Dogs are great playmates and can teach kids responsibility, compassion, and patience. Before adopting a dog, investigate the best breed for your home and lifestyle.

Some canines adore roughhousing with older youngsters, while others are patient with toddlers. Children need an older dog. Kids who tug tails or ears need calm, older dogs.

10. Irish Setter Imagine strolling with one of these beauties. Irish Setters are show-stoppers and talented athletes.

9. Beagle Beagles undoubtedly thrive on company; these pack animals cannot survive long periods of time alone.

8. Pug Pugs eat and sleep like people. You must feed and exercise them regularly, but they make great couch companions.

7. Bulldog A faithful bulldog may suit individuals with a more relaxed lifestyle. These stately dogs enjoy napping after walks.

6. Golden Retriever Golden retrievers, another all-American favourite, truly live up to their reputation as the ideal family pet.

5. Labrador Retriever What makes them the most popular breed of dog in the world? Labs love kids, adults, and pets.

4. Boston Terrier These friendly puppies weigh less than 25 pounds and have low-maintenance "tuxedo" coats.

3. Alaskan Malamute Alaskan Malamutes are great companions. Muscular sled dogs need constant activity and training.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog Consider a gentle giant like the Bernese Mountain Dog for households that like to dream large.

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel These cute and active companions combine a toy breed's portability with a sporting breed's energy.