with patience and consistency, and this includes Tibetan Mastiffs.

    Treat cost

    The dog owner who is truly devoted to his dog will spoil him with all the treats the dog loves. Although it is nice to have treats every now and then, you should not ignore the cost.

    Your dog’s treat cost will depend on how many treats you prefer to give him. Treating the dog twice or three times a week will be not much if you are someone who enjoys pampering him.

     Transportation costs

    No matter how infrequently you travel, you will need to take your family along on some occasions. Taking your dog everywhere you go is simply not possible in such cases. For the care of your dog, you might need a professional.

    Taking your dog onboarding is no small matter if you want to take it along with you. It can be expensive, especially if you have to travel long distances. A lot of other factors play a role, like the time of year, what is available, and the cost of travel.

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      Characteristics of Tibetan mastiff dog

      Characteristics of Tibetan mastiff dog
      Characteristics of Tibetan mastiff dog | Tibetan Mastiff dog Price
      • Mastiffs in Tibet are typically active at sunrise and sunset.
      • While staying indoors, they are usually calm, but outdoors they can sometimes become wild.
      • You shouldn’t keep a Tibetan Mastiff outside for too long as they don’t like it.
      • The employees sometimes disregard the master’s instructions and do things according to their own rules. Thus, they could pose a danger to others.
      • The nature of their being is independence. Outside interference is not acceptable to them.
      • Tibetan Mastiffs are sensitive and smart. Humans are capable of understanding their feelings. Anyone living in the same house with you, whether they are kids, spouses, or anyone else. You’ll be shown sad feelings or stopped.
      • Especially if your dog will take part in any competitions. I would not recommend you buying this one, as it is not for you.
      • Although Tibetan Mastiffs play well with children, sometimes they can be harmful due to their wrong actions.
      • A Tibetan Mastiff isn’t a good purchase if you are a new dog owner. You can always choose another option.
      • It requires weekly brushing and costs very little to maintain.
      Characteristics of Tibetan mastiff dog | Tibetan Mastiff dog Price

      Diet for Tibetan Mastiff Dogs

      It is important to consider a few factors when deciding on the best diet for your Tibetan Mastiff dog.

      Diet for Tibetan Mastiff Dogs
      Tibetan Mastiff dog Price | Tibetan Mastiff dog Price in India
      • The first thing you must remember is that in order for your dog to be healthy and fit, it needs ample exercise, and if you plan on giving him food and water, it must be appropriate for both his breed and the health of the dog.
      • As you prepare your homemade diet, you must also consider the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your dog needs and determine how many calories he should consume. In the end, not every dog prefers the same tastes, and if he is too restricted in his diet, he might be sick or even die.
      • Your first consideration should be what kind of dog you have. There are dogs who prefer a modest diet and may prefer their meals to be large.
      • Tibetan Mastiffs are even known to eat just enough for them to be satisfied, and some smaller dogs simply won’t accept extra food.
      • By watching him eat, you can figure out what kind of meal your dog prefers. The only healthy food you can give him is what you put in front of him, so he will eat it.
      • Tibetan Mastiffs may like or dislike dry dog food, depending on their temperaments. A dog’s diet also plays a role. Choose canned or kibble foods instead of dry foods.
      • Whenever you are feeding him, make a point of playing with him since he will eat more if he feels hungry. Your dog will live a healthy and productive life if you choose the right foods for his diet.

      Are Tibetan mastiffs illegal?

      Tibet has banned Tibetan Mastiffs in many countries. There are restrictions or bans on Tibetan Mastiffs in Malaysia, the Maldives, Bermuda Islands, parts of the United States, Australia, and France. You should know that bans can be imposed or lifted at any time by these countries.

      Can a Tibetan mastiff kill a lion?

      Its natural enemies are wolves, tigers, and lions. Rottweilers, Wolf dogs, Neopolitan mastiffs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Boerboels, Argentinean Dogs, and Kangals are a few breeds that are known to catch and kill wild animals.

      Are Tibetan mastiffs dangerous?

      As a woman in Beijing’s Miyun county found out to her misfortune, the Tibetan mastiff, while revered as a status symbol in mainland China, can be a dangerous, ferocious animal.

      Why are Tibetan mastiffs so expensive?

      The Tibetan mastiff is as rare as our national treasure, the panda, hence its high price, according to the breeder, Zhang Gengyun. However, an industry insider believes that breeders sometimes bid themselves up, and no money is exchanged.

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